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Fire, pestilence and a country at war with itself: the Trump presidency is over | Robert Reich

Fire, pestilence and a country at war with itself: the Trump presidency is over | Robert Reich

5/31/2020 10:28:00 PM

Fire, pestilence and a country at war with itself: the Trump presidency is over | Robert Reich

A pandemic unabated, an economy in meltdown, cities in chaos over police killings. All our supposed leader does is tweet

By having no constructive response to any of the monumental crises now convulsing America, Trump has abdicated his office. He is not governing. He’s golfing, watching cable TV and tweeting.How has Trump responded to the widespread unrest following the murder in Minneapolis of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white police officer knelt on his neck for minutes as he was handcuffed on the ground?

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Trump called the protesters “thugs” and threatened to have them shot. “When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” he tweeted, parroting a former Miami police chief whose words spurred race riots in the late 1960s.On Saturday, he gloated about “the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons” awaiting protesters outside the White House, should they ever break through Secret Service lines. 

Trump’s response to the last three ghastly months of mounting disease and death has been just as heedless. Since claiming Covid-19 was a “Democratic hoax” and muzzling public health officials, he has punted management of the coronavirus to the states.

Governors have had to find ventilators to keep patients alive and protective equipment for hospital and other essential workers who lack it, often bidding against each other. They have had to decide how, when and where to reopen their economies.

Trump has claimed “no responsibility at all” for testing and contact-tracing – the keys to containing the virus. His new “plan” places responsibility on states to do their own testing and contact-tracing.Trump is also awol in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

More than 41 million Americans are jobless. In the coming weeks temporary eviction moratoriums are set to end in half of the states. One-fifth of Americans missed rent payments this month. Extra unemployment benefits are set to expire at the end of July.

What is Trump’s response? Like Herbert Hoover, who in 1930 said “the worst is behind us” as thousands starved, Trump says the economy will improve and does nothing about the growing hardship. The Democratic-led House passed a $3tn relief package on 15 May. Mitch McConnell has recessed the Senate without taking action and Trump calls the bill dead on arrival. 

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What about other pressing issues a real president would be addressing? The House has passed nearly 400 bills this term, including measures to reduce climate change, enhance election security, require background checks on gun sales, reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act and reform campaign finance. All are languishing in McConnell’s inbox. Trump doesn’t seem to be aware of any of them.

There is nothing inherently wrong with golfing, watching television and tweeting. But if that’s pretty much all that a president does when the nation is engulfed in crises, he is not a president.Trump’s tweets are no substitute for governing. They are mostly about getting even.

When he’s not fomenting violence against black protesters, he’s accusing a media personality of committing murder, retweeting slurs about a black female politician’s weight and the House speaker’s looks, conjuring up conspiracies against himself supposedly organized by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and encouraging his followers to “liberate” their states from lockdown restrictions.

He tweets bogus threats that he has no power to carry out – withholding funds from states that expand absentee voting, “overruling” governors who don’t allow places of worship to reopen “right away”, and punishing Twitter for factchecking him.And he lies incessantly.

In reality, Donald Trump doesn’t run the government of the United States. He doesn’t manage anything. He doesn’t organize anyone. He doesn’t administer or oversee or supervise. He doesn’t read memos. He hates meetings. He has no patience for briefings. His White House is in perpetual chaos. 

His advisers aren’t truth-tellers. They’re toadies, lackeys, sycophants and relatives.Since moving into the Oval Office in January 2017, Trump hasn’t shown an ounce of interest in governing. He obsesses only about himself.But it has taken the present set of crises to reveal the depths of his self-absorbed abdication – his utter contempt for his job, his total repudiation of his office.

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Trump’s nonfeasance goes far beyond an absence of leadership or inattention to traditional norms and roles. In a time of national trauma, he has relinquished the core duties and responsibilities of the presidency.He is no longer president. The sooner we stop treating him as if he were, the better.

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gryg427 Robert Reich je opravdu zdroj dobrých informací, asi jako Moskevská Pravda This is what you've been saying for three years. Yet he's still in office You might be surprised there. Media attack in conjunction with antifa, to try and get a creepy abuser racist Democrat in office? Mad innit. Trump refused to rent to black people, back in the day, so why would he help this cause? He is a practicing racist.

