Five best curly hair hacks to boost your coils and waves – tried and tested

Blessed with curly hair? these hacks will get your curls looking their best! 😍 *contains affiliate links

10/21/2021 5:49:00 PM

Blessed with curly hair? these hacks will get your curls looking their best! 😍 *contains affiliate links

Curly hair tricks tried and tested by beauty writer Akesha Reid since breaking away from chemical straightening

Over the years I’ve dabbled in a variety of styles, and can comfortably say that I’m now armed with enough hair hacks to showcase the diversity of my coils.While I do still straighten my hair at times, these are the top tips I’ve learned from the pros to keep curls and coils looking their best...

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1. Braid before bed For defined curls or coils come the morning, prep needs to start before bed. Yes, even if the last thing you want to do is twist your hair before you hit the sack, it’s your best bet for frizz-free curls.It’s especially important if you have tighter curls or Afro-textured coils and want more definition. Spritz in a spray conditioner to make your strands more malleable, and then add in a curl cream or gel.

Depending how tight you want your curls or waves, you can play around with the number of braids or twists you do. “I suggest 5-7 to help your curls look more defined,” says Pashcan'el Mitchell, stylist at Junior Green London salon.“Looser braids will create a more relaxed look in the morning and tighter braids will give them more of a crimp. Everyone’s curls will react differently, so go ahead and try different braiding techniques.”

Keep your twists smooth with a satin head scarf, turban or pillowcase.Toolkit: Imbue Curl Inspiring Conditioning Leave-In Spray, buy it here for £7.99Afroani Adjustable & Reversible Satin Bonnet, buy it here for £14.992. Comb when wet According to Pashcan'el, over-combing or brushing your lengths is the worst styling mistake curly girls can make.

“Combing through dry curly hair? You’re just asking for trouble,” he says. “It can cause frizz, breakage and split ends as curly and coily hair types are a lot more fragile than straight strands.”Of course, you still need to detangle, so using your tools while the hair is wet will ensure you preserve your curls. Only use a wide tooth comb or detangling brush in the shower – this will ensure the tools glides through without snagging.

Toolkit: No Knot Co The Ultimate Detangling Brush, buy it here for £15Cantu Sturdy Detangling Comb, buy it here for £3.993. Use a co-wash Avoiding foaming shampoos is one of the biggest rules in the famous ‘Curly Girl Method’, a set of hair care guidelines created by curly hair expert Lorraine Massey.

The thinking is that the ingredient that makes shampoos foam also strips hair of the natural oils that keep locks moisturised. As curly hair is often already quite dry, this can lead to a brittle texture and unnecessary frizz.Opting for a gentle no-foam cleanser like a co-wash will keep your hair from feeling dried out when styling.

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“Co-washing using a cleansing cream will still rinse away impurities and dirt but instead of stripping, it will leave the hair feeling soft and moisturised,” says stylist and BaByliss ambassador, Ky Wilson.Toolkit: Davines LOVE CURL Cleansing Cream, buy it here for £30

As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Cream Conditioner, buy it here for £11.994. Wet to reset If you’re tired of washing your curls more than once a week in order to redefine them, good news – unless your hair is overloaded with product, you can simply wet it instead to reshape and restyle.

“If you’re in need of additional moisture or want to refresh your curls, simply wet your hair, section it into 2-4 parts depending on the density of your hair, then apply a styling product from roots to ends while hair is still wet,” says April Story, stylist at Fekkai Salons. Allow your curls to air dry or gently diffuse.

Toolkit: BaByliss Hydro Fusion Hair Dryer, buy it here for £59.99Aveda Nutriplenish Curl Gelee, buy it here from £95. Keep it trimmed No two curls are the same, which is what makes curly and coily hair so unique, but it also means that you need an expert hand to cut or trim your hair, taking a curl-by-curl approach.

“My biggest tip for curly and Afro-texture hair is to get a cut or trim every three months,” says Pashcan'el. “Your hair will be easier to detangle, and a good trim will make your curls pop.” And to maintain your style, try not to manipulate the texture too much with your fingers, as Pashcan’el warns that “touching and playing with your curls too much will lead to frizz”.

If you’re worried about them falling flat, use an Afro comb to fluff the roots only, to lift your shape.Toolkit: Re:Comb Recycled Plastic Pik, buy it here for £16 Read more: OK! Magazine »

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