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Footballer is suspended for in France after biting opponent's penis

Footballer is suspended for five years in France after biting opponent's penis during a match


Footballer is suspended for five years in France after biting opponent's penis during a match

An amateur player was suspended for five years in a local league in eastern France for biting one of his opponents below the belt during a post-match fight on November 17.

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Looting in South Africa - Covid-19 Pandemic

After South Africa's COVID-19 pandemic, he witnessed the rapid plunder of shops and supermarkets. South Africa has been locked since March 27. People are like hunters on the streets. They enter the shops and spoil everything.

MrAde82 Sounds like a bit of a knob... Wanted to get him off... (The pitch I mean) 😇 aaknasty 😂 He was aiming for the balls 😂😂😂 The beautiful game... Frank Lampard is back!!!😃 Ricky Martin liked this Bruh

Why France is resisting Macron's push on pensionsPresident Macron's pension reforms reach the National Assembly - but the protests have not gone away. Are you feeling OK? Because... He is pushing on pensions? Which is bad, if you rely on them for not starving when you are old? Crikey, this is on BBCWorld too! U ok, hun? x

They don’t wear protection That’s crazy. I am quite shocked he could not find better spot 😜 It is better form to wait until after the match. How the hell does the 'peacemaker' (who got his nob bitten) get 6 months if he was only trying to break it up? Sort the story our DailyFail Don’t believe this surely just another cock n ball story

Wow, that guy went hard. ... his victim maybe not. What a helmet Ouch !!!! What a crazy story . I hope the guy will be ok He likes to eat sausages

France warns UK of bitter post-Brexit trade talksThe UK and EU will 'rip each other apart' as they vie for advantage, France 's foreign minister says. EU: Not allowing the UK to pay for the Euro border. 😂😂😂

Is that what a 'header' is? Play the ball's not the man Header? Circumcision. 😆 Any sport soccer He was hungry. Ouch penis nibbler😣 Seriously? Went for the ball ⚽️

BT ready to break with tradition to chase Netflix generationBroadcaster will scrap pay-TV packages in favour of monthly opt-ins for prime content

Imagine VARing that, all those angles. What a ball ache Could he not have waited till after the game for some foreplay. Boy! Coaching has changed since my time. That is so bad ooo In the penis Was he pulled off after the incident? Mustn't have got his customary pre-match wiener jakesmithy16 if your mrs played football😂

😳 Le Coq sportif?

Taylor Swift’s father ‘safe’ after fight with intruder in $4m Florida penthouseIncident follows a number of unrelated break-ins at homes owned by pop star daughter

Oh My God! I say what What a tackle *chomp chomp* What a bellend He was told ' a biting tackle not a.....' Le Coq Sportif .... 😵🤩 Well that bites! Was it that Russian geezer called Cockov? It must be long as the guy is holding his ankle!

Dad stuck with permanent erection and unable to wear trousers after penis opJames Scott says he is a prisoner in his own Glasgow home as he is in constant pain and can't have his nine-year-old daughter round to visit - because he can't get rid of his stiff penis I don’t want to be a dick but that must be hard to live with. WTF 😳😳😳

Um Whot ? Is there a good shortage? Le coq? The beautiful game FoxinaBox83 Luis Suarez is stood in a corner somewhere holding this guy's beer Was it Phillips Coku?

Hard Brexit opponents STILL hopeful Boris will strike agreement with close EU alignmentHARD Brexit opponents are holding out desperate hope Boris Johnson will eventually sign up for a trade deal with close alignment with the European Union, one Remain-backing former cabinet minister has claimed. Um... no. EU alignment is literally the worst of both worlds. It's a desperate ploy to keep the status quo and sneak us back in at a later date. If we want to thrive and strike good deals with other nations, we need to avoid the obvious trap.

Hope they cough it on PAR 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Oh no, what was he thinking? Maven_History Hopefully he will get a good long prison sentence when the case comes before the Criminal Courts. Animal. If this is the guy - that is one massive penis! A guys gotta eat when he’s hungry He claimed he went for the ball.

jle1991 Paul? Why am taking a break from football

matthemagicman MudboneBig Sure it wasn't the ref? That's been going around lately... Naughty naughty ElleBrookeUK CaptainMonty69 Daily Mail Online: He should be jailed ? 😂😂😂😂 WTF I take it he's come out

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson waved thanks to NHS staff as he was moved out of intensive care

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson moved out of intensive care but remains in hospital

Coronavirus: China to reclassify dogs as pets rather than livestock in response to COVID-19 outbreak

Coronavirus: Doctor who warned prime minister about PPE dies with COVID-19

Coronavirus LIVE: Boris Johnson moved out of intensive care, says Downing Street

Blaming China for coronavirus isn’t just dangerous. It misses the point | Andrew Liu

Coronavirus: PM in 'early phase of his recovery' as Britons told lockdown must continue

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