Fireman Sam mascot axed for not being inclusive

Fireman Sam axed as brigade mascot for not being inclusive

9/11/2019 3:09:00 PM

Fireman Sam axed as brigade mascot for not being inclusive

The children's character is being replaced by male and female fire extinguisher shaped mascots.

Fireman Sam was created in the 1980s by a London firefighterFireman Sam has been axed as a mascot for a fire brigade over fears he could put women off joining.Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service said the children's TV character was outdated and did not reflect the message it wanted to achieve.

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The decision follows complaints by staff and members of the public.Chief fire officer Les Britzman said Fireman Sam would be replaced with fire extinguisher-shaped mascots called Freddy, Filbert and Penelope.Mr Britzman said the service already struggled to recruit women firefighters and the character would no longer be used in its promotional material.

"There's been a lot of research that says that images that young people have about what careers they want to do are formed when they are about four or five. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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And you wonder why this country is in such a mess, smfh What’s next? Bob the builderess? Fireman Sam got fired on Friday the 13th. He’s one unlucky guy today Really This is just ridiculous. I'm pretty sure if my house was on fire & I was stuck I wouldn't give a monkeys who saved me, what they looked like or what their gender was. I swear they do this stuff on purpose to wind people up.

I bet the bbc couldn't WAIT to tweet this 😠 What earth is going on ? It ridiculous, why don’t these do Gooders get a life!!!!!😡😡😡 Pathetic What about Fire none gender operative Samanarther. Good news for all of us who identify as hand held fire fighting appliances. Lost the plot! Firefighter Sam? PC GONE MAD it's a childhood cartoon for God sake

Hmm, maybe it’s because ‘fireman’ is no longer used as a term for their officers anymore. Just like ‘policeman’. ‘Ooh help the pc brigade is coming to steal my kids!!’ The past is being deleted Bloody stupid Fireman Sam is not fit to be the Fire Brigade’s mascot because he’s never called the police in to deal with Norman the Arsonist!

There are 5 firefighters in Fireman Sam. 2/5 are women (that’s 40%). In REAL life it is 3.1%. So aren’t they being over inclusive? It’s just BBC making mountains out of molehills. As piersmorgan said, maybe more women just don’t ‘want’ to be firefighters? There’s no issue here! What a load of tosh 🤣🤣

Sam jest super What a silly silly thing Nooo Fireman Sam axed because of out of control liberalism !! Beware Postman Pat might be next. Bob the builder has gone AWOL The world is has gone mad RIP Norman Price. Why do we take notice of these PC idiots 😡😡😡😡😡 WTF ... you can’t be serious about this!! This correctness/inclusive crap has went too far ...... it should be axed for being too extreme in its ....correctness !!! 🙈 it wouldn’t bother me who saved me or my family in a crisis ..all emergency first responders are heroes

that's perfect dehumanise them A black LGBTQ female wearing a hajab and a turban with Asian shaped eyes and white feet is a bit too much to ask. Shaun the Sheep next as it upsets The Wellington Boot Sheep lovers of Wales. dr_shibley Wtf Oh dear, just weak! Still not as absurd as the gay penguin family with the 'genderless' baby story...

Utter bollox - too far now He needed to be Fire person Hamed with a rainbow coloured helmet made of a silk , have full face covering, his regular blue jacket and a Kilt. He does not shoot water onto the flames but kneels next to the fire and prays to the heavens for it to stop. Its getting pathetic now

Oh for goodness sake!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Does inclusive mean overweight folks and the wheelchair users running into burning buildings or driving speeding engines ? I don’t get this terminology Probably had anxiety from Brexit If you are woman that has been put off joining the fire brigade by a kids tv show then it’s probably for the best.

The World will end sooner than we think! Not because climate change, meteor or any other natural stuff but because there are too many IDIOTS in our planet, and quite a few got power on their hands. FFS The madness continues Same sort of shit as skirts banned in Suffolk skool Why do they want him to be a black disabled paedophile wearing a burka ? This is Britain !

Should be Fireperson of Indeterminate and All Inclusive Gender Sam. Oh what next 😖😖😖👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 Ffs! Really? I’m done Just what we need a transgender vegan African American lesbian fire fighter Rubbish OhFFS! The PC brigade are ruling and ruining this country. This is getting stupid now - can’t wait for the backlash against all this pc nonsense to begin

Your right he’s welsh!!! What a load of poo 95% of fire men are um men As time goes on, this will change It’s a fact In time Why could they not have a duel mascot who knows Sam was helping kids understand safety, not a sex Ed class! LondonFire why, why does a mascot have to be inclusive...what wrong with a white fireman?

