Filmmaker Rebeca Huntt's Debut Documentary 'BEBA' Is an Intimate Self-Portrait

6/27/2022 7:03:00 AM

The filmmaker Rebeca Huntt discusses exploring universal truths and intimacies in her debut film, Beba

Filmmaker Rebeca Huntt discusses exploring universal truths and intimacies in her debut film 📝 jenna__caldwell

The filmmaker Rebeca Huntt discusses exploring universal truths and intimacies in her debut film, Beba

June 24, 2022 6:08 PM EDT W ith the autobiographical documentary BEBA , filmmaker Rebeca Huntt crafts a story that feels universal while remaining all hers.every HBO show original typically evokes the network’s acclaimed scripted fare.June 24, 2022 - 17:55 BST Chloe Best Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools, both 47, began dating at the age of 17 and have now been married for 22 years.One of the plus sides to opening and being the chef patron at your own restaurant, is that you get to make all of the important decisions.

The movie, Huntt’s debut feature, explores her identity through an intimate moving self-portrait.Huntt, whose mother is Venezuelan and father Dominican, walks viewers through a coming-of-age tale in BEBA.Indeed, while HBO’s non-fictional shows used to be very much at the titillating end of the spectrum (see magazine show Real Sex, tawdry hidden camera series Taxicab Confessions and the fly-on-the-brothel-wall antics of Cathouse for proof), the channel has since cleaned up its act to tell some of the most compelling, hard-hitting and vital true stories you’re ever likely to see on the small screen.The film follows her life as an Afro-Latina child growing up in New York as one of “the poorest people on the Upper West Side.Loading the player.” Through BEBA (“Beba” is Huntt’s nickname) she explores the universal truths that connect us, and the intimacies most families try to keep secret.I'll Be Gone In The Dark (Image credit: HBO) I’ll Be Gone in the Dark is a sobering watch on a number of levels.As she navigates everything from love and death to mental illness and violence, Huntt anchors the story of searching for a path forward.It is a mix of his love of magic tricks and most notably metamorphosis, which was performed by a Las Vegas magician called Criss Angel.

Nominated for the Crystal Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, BEBA is out on June 24.But it also probes writer and amateur detective Michelle McNamara’s obsession with discovering his identity since her teens, and how she tragically died just two years before it would be revealed.WATCH: Jools Oliver marks 21st wedding anniversary with the most hilarious clip When did Jools and Jamie Oliver get married? Jamie and Jools married on 24 June 2000 Jools and Jamie tied the knot on 24 June 2000 at All Saints Church in Rickling, Essex, after dating for eight years.Below, Huntt speaks with TIME about her identity, family, and what’s ahead for her career.BEBA is a cinematic memoir that chronicles your life—from childhood to early adulthood—detailing both the intimate life experiences of you, and your loved ones, while also exploring your identity as an Afro-Latina growing up in New York City.McMillion$ (Image credit: HBO) More akin to a six-course gourmet meal than a Big Mac, McMillion$ is an in-depth look into the scam that once brought those famous golden arches into disrepute.What initially made you want to tell this story? The space and time I was in, it was a very specific moment in New York and I felt very isolated.LOOK: Inside Jamie Oliver and wife Jools' £6million picture-perfect mansion READ: 11 GMB hosts' magical weddings: Ben Shephard, Christine Lampard and more photos The couple married at All Saints Church in Rickling, Essex What was Jools Oliver's wedding dress like? Jools opted for a strapless ivory Neil Cunningham wedding dress and accessorised with a lace veil and ivory Kimmy Choo court shoes.And I just wanted to really connect with people.The man who helped to crack the case, larger-than-life special agent Doug Mathews, is just one of several colourful characters who help to fill in the gaps in a gripping tale of corporate corruption that deservedly picked up five Emmy nods." Steven has created a venture that feel exclusive and special, with diners able to sit and watch him prepare and cook each dish on his carefully-crafted tasting menu, which he will change and tweak each week, The current menu is an impressive 12 courses and includes flavours inspired by culinary method Steven has picked up from his visits to restaurant around the world, as well as the kitchen she is worked in and top chef he has worked under.

