Former Scouts stand round Lord Baden-Powell statue to stop it being removed

6/11/2020 2:30:00 PM

But activists want it taken down, saying the Scouts founder had 'Nazi sympathies'.

Demonstrators have added the Robert Baden-Powell statue to its ‘topple the racists’ list, claiming he was a Nazi sympathiser who admired the Hitler Youth and Mein Kampf.

But activists want it taken down, saying the Scouts founder had 'Nazi sympathies'.

its ‘topple the racists’ list , claiming he was a Nazi sympathiser and admired the Hitler Youth and the Mein Kampf book.Four neo-Nazi "diehards" convicted of being members of the banned terrorist group National Action have been jailed.Love Island , we have a sneaky feeling you're going to be all over the idea of this brand new dating show, which is the brainchild of a former Islander.department for education.

Police fear the sculpture could spark ‘disorder or anti-social behaviour’ so have advised Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council to put it into storage for the time being.Council leader Vikki Slade said in a statement issued on Wednesday: ‘Whilst famed for the creation of the Scouts, we also recognise that there are some aspects of Robert Baden-Powell’s life that are considered less worthy of commemoration.Sentencing at Birmingham Crown Court on Tuesday, Judge Paul Farrer QC told Jones he had played "a significant role in the continuation of the organisation" after its ban in December 2016.‘Therefore, we are removing the statue so that we can properly involve all relevant communities and groups in discussions about its future, including whether a more educational presentation of his life in a different setting might be more appropriate."It's in the middle of a bidding war between channels but it'll end up airing globally - it's huge," a source told The Sun.’ A person with a sign protesting ‘British History Matters’ alongside the statue of Robert Baden-Powell on Poole Quay in Dorset (Picture: PA) A man places an England flag on a statue of Robert Baden-Powell in Poole as people look on (Picture: Reuters) Ms Slade said on Twitter that the decision was taken following a ‘threat’, adding: ‘It’s literally less than three metres from the sea so is at huge risk.National Action, labelled "racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic" by the former home secretary Amber Rudd, was banned in December 2016 after a series of rallies and incidents, including praise of the murder of MP Jo Cox.’ The council said it wanted to ‘minimise the risk of any public disorder or anti-social behaviour that could arise were the statue to remain in situ’ while views on Lord Baden-Powell are shared.The government needs to get its act together.

Concerns were raised over Lord Baden-Powell’s ‘Nazi sympathies’, when in 2010 declassified MI5 files revealed he was invited to meet Adolf Hitler after holding friendly talks about forming closer ties with the Hitler Youth.Jurors were shown messages in which the waitress joked about gassing synagogues, using a Jew's head as a football, and exclaiming "rot in hell" after hearing of Ms Cox's murder." The insider also added that the series will be going"head to head" with the ITV2 dating show.He wrote in his diary of 1939: ‘Lay up all day.Read Mein Kampf.The 25-year-old, originally the group's London regional organiser, acknowledged posing for a photograph while delivering a Nazi-style salute and holding an NA flag in Buchenwald's execution room during a 2016 trip to Germany.A wonderful book, with good ideas on education, health, propaganda, organisation etc.’ Some modern historians branded him racist because he starved locals so he could feed his own soldiers.Jack, 24, of Heathland Avenue, Shard End, Birmingham, had attended almost every meeting of NA's Midlands sub-group.

A statue of Robert Baden-Powell on Poole Quay in Dorset just before it is due to be temporarily removed (Picture: PA) The statue has been in place on the coast since 2008 (Picture: PA) The council says the sculpture will be placed into safe storage, but many are unhappy with the decision (Picture: PA) The statue was installed in 2008 and faces Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour, where the Scout movement was started by Lord Baden-Powell when 20 boys pitched their tents there.The council said it would be ‘put into safe storage’ and that Dorset County Scouts ‘have been advised and support the position’." Scothern, 19, of Bagnall Avenue, Nottingham, was "considered future leadership material" and had distributed almost 1,500 stickers calling for a "final solution" - in reference to the Nazis' genocide against Jews.But a number of people are extremely unhappy with this decision, including former Queen’s Scout Len Bannister.He told ITV: ‘If they want to knock this down – they’ll have to knock me down first.Jack was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison, and Scothern was handed a sentence of detention for 18 months.It’s absolutely crazy.

Who’s it that actually wants to do it? I’ll fight them off..‘I’m actually very angry – and I’m not a protester.I’ve had a lot of enjoyment because of him in my life because of him.‘He is the reason I am still here, the pleasure he gives to so many people, they shouldn’t take it down, I will fight them off.’ To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that Angry locals including Len Bannister have shouted their protest at the removal of the statue (Picture: Getty Images Europe) Many say they will fight the statue being taken down (Picture: PA) A Scouts spokesperson said: ‘We are aware that Baden-Powell’s statue is being removed from Poole Harbour today.

Advertisement Advertisement ‘We look forward to discussing this matter with Poole Council to make an informed decision on what happens next.‘Baden-Powell was the founder of the Scout movement.Currently there are over 54 million Scouts in the world and we operate in almost every nation on earth, promoting tolerance and global solidarity.‘The Scout movement is resolute in its commitment to inclusion and diversity and members continually reflect and challenge ourselves in how we live our values.’ The debate comes after a bronze monument to slave trader Edward Colston.