Biden has to be the luckiest man alive however we have been here before so... Is the Trump Presidency 'over' the same way the Trump campaign was 'over' after the Access Hollywood tape? Confused.... These are democrat run cities and states.... Pertinent surname of the reporter I love how the lefties keep sending out these self reinforcement messages to each other. Old Donny Boy is going to win another term. 🤭😅🤣😂

The walls are closing in, this time for real you guys. Stop writing about the d'ide effects where authorities can NOT change anything. The cause of the evil is the individual dividing comfort ignorant mentality that has been carefully cultivated and defended over the last decades. lessisbetter Altough I am not a fan of Trump, he is just the mirror of the modern population. Stop blaming authorities, when the problem is the population. When comfort was voluntary replaced effort decades ago all the evil started. lessisbetter

Isn't this exactly what was promised when the anti christ came to power? ⬆️ The real truth ..😊 😂🤣👍🏻winner of the biggest load of crap today , well done . Don’t bet on it. Did it ever start as a “presidency,” which implies organization, management and organization? This tweet will age like a fine bottle of milk in the midday sun The riots have just ensured Trump will win a landslide

Well duh. Xi Jinping calls for a replacement of political leaders & institutions (mayor-gouvernor-senator..) by assemblies composed in parity by U.S CITIZENS renewed by lot every 40 days giving right to compensatory allowances ($150/day) accommodation & training to take up their dutie The left camp now finds that the situation is wrong? The consequence of indulging evil is to be backlash by evil.

These people are just following orders from a powerful group who have a different political ideal than Trump. And the order is to generate chaos, fear and government instability in all country. As clear as water. Oh I wish it was. He’s so cheap and tawdry. Not so fast, 4 more years after November. How strange, we have an absentee ‘prime minister’ too...

Exactly the same in the UK BorisJohnson Trump Administration: Top 10 permanent stains on American history. And climbing the charts. Nope trump won’t be defeated by a few terrorists, he wiped out isis and soleimani and will do the same with Antifa MAGA Whenever he gets in trouble he builds another set.

Trump is busy with himself in many things because in the back of his mind is still his Trump empire and his career afterwards. Just pass on the important issues to someone else and that's it. Nah Biden hasnt a hope .He cant even remember his name half the time And yet he will be reelected in November...terrifying

Sure it is. You can't win by democratic means, You can't win by 'Russian Collusion' Hoax , you use your Youth Wing to burn, loot and incite racial wars , You have Blexit , walkaway , walkawayfromdemocrats movements. It will be the same massacre as the UK Elections 2019. It was always going to be an utter shit-show.

realDonaldTrump Far from over. Trump inherited a country that was systematically eroded by previous Govts. Please wake up. Every country is in a state of an economic meltdown. Just wait and see how the economy lands here in the UK by the end of 2020. Not looking good. Agreed. realDonaldTrump is not the president. He’s a useless narcissist taking up space at the WH

Let’s hope so. Majority of Americans realized now that we made a huge mistake electing Trump. Worse, Trump perpetuated & advanced worst traits in our culture. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get rid of bad leader once he/she is elected into the office. This is main lesson for 2020 elections. Trump's America. He bankrupt at least 5 businesses, now he's morally bankrupting America itself. He's inflamed the situation and I can't blame people feeling like they have no options. They know this will continue and only get worse unless they resist.

It isn't. He won't leave. The 4 riders of the apocalypse. Just saying. War - check Pestilence - check Famine - predicted Death... Wrong. He’s going to be re-elected. America has always been on war with itself. That's why you have freedom. This is not a Trump thing. But don't let facts stay in the way of a poorly written article promoting your agenda.

If only you'd learnt a single lesson in 4 years. “Trumps not going to be president hahaha” Same situation in Brazil. Your not incorrect but in imo your missing the point. By labeling antifa terrorist a organization trump is communicating that they deserve 100% of our attention not unlike Isis or Al-Qaeda. This is the genius of trump.

I so hope so I guess Hillary and Barack are still wiggling Bob's lips for him, from the deep end.

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