That was like the main drive for making a film like this.You feel more loved when someone loves you, when you can be your honest self.Filmmaker Madison Hamburg questions his sister, aunt and, in an incredibly uncomfortable meeting, his prime suspect father over the still-unsolved murder of his mother Barbara back in 2010, either exonerating them or increasing suspicion along the way.View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jools Oliver (@joolsoliver) The bride wore a strapless Neil Cunningham wedding dress Jools previously shared a hilarious video of herself dancing with her kids alongside two behind-the-scenes photos from her dress fitting and wrote:"What you thought you were getting… what you actually got.And I felt like if I could, maybe if I could be honest, that other people would be able to feel like they could be too.At years-old, why did you decide to release BEBA now? Why not continue to chronicle your life for years to come? Because it’s torture.The Mystery of D.But also because it serves a specific purpose, the fact that it’s a sort of existential coming of age, in this moment, where we’re thrust into adulthood, and to an absurd society." View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jools Oliver (@joolsoliver) Jools wore a second wedding dress on her tenth anniversary The author also opted for another bridal dress for the ten-year wedding celebration.The industrial-style kitchen, fitted with high-spec equipment.

We live in absurdity at all times.B.To go from that moment in your early 20s, when you’re constantly going through quantum leaps, but also having to navigate being fully responsible for yourself is fascinating.Rebeca Huntt in BEBA NEON The film does not shy away from detailing incidents many people, and families, might try to hide from the world—especially as it relates to mental health and physical violence.This absorbing feature-length doc offers countless theories about the criminal’s identity and whereabouts, with umpteen interviewees seemingly determined to prove that their friend/relative/next door neighbour’s cousin’s accountant was the culprit.In 2022, he penned a heartfelt tribute to his wife that said:"You inspire me every day by being the best mum and wife xx.Did you have any reservations about sharing specific stories? I did.But every single thing that is shared in the film has an intention.Phoenix Rising (Image credit: HBO) Former child star Evan Rachel Wood and shock rocker Marilyn Manson forged one of the most unlikely celebrity relationships in the mid-‘00s.Steven is currently taking bookings for July, and you can secure your spot at the chef's table, here What's it like to eat there? Steven whipped up three dishes from his current taster menu - tomatoes and lovage, lamb, herbs and turnip and a cold asparagus salad.

And that is what helped me move past anything that I was like, ‘Oh, no, I’m embarrassed." The couple intend to renew their wedding vows The celebrity chef also admitted they had planned to renew their wedding vows on their 20th wedding anniversary in 2020, but that was likely put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.’ Doing all of it with as much love as possible made it so that those kinds of reservations felt small.Wood herself bravely puts her head above the parapet to relive the trauma she suffered at her ex’s hands, and campaign for a new act which will increase the statute of limitations across California in domestic violence cases.Interviewing family and friends can be incredibly challenging.What was it like interviewing those closest to you? My mother was very challenging.Berg, who’s helmed similarly-themed exposes of the Catholic church and Hollywood, allows the star to tell her own harrowing tale while still providing a wider context to the issues of complicity and coercion.It sounds a bit cheesy, but 20 is an amazing milestone.Like you saw on the film, it wasn’t even an interview.Steven also focuses on using one ingredient in as many dishes as possible to give the menu "fluidity" and in this menu that was lovage, which is a herb Michelin-Starred chef Simon Rogan brought back into fashion.

