Fireman Sam axed because he is male

He is being replaced by gender-neutral fire extinguishers Freddy, Filbert and Penelope.

9/11/2019 9:15:00 AM

Instead they are using gender neutral blue, red and yellow fire extinguishers called Freddy, Filbert and Penelope

He is being replaced by gender-neutral fire extinguishers Freddy, Filbert and Penelope.

Fireman Sam is being replaced by three gender-neutral fire extinguishers (Picture: Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue)A fire service has taken the decision to axe popular TV character Fireman Sam as their mascot.Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service said that they had received negative feedback because the mascot was not inclusive enough.

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He had been used by the fire service for station open days and on advertising materials.Instead they are using gender neutral blue, red and yellow fire extinguishers called Freddy, Filbert and Penelope.Chief fire officer Lez Britzman said: ‘Firefighters nationally and residents locally have raised some concerns that “Fireman Sam” doesn’t reflect the fire service today, in terms of both the job itself and our workforce.

The fire service said they had received feedback that Fireman Sam was not inclusive enough (Picture: Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue)Fireman Sam has been on our screens for over 30 years (Picture: BBC)‘It’s important to us that our open days and community events don’t make anyone feel excluded and therefore we took this decision.

AdvertisementAdvertisement‘We always make sure that we include plenty of activities and other ways to engage children and adults, to help them learn more about fire safety and a firefighter’s role.’An email has been sent round to all fire stations in the county telling them not to use Fireman Sam in the future.

In March this year Fireman Sam was in the firing line along with Peppa Pig for encouraging gender stereotypes.London Fire Brigade hit out at Peppa pig for not using the term ‘firefighter’ in an episode called The Fire Engine.Here is Fireman Sam with firefighter Penny Morris (Picture: BBC)

The service tweeted: ‘Come on @peppapig, we’ve not been firemen for 30 years. You have a huge influence on kids & using out of date stereotypical gender specific wording prevents young girls from becoming firefighters.’In 2017 just 5.2 per cent of firefighters were women.

In March LFB praised the release of a firefighter Barbie wearing their uniform.Got a story for Read more: Metro »

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The names aren't unisex though so surely they've achieved nothing Lordt! Axed as a mascot for one Regional Fire Service. The show hasn’t been axed, as the tweet headline would have you believe. leavesociety should we all become gender neutral and stop procreating. endsbadlyforall Chris_Jones226 Gender neutral, but name them Freddy, Filbert and Penelope - Bore off will ya!! Got nothing to do with the character being Male.

richardhp You actually wasted your time to write that shit? Get a real job for goodness sake. What a bunch of About time, I haven’t seen it myself but who wants to see a fireman get his hose out anyway. Filth. Peppa pig would sort those nasty firemen out !!! Disgrace Utter nonsense saveoursam Easy run down it’s not the show It’s Lincolnshire fire brigade minds been warped to “inclusiveness” and Sam isn’t the fireman they need in this political correctness world It’s got to a point it takes the piss a piss where all these minor moaning twats need putting on a bonfire

R U OK? Are any of the fire extinguishers Muslim? Not very “inclusive” is it! How are any names gender neutral? The real problem with fireman Sam is he lives in a tiny town, with a population of like 10 people - yet it has about 400 fires a year. Someone should be investigating this guy for arson, tbh. We're at that point now when you can no longer tell if articles like this are satire or not. As a former child who dressed up as Fireman Sam in the 1st grade, I can say this is the dumbest fucking shit I've read today.

No bad. This was my childhood. Make him a Tranny or something then he can be both, problem solved. Nowadays literally anything as simple as a male character being in a children’s show is deemed ‘offensive.’ No one would have batted an eyelid at this 10 years ago... Every kid must be so confused nowadays?! Lol

You are not going to do my man Sam dirty like this Here it is! Today's example of another bullshit PC stance. Can't recruit female fire-fighters coz of a male cartoon character. I would confidently say that the problem is not the cartoon character. PC GON MAD So stupid! Filbert is a fucking Hazelnut anyway 🤷🏽‍♀️.

Yet Norman was allowed to be saved over and over ...... Good Idea, Replace him with a Fat, shoeless skank with pink hair. There are plenty of them around and they are not being represented on TV at all. Nah its coz he found his true calling innit But piersmorgan was hilarious this morning. Made it totally worth it !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🥴

The fuck is happening to the world? We can’t have fucking fireman Sam because he isn’t ‘inclusive’ enough. We live in a world with a generation constantly looking for things to be offended by. They’ll never be satisfied. These people given their own way will police everything. You really couldn’t make this crap up!!

