'Flight shaming' hits air travel: One in five cutting back on flying

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One in five claim to be cutting back on flying due to environmental damage, survey finds

The campaign could have growth in air traffic in the decades to come. 21 per cent of those surveyed in UK, Germany, France and US have cut air travel. Climate change activist Greta Thunberg has not flown on a plane since 2015.

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one in five will not know the world in which he lives

Complete bollocks of course


Liberals should stop flying altogether especially politicians. Practice what you preach.

lets stop life and go back to horses and donkies becayse some girl from nowhere ordered

Who says so! ‘Save up all year, NOT to have a holiday’ 🤨

Sorry don’t know anyone doing that. Most people can only afford one holiday a year and they take a flight.

It’s not real.

I smell the heady scent of Bovine Excrement.

The gullible then.

Yet continue breeding causing more damage 😂🤔

this ban will not apply to monarchs, presidents, chancellors, prime ministers, businessmen, just rich and very rich. And tanks, such as Leopard or Abrams, will smoke only on Earth.

I’m not

I've not flown in any either since 1997

Total Bullshit, I work in the Middle East and fly practically ever month how else should I get around, on a fukn Camel

I think the reason for people cutting back on flying isn't the environmental damage, its the fear of booking & paying for flights & finding out the airline has gone into administration. People will probably leave booking until last minute rather than risk losing money

BULL SH!T 🤣 I don’t believe that for a SECOND 🤣

I’m not the 1 in 5 😂

The one in five were booked with Thomas Cook !

Does this mean we can start creating more legroom? Asking for someone who is 6.4 (not to brag)


Is GT opening up her own 'across the pond' sailboat line?😩

Stop fibbing.... we would all love to jump on a plane and head somewhere

Goodluck to them.

Look at the flight numbers when they’re released. Sense our flight appetite isn’t down by 20%

LOL. Well, hopefully that means those of us who fly without feeling guilty will get more seating room...and for less money!

Not me, if you think listening to Greya gob off is going to ruin my holiday, think again 😂😂

Then one in five are vegans/gays, or too poor/cheap to fly, or fear of flying. The stupid left can't hold up to their own standards.

and the madness spreads...

Good! More seats to choose from when I fly.

Hollywood elites, correct?

Good, more seats available for the rest of us

Wow this is so stupid

Well I've already been on a plane this year and going long haul next month. Shame me 😂😂😂😂😂

They weren’t flying anyway

I'm not

It's just a claim... Yet i don't see any evidence except airport always full

I think that is incorrect. NASA (together with Boeing) put the estimate around one in three millions who were considering to cut flying. 19:03:33 Thu, October 03, 2019 PS. Donald Trump also agree with the number given.

Then crying because travel companies and airline businesses are failing!

Bollocks - they are are just lying to make themselves appear as though they give a fuck 🤬

They only fly their camera crews.


I know. I've decided to take the train to go from Greece to Hong Kong.

This is fake news

Having no money helps too justsaying

I don’t think that will happen


The end of disneyworld and orlando

Oh dear

That’s awesome! Keep it up!! We need more available flights

“One in five lie to pollsters because they’re afraid of saying they don’t care”

I doubt that very much

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