Former inmate reveals different ways sanitary pads are used in prison

Former inmate reveals different ways sanitary pads are used in prison

9/17/2021 7:13:00 PM

Former inmate reveals different ways sanitary pads are used in prison

We all know how sanitary pads are one of the essential items when menstruating, but who knew there could be so many different uses for them?

“I would just like to take this opportunity to let you all know that in some states prisons will deny your pads and tampons. In New York they’re like ‘Here’s a whole box, how many do you need bruh?’ In Arkansas, they’re like ‘You can have two pads in 24 hours.’ That’s not enough.”

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She added: “So pads are a valuable commodity in some states, in other states they’re not.”Sign up to our free Indy100 weekly newsletter ‘The Viral Democracy'Jessica then moves on to reveal how pads can be used “in so many things.”“Insoles for your shoes,” she says, “I can use this to clean the cell, as a little mop, and then you just throw it away.”

The TikToker notes that throwing it away by “flushing it [pad] down the toilet” is a “different story for another day.”“I could use this as a sleep mask, I could make tampons out of this,” she continues with her list of usages. Jessica adds that making tampons out of pad was something she “had to do in Arkansas to survive a period.”

“Oh Lord,” she adds.Jessica also had something to say for those critics who say “well you just shouldn’t have broken the law.”“You would never tell a man that he can’t have toilet paper so don’t try and tell women inthat they don’t deserve the bare necessities,” she concludes.

Since posting her insightfulTikTok, the video has received 1.6m views, with 265,000 and dozens of comments from people.One person asked: “Could someone on the outside bring some pads or tampons to you on visitation or is that a big no-no because it’s an outside item?”

“Good question! No. They are sold on commissary so the prison makes $ [money] off of no donations allowed,” Jessica replied.Sanitary pads, the multi-use item. Who knew? Read more: The Independent »

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