Five things to look out for at Labour conference

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Labour conference: Five things to look out for in Brighton

Labour MPs voted against an early general election when Boris Johnson gave them the opportunity earlier this month.

Some MPs, most notably Tom Watson, want to prioritise stopping Brexit via another referendum. Others in Leave-supporting areas want to get out of the EU with a deal before going to the people. Before the conference proper gets under way, a move to oust deputy leader Tom Watson has sparked outrage among senior Labour MPs.

Elsewhere, Labour has been in opposition for nearly a decade and, according to some opinion polls, is trailing behind Boris Johnson's Conservatives.


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Would that be... lies, lies, lies, lies and more lies?

There isn’t a wheel on the Brighton seafront. It was dismantled years ago when the i360 was opened for business.

The economy.....

I give in. Is one of them impartial reporting?

1. Communist agenda 2. Taking your property 3. Initiate the wealth exodus 4. Removal of the monarchy 5. Reunion of communist EU. That will be the 5 topics that will dominate the labour conference!

jeremycorbyn only one thing ...Momentum who will be running the show if god forbid they ever got in.

This is an extremely old photo, probably two to three years old as we don’t have that Ferris Wheel on the seafront!

I'm very surprised the labour trolls haven't commented on some of the comments on here. Maybe they're all getting pissed in Brighton.


No thanks

Yawn emoji please

Corbyn resigns Corbyn resigns Corbyn resigns Corbyn resigns and finally Corbyn resigns

Steptoe and some comeback series

That fence Jezza keeps sitting on!!

Time of the trains out.

One of those 5 things wont be IRA mortars I bet jeremycorbyn

1) member bashing 2) hunt down those who differ 3) divert attention from the real issues 4) behave as if everything is ok with the economy 5) agree to waste more money on next year's conference


Clap trap false promises again! Internal back stabbing what else this is labour

They are looking a lot like a certain German party in the early '30s....

Look out for 250 drones aimlessly wandering around, waiting for someone to pull their cord to repeat the mantra for the day. Local airports have been put on alert in case the drones approach their airport.

The sixth !

Lots of terrorist mates of Jezza and plenty of Labour clowns...

LabourAntisemitism 👀

Everybody hates Corbyn. Sounds like a TV show.

I remember when the political conferences used to take place in Blackpool mainly Conservatives and labour and really labour should return to a workers holiday resort in the north.

Well Corbyn supported the last bombing that happened in Brighton this could be a blast


The smell of bs from the conference centre where they are...

Corbyn to continue to support IRA Little man McDonald to get bitter Daily policy update Remove nodding dogs off front bench Make it up as they go along

Goodbye UKLabour . Hello BalanceBritain , a modern party for modern times. Launching 1/11/19


The only stable democratic party in britain is The Brexit Party. They also have a good mix of diverse candidates. Something new. I think very soon Nigel Farage will be Prime Minister!

1) Idiots not listening to the democratic vote of the nation?

Crazy old man who mutters to himself about magic money trees?

Is a hard left coup with dogged obedience to the leader one of them?

Good news that NASA has confirmed that the hole in the ozone layer has shrunk! will also find this on the BBC website!

Flying saucers

Put him on that wheel and leave him there, like his policies going round in circles !!!

You just have to feel sorry for Brighton having to put up with these twats every year

5 things to look out for in Brighton: 1) Royal Pavilion 2) Palace Pier 3) i360 4) Amex Stadium 5) Seaaaaaaagulllllllllls

Look out for those two frail older gentlemen and help them across the Road please

Internal dissent

At least one of those will be BBC staff kissing Comrade Corbyn’s arse.

Me thinks it is going to be a fisticuffs conference, maybe Corbyn will annou ce his leaving also, watch this space

The 'Night of Long Knives'? Socialism always ends in starvation and genocide.

That elusive 5 square meters of sand


A big wheel about to take you’d head off, for one.

Socialists Corbyn faithful Sea Corbyn unfaithful Lots of miserable people in bars and restaurants Do I win?

The Pavillion, the pier, the other pier, great range of restaurants and pubs.

Communists,Anti semites,Hamas supporters,Race hustlers,lefty loons

Is a leader one of them

One thing to miss in Brighton ..... See twat in Photo Above that whats to look out for and go the other way

Rats on the beach!

Rubbish lies hypocrisy vote catching nonesense b. It

Big wheels running over Corbyn!!

1). Lots of Antisemites 2). Lots of Antisemites 3). Lots of Antisemites 4). Lots of Antisemites 5). Lots of Antisemites

the slings and arrows of the outrages right. remember troubles do not come as single spies but in battalions. the sun BBC telegraph mail and of course the times and express, banding together to attack the left, the left that is out to make a better fairer society. says it all.

The road, rail, airline, waterway and cycle paths out of the place?

1. Seamus telling JC what to say. 2. Lannsman telling JC what to say. 3. Seamus telling JC what to do. 4. Lannsman telling JC what to do. 5. JC following Seamus & Lannsmans lead. There. That’s what to look out fo.

The beach?


Do you mean doddery old fools crossing the road by any chance?


Tom Watson on the political merry go round

A crazy Marxist trying to oust his deputy

Are they all different stances on brexit?

A 4 day, 32 hour week with no loss of pay? I'm in!

No. 6: Tom Watson?

Tony Blair, vinyl records, proper fish and chips, warm sun, cold sea and candy floss.

Can only think of two A leader A sensible plan

Diane Abbott being able to count above 10?


Party is finished in the North and Wales. They’ve lost 5 million working class votes to the Brexit Party.

1. Lots of other people's money being wasted 2. Ignorance of facts and logic 3. Lack of self-awareness 4. Promises of more state violence 5. Rhetoric

A knife in the back from your ‘comrades’?

jeremycorbyn is a dishonest Brexit fundamentalist and the sooner he goes the sooner UKLabour can become electable again. CorbynOut to StopBrexit

Strange people

bbclaurak bashing Corbyn bbcnickrobinson bashing Corbyn bbcnews bashing Corbyn BBCr4today bashing Corbyn BBCBreakfast bashing Corbyn

Bodyguards- look out for bodyguards

Any sign of awareness of the damage Jon lansman is doing to the party

Corbyn walking along the street to throw dog shit at? Abbott walking along the street to throw dog shit at? Watson walking along the street to throw dog shit at? Asking for a friend

Number one being tom_watson ?

Tom Watson selling the big issue?

No. 1 Any sign of life?

Magical thinking?

On road to Brighton. Keep the red flag flying 👍

Tom Watson?



Seagull poo

A purge?

Rainbows 🌈

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