The moaning feminists haven’t considered the fact that Fireman Sam might be a transsexual. Well I heard in evenings he dresses in lace and calls himself poledancer daisy ..still not good enough for PC tit heads World has gone mad.... Then said brigade needs a smack upside the head and told to do something better with their time

Sam is a gender neutral name and this particular Sam likes to dress in drag when not on a shift. The world is going mad. Why do we have to bring the adult worlds insecurities to children! Is the next step making language gender neutral and everything being an it! Unbelievable Ridiculous. This is pathetic and so is anyone involved in this utter crap.

A lot of hysterical reaction to the choice of a mascot by somebody in Lincolnshire. Who cares? 75% of Lincolnshire is hardly a place with a track record of sensible choices is it? Can you stop the world please? I want to get off! Hire Fireman (sorry, Fireperson) Samantha,. That'll do it. Utterly speechless. Plus of course “they” are assuming “Sam” is a man. Quite frankly I have no bias who might need to put out a fire in my house. I would like to think that almost all other people think the same.

What a load of Bol...ks. 🙄 What bollocks. Would the fire brigade want anyone who was put off doing something by a plastic doll? Who are these people , how dare they assume Sam’s gender , I think they need to take a long look in the mirror and decide if their prejudices are the reasons behind these poor decisions

CharlieBunyan Postman Pat hand delivered the terrible news to Fireman Sam that he's has lost his job,consequently a riot broke out in Trumpton Town, the Fire brigade were called and,Pugh,Pugh,Barley,Mcgrew,Cuthbert,dibble and Co all went on strike for there colleague, let it burn they cried.. Sam is a girls name too

Bless Perhaps he should have worn a skirt, oh no, they are now banned as not being gender neutral aren’t they ! Apparently fireman Sam didn’t send out the message they wanted to are firefighters, what possible message could you want to send out other then ‘we will attempt to extinguish your fires’

I’ve never heard anything so bloody ridiculous. White males are SO last century. I’ve heard it all now. What utter claptrap. Political correctness gone mad 😡 be replaced by 'Edna, the Devourer of Worlds' to become more family friendly Every evening I think 'Can this country getting anymore ridiculous?' Then I get up the next day and think 'Yes it can.'

Load of Codswallop 🙄 Its about time big organisations started to ditch outdated human shaped mascots and used ones shaped like my new baby fire hydrant. Now it has a place in the world. In 20 years time, I now know it will be putting out fires!! Good on you super hyper-sensitive PC fire brigade!! ‘ his tits not big enough

How ridiculous. My son is so fire aware now he tells me off for having BBQ too near trees or anything else. All learned through this show. He also likes to ‘fall in’ like Penny does when she scuba dives. Of course......he is man and he is white! Yeah....need to exclude him or you could call him firefighter Sam or firefighter Samantha! How absurd.

Would a man bag help 😳😂😂😂 If England spent 10% of the effort it puts into being politically correct and not offending anyone into protecting it's girls, literally hundreds of rape victims might not have fallen prey to Muslim grooming gangs. But I'm sure this nonsense is important. This is a joke right? Fireman Sam is a children's cartoon character, not a gender stereotype, sounds to me like someone needs to find a new job

Why not use Penny too, fireman Sam is a good character. Why is everyone assuming Sam's gender? There are plenty of girls called Sam and look like Sam Who sits there and dreams up this SH!T PC gone way way too far. Fireman gender neutral just doesn't sound as good What is wrong with the world? How stupid is that

What twaddle 🤔 Ffs planet Whom does he not include? Total w⚓s LondonFire you really need to get a life and worry about the important things. A kids TV character isn't going to stop potential recruitment unless the applicant is stupid in which case you probably won't want them. Mate the government is being run by an undemocratic leader we never voted for, the fuck I care about fireman Sam for?