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I find events in America abhorrent BUT I do not understand the need to deface and destroy statues. Many are being targeted incorrectly or the good they did forgotten. Our 21st century values are vastly different. We should use the time to teach, learn and grow. State of that lot. To right BRITTISH history matters enough is ENOUGH

Welcome to Royston Vasey I wonder what cars these demonstrators drive or clothes they have in their wardrobes, as they probably haven't a clue of the dark past many companies have that they associate with! RealProfTwatter All mosques should be removed. Islam supports slavery British history does matter, it matters a fuck load that people are unaware of our incredibly shitty actions in the past

Statues are not history, they are propaganda. You may support or oppose, but a state makes a one dimensional point, and obscures our history. I think there's a case for not having statues at all if you value history. Well he did. Is that reason to remove his statue? I think not. Its going a bit McCarthy witchunt with statues. Tho Rhodes Oxford & Robert Clive Shrewsbury need to come down.....

britishhistorymatters ALL history matters, but it’s just that- HISTORY!

Former Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant jailed with three others for being National Action membersA former Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant has been jailed with three others for being members of the banned terrorist group National Action 'A former Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant ' I'm sorry - where is this held? Sorry, a f-ing what?

Old white people always have to be dragged kicking and screaming into a brighter future. Bless them. Mad. Gone OTT. Keep history but make sure you explain it truthfully. Way to go blm ! Let's turn everyone against each other where previously there was no conflict at all Racist? Wtf are you on There is Brexit In miniature!

on behalf of poole i apologise for the stupidity of these people. Imagine thinking you can only learn history from statues. No wonder these people aren't aware of the systematic racism in society. Hitler BANNED scouts! Read history! All BlackLivesMatter thugs are the real hitler youth as are AntifaThugs

Idiots one and all!

A former Love Island star is creating a dating show called Parties in ParadiseA former Love Island star is creating a new dating show Will Captain Stubing be there? And what about Gopher?

RealProfTwatter While you’re all pissarsing around with statues, the establishment are getting your digital ID’s ready. Does the 2 metres not apply to them 🤔 Is there a defend Nazis badge? They've only done it to protect the statue. If it and the rest aren't back up in protected settings within 6 months I'll eat my hat.

Well done Poole local residents. f the police aren't allowed to defend our history, perhaps we need to establish a 'Home Guard' of volunteers to stop the far left and cowardly politicians destroying everything we hold dear? ProudToBeBritish Lot more interesting history will be learned from why the racist statue is in the river.

badenpowell defending a pedo nazi lover? yeah get a little closer to each other, have a nice open cough. they should at least agree that the scouts association educates all new entrants that the founder was a nazi sympathiser, homophobic and possibly a paedophile also. cant just ignore the bad stuff and build up a myth - thats how jimmy saville got away with it.

Pay teachers extra to run summer catch-up classes, says former chief inspectorMichael Wilshaw condemns the “absolutely astonishing” botching of the promise that younger children would return before the holidays I'm sure teachers would love to have to work through their summer holiday and not spend time with their own kids. Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza, 55, died last night from and cardiac arrest, the. First Lady Denise was airlifted to Nairobi 10 days ago, reportedly ill with coronavirus leading some to speculate Nkurunziza too might have been infected Covid_19 Endless supply of free money. 🤔

Those Scouts look like lovely lads 🤔 Statues don't represent history, they glorify people, they are a symbol that these people represent who we are, the heart of us... do we really want racists, slavers, mutilators and paedophiles held up as the best of us, and who we are?Would that we could erase the past so easily

Hitler was Times Magazines man of the year in 1938. The media liked him. It's easy to condemn a positive comment about him in 2020.... Expect veterans to be there too A statue doesn't erase history, shame these OAP's seem to have forgotten this. The joy of having both feet and both hands and protecting a f*****g statue. Call themselves 'christian' - isn't there a commandment about loving manmade images? BlackLivesMatter VidasPretasImportam REPARATIONS

That’s British history. Some were good and some not. How else did Powell get the idea; yes Germany.However, school kids in Germany today are not allowed to wear uniform. Ans:Hitler youth movement. They do not wanted to be reminded of their bad history why don’t we do the same. Ah Actually Mein Kampf is an interesting read, as was his second book, surprisingly.

I see social distancing and wearing masks is being completely and conveniently ignored right now, too. What;s the bet that when some of them get corona they blame the BLM protests?*facepalm*

Vanderpump Rules stars fired over 'racist behaviour' after reporting former castmate to policeSchroeder and Doute reported their black co-star for a crime she didn’t commit Bout time BravoTV did something about LisaVanderpump ‘s incredibly white focused show. The lack of representation has always been incredibly insulting. Think about your programming Andy before we get Titus on you lol. ScumMedia Racism will never stop in America

No report on the targeting of the Mandela statue by Tommy Robinson and the DFLA this Saturday? The state of gammons defending a statue because the man it honoured though Mein Kampf had good ideas. Putting a statue before societal progress, what a mess. don’t think you need “claiming” in there lads No social distancing required for the elderly i see.

UK coronavirus live news: ongoing school closures 'absolute tragedy' for pupils, says former Ofsted chiefLatest updates: workers on parental leave can still get furlough payments; Boris Johnson to face Keir Starmer at PMQs ... and the pigs will fly.... :) Full time left-wing indoctrination a tragedy for pupils. I dunno I think it would be more of a tragedy if teachers/pupils or their families contracted the virus and died as a result of going back too soon

Influencer dating her former step-son is now pregnant with his baby'We are four weeks and yes. That is why we decided to get married.' The actual fuck ! An influencer hahahaha seriously What for the Jeremy Kyle intake? Shagging her Step Son.! Moral-less Just because she is preg-Don't mean they have to get married FFS 🙄