TheRealDisco hey disco, look it’s happening in the UK too. A tv character which has been around for some 30 odd years is now offensive as he is male. I bet Bob the Builder is shitting his pants......... 😬🤬😂😂 Ok. From now on I want to identify as a fucking teapot not Male. What a loud of bullshit LincsFireRescue was this a woman's decision ? Maybe some feminist with anger issues

Aaaaaand the world has finally cracked 🤦🏽‍♀️ Have they listed Filbert's pronouns yet? Axed because he’s male 😮 isn’t that an insult in it’s self towards males? Add a female colleague Another embarrassing headline. Such a shame.. People will go far out their way to be inclusive by going about it in the least inclusive way possible

Gender neutral Extinguishers ffs 😂 Ban those who think this is actually a problem. 'Gender neutral' yet name them gender specific names. And also Get in the bin! Should have asked Rod Jane & Freddy Pathetic. This is so ridiculous it is unreal! Ah yes, when I grow up I shall be a fire extiguisher!! Not a male fire fighter cuz they have the big bad, in fact just ban all males, who needs the- oh wait please dont

Pandering to the loony’s again ffs That’s a bit sexist isnt it? If the idea sounds like it was straight from RashisTVUgly 's Dean Pelton in CommunityTV Greendale, then it's not a good idea. Postman pat? What the fuck guys why isn’t it postwoman pat smmhhhhhh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Probably 0.005% complained about inclusivity. Yet the hundreds or thousands that think this is nonsense will be ignore because we dont make official complaints like they do.

It's now official. The world has gone nuts! Such sh1te!! joerogan read this story from the UK 🤷🏻‍♂️ Bit of a misleading headline but still utterly ridiculous! Penélope, gender neutral. Mmm. Get rid of Wonder Woman Let be honest, who do you want to see kick the door down on your smoke filled house? Fireman Sam, who is strong enough to carry you to safety, or Firewoman Sally, who will complement your burning interior furnishings?

Gammons everywhere. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’d have thought people would be more upset at the choice of names of those poor extinguishers I miss the days when men were fire extinguishers, and fire extinguishers were men. Do they know that he's not actually a fireman and from a children's tv show 😀 What muppets their management are LincsFireRescue

‘Gender neutral’ ‘Names Freddie and Penelope’ HAVE YOU SEEN THIS TaylorxxWolfie What a country There's no point in being annoyed at idiotic political correctness. Just sigh and move on. Utterly pathetic Gender doesnt exist it was invented by a hate group that teaches its not okay to descriminate and exclude, unless you are descriminating and excluding white men.

Honestly anthropomorphic fire extinguishers sound pretty great What tota sh*te Even 25+ years ago, Pontypandy fire station was employing men, women, elderly, BAME and learning difficulties Oh make it stop 🙄 read the article, seems like a cute & nice gesture. thanks lincolnshire fire and rescue service! Meh. It was proper boring anyway.

HonkHonk And this makes it better........ how exactly...? 😂😂 What the fuck This is stupid now I grew up watching fireman Sam and I loved it, what next postman pat because he's a man, Bob the builder because he's a man. It never bothered anyone back then so why now 😤 How stupid has the world become. HONK HONK

This is becoming more ridiculous by the day. Whoever is the f****** idiot who is making the decisions should be checked whether they’re sane. They’re removing shows for stupid ass reasons. The only thing kids are exposed to these days is violence and shite like Love Island. PrisonPlanet Oh do pleeeeeeas feck off

....but those are two dude names and one chick name Best Welshman ever HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Only 2 genders. The only people that actually care about Fireman Sam's name are the Millennials and the Snowflakes ! Will Marvel be renaming Spiderperson, Ant-Person & Ironperson? Will Skeletor fight He-Person? millennials snowflakes savefiremansam

Extinguishers!!! Is this not offensive to hose reels? firefightersam Easier to get rid of all the grass eating, tree hugging, wheat sandal wearing snowflakes. Christ pull the sand out of your vaginas and let things be not hurting anyone. But Fire Extinguishers aren't Blue or Yellow. That is teaching kids poor fire safety. All fire extinguishers are red they are just labelled with different colours

The sickening thing about these actions is the hypocrisy. Particular men coasting on the lack of equality for women, in an attempt to get themselves some attention they don't deserve. Fake token gestures mean nothing. Actually fix the pay gap and hire equally. Then we believe it. 'It’s important to us that our open days and community events exclude men.'

