First Thing: protests over police killing break out across US

First Thing: protests over police killing break out across US

5/29/2020 2:09:00 PM

First Thing: protests over police killing break out across US

Death of George Floyd sparks third night of demonstrations in Minneapolis and other cities. Plus, an exclusive interview with Woody Allen

Demonstrators stormed the headquarters of the Minneapolis police and set the department’s 3rd precinct station alight on the third night of protests over the police killing of George Floyd, an unarmed 46-year-old black man. The demonstrations have spread to several other cities, including New York, Chicago, Oakland and Denver, where shots were reportedly fired outside the Colorado state capitol.

'His hatred is infectious': Tucker Carlson, Trump's heir apparent and 2024 candidate? China will punish Britain for defying its will. We need allies to hold the line | Steve Tsang Too Much and Never Enough review: Mary Trump thumps Donald

Donald Trump attacked the Democratic mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, on Twitter as “very weak”. He described the demonstrators as “thugs” and threatened that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”. Twitter hid that tweet, accusing the president of glorifying violence.

Frey responded fiercely, saying: Weakness is refusing to take responsibility for your own actions. Weakness is pointing your finger at somebody else during a time of crisis. Trump signs executive order targeting social media Trump’s “thugs” tweet, his latest violation of Twitter rules, came hours after he signed an executive order intended to limit protections for social media companies from liability over the content users post on their platforms.

The move was welcomed by those who argue that Twitter and Facebook should be held accountable for their content like other publishers, but the president’s critics say the controversy is intended as a distraction from his administration’s disastrous handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Hispanic Americans hit hardest by unemployment More than 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the 10 weeks since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, a number not seen since the Great Depression. Many are struggling to make ends meet, as Michael Sainato reports. Among the jaw-dropping statistics, one figure stands out. Hispanic Americans have suffered the highest unemployment rate of any racial group at 18.9%, more than 4% higher than the national rate.

Covid-19 patients forced to share beds in Mumbai Parts of India’s healthcare system are reportedly close to collapse, and patients in the city of Mumbai have been forced to share beds and oxygen tanks as the coronavirus pandemic takes hold in the world’s most populous democracy. “The magnitude of the cases is overwhelming us all,” one Mumbai doctor said.

The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has announced plans to ease one of the world’s longest and strictest lockdowns, despite the country’s biggest daily rise in infections on Thursday, when 539 new cases were recorded.In other news … Great reads Woody Allen: ‘Denouncing me became the fashionable thing’

Donald Trump openly wears face mask for first time during hospital visit – video 'We are all Martians!': space explorers seek to solve the riddle of life on Mars Coronavirus: Government quietly publishes figures which reveal it overstated number of people tested

Woody Allen’s long career was upended and the publication of his memoir disrupted by the continuing fallout from a 1992 accusation that he sexually assaulted his young daughter.  “Anything I say sounds self-serving and defensive, so it’s best if I just go my way and work,” he tells Hadley Freeman.

How anti-vaxxers could hinder the battle against Covid-19Once a fringe presence in the US, the message of the anti-vaccination movement appears to have infected the minds of millions of Americans, with 23% saying in a recent survey that they would refuse a vaccination for the coronavirus. Adam Gabbatt asks anti-vaxxers why they refuse to believe the evidence.

What happens next for RuPaul’s Drag Race winnersWith the finale of season 12 fast approaching, Michael Segalov spoke to several past winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race crown to ask them what happened after their victory. “A crazy party train wreck,” says the season five runner-up Alaska Thunderfuck.

Opinion: will Trump dispute the 2020 election result? The president’s repeated attacks on the reliability of mail-in voting raise an ominous possibility, writes Lawrence Douglas. If he loses narrowly in November, he may refuse to accept defeat. The president is defaming not an individual but the integrity of our electoral process, confidence in which is a key to a stable democratic order.

Last Thing: football is kicking off again Dig out your team jersey. Europe’s top soccer leagues have announced their plans to return over the coming weeks. Games will resume in empty stadiums in Spain’s La Liga on 11 June, England’s Premier League on 17 June and Italy’s Serie A on 20 June.

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First thing. Rioting and Looting are not Protesting. This is happening with the Tacit approval of the Democrat Governor whose own reluctance to jail the murderer provoked rioting. The brutal and senseless killing of George Floyd by racist police is totally unacceptable. Please President Ramaphosa CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA ParliamentofRSA DIRCO_ZA PandorNaledi stepin urgently lockdownextension schoolreopening day64oflockdown

A cop in disguise started the looting...wake the fuck up!!! Doesn't justify destroying others private property

SpaceX delays first US manned mission to space since 2011BREAKING: SpaceX delays first US manned mission to space since 2011

Five US universities to offer first ever online marijuana coursesMarijuana dispensaries have been deemed 'essential' businesses during the Covid-19 crisis Coracarolina 4U That’s dope.

Matt Hancock repeatedly refuses to say whether Dominic Cummings 'did the right thing'Matt Hancock has repeatedly refused to answer whether Dominic Cummings “did the right thing” when travelling to Durham despite strict coronavirus restrictions. The health secretary insisted Boris I’m not surprised that cabinet members are defending Boris Johnson’s decision to keep Cummings as an adviser. Many of them are scared to death of him and are afraid of the consequences in the future. Because as we all know he didn’t. He could single handedly cause 2nd spike by people using his behaviour as an excuse to ignore rules, cost lives and completely fuck the economy. Johnson needs to regain credibility and fire him or we are in deep trouble. Boring

First hijab-wearing UK court judge to 'trailblaze'Raffia Arshad says she has 'broken that stereotype' of what most people imagine judges look like. Let me know when hijab wearing women become movie stars! How will she judge homosexuals women’s rights and alcohol repeated cases

John Lewis announces first wave of store reopeningsShops in Poole and Kingston will open on 15 June and another 11 three days later Well, you don't HAVE to call it a wave. Although it might contribute to one. Far too early to open on essential stores. This will cause a spike of infection. that's very encouraging

Cheryl 'unimpressed' Liam Payne joked about their first meeting when he was just 14CHERYL is not happy with ex Liam Payne after he joked about meeting his future baby mama when he was only 14. The pair first crossed paths when Liam auditioned for X Factor and Cheryl was a judge 1… Baby Mama? What the fck is that? This isn’t black America, so stop using black Americanisms. So?