Bob the Builder Can he fix it Ah No DAMN..... What a load of cobblers Shame on them Ridiculous Whose relative in LF&R invented the stupid dustbin thingy? kerching Cuts in the fire service but MSM get you talking about fireman Sam. Tory MSM have done a good job on the uneducated. They could make fireperson sam transgender or gender fluid, problem solved

I'm all for women firefighters as long as they are able to do the job. A worrying development is that Fire Brigades are making the fitness/strength tests easier to allow more women to join, which in the long run could put lives at risk. Yes, I'm sure a cartoon fireman not being inclusive is making women not sign up to be a firefighter. Makes all logical sense to me.

Did anyone notice that the black fireman in the new series is now a bus driver? Ludicrous. Tell me this is s joke? Pathetic! 🤡 🌍 Oh people need to get a grip!!! 😔 Ffs this country is out of control.... we will have scottish judges making decisions on our future next.... Absolutely pathetic He has not been axed. He is not a person who has been sacked. He is a children’s tv character. Get a grip.

my husband says at least we had Muffin the Mule Shall we start some fires? They're obviously not very busy. What utter b******s! longlivefiremansam Dear me. Have heard it all now Worlds gone mad. Oh pee off! Really! My 13yr old just said 'wow, this world' It’s because of Yew tree. Sam’s a nonce! The world has definitely gone mad!! /JL

What of load of absolute bollocks! Stupid politically correct brigade moaning again! How are you going to develop one character that encompasses everyone? The world has gone mad stupid postmanpat Is this really newsworthy? A mild distraction I guess. What a load of shite 😶 I'm actually sick to death of the shite that we are bombarded wonder so many people are ending up taking their own lives...this is just pure crap that no one with half a brain cell gives an actual fk about...why not talk about something useful

I always thought it was Short for Samantha ! Ridiculous What nonsense Aww Fireman Sam 😢 I hope you got a good pay deal. Whats does your mate postman Pat think 🤔 Ridiculous! Are you taking the piss? Can I revoke my citizenship, it you provide me with one for a sane country? Unbelievable. I’ll be very upset if this was tweeted by a man !!

Oh god it’s going to be a Fireman They isn’t it SaveFiremanSam FiremanSam So because some complete and utter twat with too much time on their hands has a ridiculous opinion on something, the majority now have to back down and change? Bellends Now what's the world coming to The political LGBT movement infiltrating education & daily lives is socially destructive

Time to leave the UK me thinks... Oh thank god. I was wondering how I was going to sleep tonight knowing Fireman Sam is white. Is it the 1st of April? Interestingly enough I just (as a trial) applied for two separate jobs in lap dancing clubs. Oddly enough, both got knocked back straight away. Where are the 'PC-Police' when I need them?

Really ban firemensam Can this Country get any more pathetic - absolutely ridiculous!! West Sussex FRS has the best role model in new Chief Fire Officer Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton. Homeless at 15 years, this plucky lady picked herself up and worked her way to the top. Kids don’t need cartoon characters to inspire, they need real people with real stories.

Stop the world I'm getting off T C I F Fuckwittery of the very highest order.... But what about firefighter Penny? There are over 1,600 billionaires around the world who have sucked money out of circulation, and this is the sole reason for austerity on a massive global scale. You would think the BBC would be focusing their attention on more important matters than how children should think

Ffs. Worlds gone mad 🤪 This is probably an unpopular opinion but if a mascot is putting women off joining the fire brigade then maybe there is not much of a drive to be a part of it...? If you really want to do something a mascot shouldn't put you off from doing it. Just a thought. The world has gone bloody mad

Postman Pat next I guess ! Put some make-up on, and it could be Fireman Samantha 🙄 it is no longer good enough to be a man on this planet. Women only. I believe in equality and women’s rights more than anybody, but this just takes the biscuit i always thought postman pat was a woman. That stopped me joining the Royal Mail 20 years ago. How daft do I feel now.

Pathetic Things have gone beyond a joke now 🔥 🚒 👨‍🚒 They’ve clearly never watched it Some people have far too much time on their hands I think you are assuming Sam's gender here... firemansam Lol that’s stupid Funny, my little girl happily watches and plays at being fireman Sam, just more pc rubbish We better bin The Snowman for not being inclusive for children and no more Walking in the Air as it will upset disabled people.

Quick! Pull up the demographics of wales, or all of the UK for that matter and see the male:female ratio. Mental. There is a female firefigher in Fireman Sam - I believe her name is Penny... After watching the show recently I think it’s very inclusive. There is a fireman who looks like Elvis that obviously has brain damage. And some ginger kid that is so high on the spectrum he should be hospitalised. What more do you need?