The Demolition Man future is upon us. If anyone wants me I'll be living underground eating ratburgers. RichardHanaway is that rocket ready or wha? Yes, because young kids will associate themselves more with a fire extinguisher than an a person as an influencial role model. What a heap of turd 😒 Common sense surely would have been to add a female character alongside him? But screw common sense though. Fire extinguisher👍

Jesus fucking Christ. Where is that great flood when you need it? He's ginger and Welsh how can it possibly be more diverse 🤣 About time. My 4 year old will be pleased. Seriously, what is this world coming to? Absolute shambles!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ For pity sake. Isn’t it a bit patronising towards women to worry they’d be put off from joining the fire service because of the gender of its mascot?

Get in the sea Which colour has which name? This is ridiculous. Postman Pat and Thomas the Tank Engine must be shitting themselves. Knob head's. I blame the union's?!! Is there nothing the left doesn’t ruin? What the fuck FFS!!!! FFS someone use some common sense What about green? That’s just plain colourist. I shall start a campaign and Facebook group immediately to get green into the new mascot colours.

Equality is ruining this once great country 🤦‍♂️ The Fireman Sam mascot on that link is fucking terrifying, looks like he's been in his own accident 1. Why? 2. Does anyone care? 3. If you’re going to do it, why have gender neutral colours and objects but not gender neutral names?..... What a load of bollocks ! Fireman Sam is a man & all this gender neutral stuff is utter nonsense A man is a man A woman is a woman I don’t care if it upsets anyone as it truthful facts

This is getting ridiculous. Nobody asked for this gender neutral garbage. So now the Male fire extinguishers outnumber the women..🤨🤨🤨 LOL Wow, Misleading headline much? No, the show has not been 'axed'. One singular regional fire service has chosen to stop using him as a mascot. 'Fireman Sam Axed' mascot for Lincolnshire Fire service. Not the big man himself, top work on the old clickbait though metro. Their fire responded to negative feedback from the local community.

When people ring 999 now for a fire are we suppose to tell the dispatcher ' there has to be a female on the fire crew'. The world has and will get worse PC wise. Will “Call The Midwife” have to become gender neutral as well? Enough is enough, Fireman Sam sacked for being male. Don't ladies want to be rescued by a hunky fit fireman anymore 😉 IStandWithFiremanSam

No one. Not a soul. Ever. In the history of the universe. “I don’t want to join the fire service because Fireman Sam is a man.” 😂😂😂😂 oh what an absolute embarrassment Let the brainwashing continue Niall_Boylan haha Filbert 🤦🏻‍♂️ And that's ANOTHER of my childhood television shows completely destoryed by Gender Neutral idiots.... Please do us all a favour and GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FFS.. I give up Not very Gender Neutral names … like Sam! Which is a unisex name and more gender neutral savefiremansam That bullshit. If you want Fireman Sam morden make it male and female fighters Update the town make it more morden. This sums up all that is wrong with today's society. iamUFCpd Shut the doors and close the curtains....fml

How ridiculous !!!! Just wow stephenzoozy0 Pathetic Filbert 🤣🤣 The world has gone mad! Surely they could have introduced new characters to overcome the issue that they thought they had to avoid. How do you explain to kids who watch the show that Sam is no longer the's a fire extinguisher instead....these kids are like 5/6!

Such a nonsense, can this stop please? Grow up people, fireman Sam or white men haven't being banned. ONE firebrigade has updated it mascot to represent a more diverse world. If that's bothered you, the give your head a wobble and think again. firemansam Please give the girls some credibility Is it me or is the best firefighter on fireman sam is penny. Imagine being in trouble and elvis comes along.

Talking fire extinguishers? That makes much more sense doesn't it. 🙄 Surely thats discrimination I think this is good. It will massively increase the recruitment of those who identify as gender neutral fire extinguishers, who, let's face it, probably have a hell of a time trying to get a job. firemansam

ShitChester Jesus christ that headline is awful. You're making people's minds up before they've even opened the damn article. Shocking journalism. BrexitAssembly But Sam is a girls bame I’d highly recommend everyone read this article because it’s just not what it seems 😂 Which is stupid, considering all fire extinguishers are red! Sure, they have a coloured band around the top to distinguish what they are used for, but they're still red...

What a load of old bollocks. rawlimark THIS IS EFFING STUPID!! 😡😡😡 Fireman attack helicopter non binary wake up sometimes and don’t know what gender I am Sam The day will when both men and women will not feel able to say what they are 🤡 Will they be voiced by men and women? rawlimark The world’s gone mad.

If your kid watching Fireman Sam, they're probably too young to understand the full implications of gender identity. So this is fucking weird. This is getting more and more ridiculous every day 😡 Rozzaaaaaaaaa More pathetic pandering, maybe one day people will wake back up and it will be too late to reverse all of this nonsense

At this point I think this is being done to purposely irritate people and cause hatred towards tolerance, causing a right wing wave of fight back against something nobody even wants not even most feminists would agree with this sort of bollocks. This is how the media control you There are 2 strong female characters in firemansam Penny & Ellie. Maybe they should use them as well as Sam. My son loves the show - watching it this second - he knows all about each character and who is in charge of what. Leave Sam alone I'll go insane with out him!

TonyRome51 Pontypandy will never be the same I always enjoyed watching Fireman Sam and Postman Pat as a kid. This is political correctness gone mad They sound like vibrators! So your not aloud to be Male anymore This country is F****d honestly people need to get a grip, we have to tip toe round everyone just in case they might get slightly offended 🙄 If fireman sams gone I want loose women cancelled it’s offence to all males

It’s a KIDS SHOW you dense motherfuckers, no child (Male or female) bases what they want to do as a career off a show they watched when they were a toddler What a shame ! Fireman Sam is my absolute favourite documentary. Not just because of his name, but also for his (very real!) job putting out fires in our local community. My toaster once caught fire and Sam helped me big-time.

The faux anger around this Fireman Sam stuff is madness! Really with all the stuff going on this is the thing your all angrily tweeting about.....Johnson is in no. 10 laughing his arse off at us all! 😂😂 No idea why I am Finding this name order of Freddy, Filbert and Penelope Funny . You grab a fire extinguisher, squeeze and they spurt white foam. Trust me they are male

MyNameIsToddd 🙄 Should have had 'red white and blue' to represent the union jack only that ain't allowed either, sure a fire extinguisher will tempt more females to apply for jobs. rentonMagaUK Aren’t all fire extinguishers red? Oh FFS The world has gone mad What a load of shit Cheers, humming the Fireman Sam theme in the office now

Why axe it thought? Why not introduce other characters that help satisfy all criteria? maybe it should be more about learning how to b a fireman. maybe kids entertainment should all be educational I suggest the next character should be a hermaphrodite. Let's just scrap all cartoon characters and put hermaphrodites instead, then no one would moan about this gender neutrality shit... firemansam

Fireman Hermaphrodite! That will make them even sexier. Get in the bin. How ridiculous No problem ....Your country is going down hill... Stop whinging about migrants then with this kind of agendas you will a lot more to feed you people Welcome to 2019 everyone 👍🏻 They'll be complaints about the names too as Freddy and filbert are male names, maybe just give them numbers instead. Might stop the bitching.

The world has actually gone mad This is some terrible spin What ! Why not just bring out a gender neutral character in the fireman Sam programs he has been around forever ! They didn’t axe it when people complained there wasn’t a female character they just added one in So you dial 999 our home is on fire . fire engine 🚒 turns up with all male fire fighters . Bet you would want them to put out your fire ?

Oh for crying out loud When i was in the london fire brigade, i remember fire extinguishers being reminiscent of male appendages!!!! How is fireman Sam not inclusive? He's a children's character, helpful, polite and friendly, my girls loved watching him, Penny was brilliant too. Maybe they could have adopted her as a mascot as well?

This wind wind up the Gammons 😂 Embarrassing Fireman Sam was instantly recognisable, known as a good, honest, decent man who helped people on a regular basis. The fact that you would be dictated to by a small, but vocal, group of permanently offended people does not cast the fire service in a good light.

🤦🏻‍♂️ Clowns This is truly a sad indictment of our country. Fireman Sam represented the very best of our brave men in the fire service and I’m sure was an inspiration to thousands of them in their overall lives. A scandal.

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