The country is run by far left extremists before Corbyn even gets in More PC bulls*it Postman Pat next🙄 A cartoon character that is a man isn't inclusive? So now men are definitely being discriminated because a man is a man and not a woman? I'm confused The worlds gone absolutely crazyyyy.... Oooh...let's have some gender neutral 'shapes'...FFS ! And while you're at it, let's rename Spiderman, Ironman, Ant-man, He-Man, She-Ra, Action Man, Little Big Man, The Six Million Dollar Man & The Bionic Woman...

Beggars belief 😱 Complaints by staff and members of public - WTF!!! This is NOT progress trust me! To everyone blaming this on the 'PC brigade', read the article! It clearly says the current mascot isn't working to recruit enough people and they need to change It’s bollocks like this, that make you want the world to stop, so you can get off.

madness When will all this nonsense end- no wonder the country is going down the tubes. Whilst the likes of Asia etc. are growing their economies aggressively and dynamically we’re too busy debating non-events like this. I despair. Who’s next postman pat and his black and white cat? Wankers. Looking for faults in their sad pathetic lives all the time.

PLEASE JUST STOP!!! Snowflakes from Pontypandy The World gone mad- bloody stupid inclusive crap Inclusive of what Utter rubbish. Facts are this show was massively outdated compared to the rest of children's TV output. It just didn't reflect real life with very little diversity or disability in it. Of course it's going to put off females when you promote 'fireman' instead of firefighter. A good move

Could think of someone else who should be out of a job by now! Most parents have the older better versions on DVD so I think the audience will just drift away as has been pointed out circa 7% firefighters are women so why distort reality? Action of a half wit🤡 does everything these days need to be fucking genderless just so people dont throw a hissy fit about it omg 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

because fire extinguisher shaped things are VERY inclusive... There actions in axing fireman Sam are more insulting than kerping Sam as their mascot? Are they blindly assuming Sam is male from birth. He could be MtF transgender? Sam may be Samantha. This is utter nonsense and shows how far we have come on the bullsh1t road.

Im so glad humans rarely live past 85 'cause i really dont want to have to witness what society is going to be like much longer rofl this shit for real🤣 What a load of todge! Not inclusive, he is the main character or focus of this children's cartoon. Are we going to jump on inspector Morse, Hetty Wainthropp, Vera, Dr Foster for not being inclusive? Seriously, some people need to sit down and have a word with themselves!

Oh yes totally agree, disgraceful and disrespectful 😂 Why does everything have to be inclusive? The world literally doesn’t work like that. As long as the brigade is open to everyone it shouldn’t matter. If it's so ridiculous, why get so upset? Plenty white dudes think they can be firefighters, why not use imagery that encourages others? Fireman Sam is ancient anyway. Maybe it's time for an upgrade.

Fireman Sam will be fucking raging 😤 Fireman Sam brought Trevor Evans to our screens ❤ x More PC Sh1te Yeah, that’ll get the woman queuing up to join. Not insulting to the intelligence at all. You’re a joke LincsFireRescue Idiotic political correctness. Whatever will happen to Captain Pugwash, Seaman Staines and Roger the cabin boy? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I'm surprised that they haven't demanded the return of 'Black Beauty'. OMFG! OMFG! It's decisions like this that make me want to cry. In protest, I shall watch Carry on Camping with my six year old tonight. So there. You utter utter tw*ts! GET. TO. FUCK. What the hell is going on. This is just getting ridiculous 🙄🤣

Age discrimination The nutters are at it again What they need is a gay, straight, trans, gender neutral, white, black, asian, Mexican mutant to come in take over. World's gone mad 🤷‍♂️ Its fair White men aernt part of diversity or inclusiveness there toxic and need to live in the cellar. It's wonderfully easy to see who has and has not read the article. Well done BBC, you have achieved your desired outrage.

He even looks like a misogynist bigot! ;) Face it, none of you in the comments have given a crap about Fireman Sam for over 30 years, why start now? Looks like the UK is afflicted with this PC crap like the US. Blame George Soros!!! LincsFireRescue Too much spare time...? How makes up this crap? What kind of shithouse fuckwittery is this now?!

gender BBCWorld maybe Sam identifies as a woman some days. Total bigotry here. Very concerned that 4 year olds are the target group for fire brigade recruitment. This people of this country are becoming weak, pathetic and laughable. I suppose people in MANchester need to be worried now, still there is HEReford

it's not gonna end well, these things brought in Brexit and Trump ☝ I wonder how anybody expects an individual person, real or otherwise, to be inclusive. Even mermaids are only female & fish. I want Wonder Woman to become Wonder Man. Wrong and misses the point of fireman Sam The end of the world is nigh 🤦‍♂️

Penny Morris is a woman firefighter... I presume Surely woman can join. No shoulder carrying ( breaks EU rules) and cutting car roofs off with your toys when someone loses their keys. Anyone can do ! Playing pool and eating chilli and cat rescue not mentioned the BBC are part of the cause How do they know he didn't have a vagina?

Am glad, at last a way to solve this UK crisis. Fix Fireman Sam. Too late ITV have already covered it. You do realise men and women can be called ‘Sam’? What next, Thomas the Tank Engine? Basically he's not inclusive because Sam is a white man LincsFireRescue could have introduced a second mascot alongside Fireman Sam If they want to be inclusive they'll need a brigade of mascots to represent all

Can’t make this shit up it’s a cartoon character why not keep Fireman Sam and Bring in a Firelady !!! 😀 Imagine the horror when your house is burning down and fire engine arrives full of white male FireMEN. WELL ABOUT TIME TOO! I AM A FEMALE WHO GREW UP LONGING TO BE A FIREFIGHTER BUT AFTER WATCHING ONE EPISODE OF FIREMAN SAM I REALISED I wAS WRONG - WRONG!!! HOW COULD LITTLE ME BECOME A FIREFIGHTER WHEN THE ONLY ROLE MODEL I HAD WAS A SHORT THIN WHITE BLOKE? Said no female ever.

My daughter loved watching this and we still believe the program is a great way to teach kids the dangers of fire. Boggles the mind where society has gone when the merest hint of keyboard warrior nonsense causes organisations to panic Let's replace Les BreitzMAN as chief as he could put women off from joining the force.

Western civilization is turning out to be Gay as Sunday. FFS Drop the nuclear bomb on us all now 😟 World has gone mad! He's called Fireman Sam, maybe it should be titled Firefighter Sam What an absolute load of virtue signalling bollocks. What a stupid world we’re living in! Utterly ridiculous! Everyone seems offended by everything these days ❄️

So they expect a deluge of female recruits to be drawn to the job due to the use of a fire extinguisher as a mascot. Um, sure. What's the solution then, a hermaphrodite? Is this for real ? Seriously you will regret it when the public don't care how you are funded anymore !! Leave kids to be kids, at least give them 5 years of their lives before this politically correct lunacy kicks in !!

'The decision follows complaints by staff and members of the public.' Some people really do have far too much time on their hands. Chief fire officer Les Britzman 🤔 And Postman Pat has stopped women becoming posties!!! That is just ridiculous BBC running out of politics to report on?

Fireman Sam axed because he is maleInstead they are using gender neutral blue, red and yellow fire extinguishers called Freddy, Filbert and Penelope This is truly a sad indictment of our country. Fireman Sam represented the very best of our brave men in the fire service and I’m sure was an inspiration to thousands of them in their overall lives. A scandal. Clowns 🤦🏻‍♂️

PC fire chiefs BAN Fireman Sam because he's too male & puts women off joiningFIRE chiefs have banned much-loved children’s TV character Fireman Sam — for being a man. Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue service has axed the 30-year-old favourite from promo material saying he is to… Unbelievable PaulineHansonOz ScottMorrisonMP CraigKellyMP theboltreport RitaPanahi carolinemarcus rowandean RossCameron4 jkalbrechtsen AlanJones RealMarkLatham SkyNewsAust SkyNewsRicho PerrettReport corybernardi DaisyCousens MathiasCormann SharriMarkson Oh my good god! 🤦🏼‍♀️ can someone please stop this world I want to get off 🙄🙄

Fireman Sam dropped as fire service mascot over concerns the character is not inclusiveChief Fire Officer says character 'doesn’t reflect the fire service today' Shame on the fire service. Bloody joke!! 'We'll keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.' 'Treason to the White race is Loyalty to Humanity.' Noel Ignatiev, Harvard Professor Perhaps Sam could identify as a women, and his transition process could be filmed and then broadcast on kids TV to push the Agenda. UtterBollocks

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