And actually, we did it twice.Who needs Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon fighting it out for supremacy when you have this affectionate fly-on-the-wall documentary about the very real challenges of a local TV station? As its title suggests, Small Town News follows the ups and downs of KPVM-LD in the Nevada town of Pahrump, and in particular its attempts to take a bigger piece of the Las Vegas pie.And that was the better interview."I try not to do big lies, but subtle, gentle white lies are generally the key to a slightly happier life," the TV chef admitted to Sunday Times food magazine in 2015.The first time it was so hard for us to communicate.Q: Into the Storm (Image credit: HBO) You could argue this six-part insight into the QAnon conspiracy theory movement which worryingly continues to grow in prominence is only giving further oxygen to such dangerous fantasists.That was a very, very complex moment in our relationship.So communication wasn’t at its best.Addressing everything from Pizzagate to the storming of the U..This dish looked brilliant and bright and the tomatoes were sweet, offsetting the sharpness of the lovage foam, which was candyfloss-like light.

My father actually surprised me.He was a natural on the camera.Capitol, Q: Into the Storm leaves few far-fetched, far-right stones unturned in a revealing primer which engages and infuriates in equal measure.He answered all the questions.He was really easy to interview, my sister as well.At times, Elizabeth Carmichael is celebrated as a pioneer of the trans community entirely misunderstood by the less enlightened society of the 1970s.She’s great on the camera.It was like my mouth was flitting between a barefoot walk in the snow, to putting boots back on.

She has a great chemistry with it.This draws on interviews with Carmichael’s kids, inventive paper cut out animation and little-seen archive clips to tell the kind of story which proves that truth can often be stranger than fiction.The one thing that has stuck with me since watching the film is your apology to your family at the end where you promise not to snitch again because you reveal so many personal details about them.Did you have to have difficult conversations with your loved ones before the film’s release? I thought throughout the entire making of the film that they would just never talk to me again.Written, directed and narrated by Raoul Peck (the Oscar-nominated I Am Not Your Negro), this labour of love journeys across 1200 years of civilisation at its most horrific, with plenty of its themes sadly still relevant today.But, in a way, it was a driving force, because it made me make the film the best it could be.Then, I finished the film.It’s the kind of thought-provoking, eye-opening TV that should be mandatory curriculum viewing..

The last day, I’m in sound mix, watching it, and I found out that we got into the Toronto International Film Festival.I hadn’t even told my parents yet.Perhaps the genesis of the true crime boom, it also thoroughly examined not just one but three unsolved mysteries more compelling than any screenwriter could dream of.Of course, I wanted them to come to the premiere.So eventually, I told them and it was incredible.The Case Against Adnan Syed (Image credit: HBO) Serial’s compelling first season deep dive into student Hae Min Lee’s murder and ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed’s dubious conviction spearheaded the popularity of the true crime podcast.[When they saw the film] I was able to witness such a vast spectrum of human emotion with two of the people I love most in the world in such a short time.

There was, in both of them, a sense of betrayal, anger, pride, unconditional love, happiness, gratitude, freedom—all these things at once.With unparalleled access to the defence team, The Case Against undoubtedly attempts to help fight Syed’s corner.Did you see a shift in the dynamic of your relationships? It’s very subtle.I just got back from Peru.Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children Just a year after being fictionalized in the second season of Mindhunter , one of the darkest periods in Atlanta’s history was retold from a heart-breakingly real perspective in this no-holds-barred documentary.I liked hiking through the Andes and I called my dad on the last day.I was thinking about our relationship on the hike and I called him and talked to him about it.Four decades on, this anger-inducing doc asks whether the man convicted of killing two of the oldest victims really should be held responsible for the rest, and why law enforcement was so determined not to explore other possibilities.

I love my father, we have a great relationship, we’re very close, but it’s also a complex relationship.And so I told him something that was really true, and something he probably even two years ago before the film wouldn’t have been able to hear.The Vow (Image credit: HBO) Remember when Allison Mack was best-known for playing a supporting character in Smallville instead of fronting a sex trafficking cult? This eye-opening insight into the ‘personal and professional development’ scheme known as NXIVM explains how she, and several other names on the fringes of Hollywood, became recruits-turned-recruiters in an organization that branded, abused and enslaved women.And he heard it.I don’t know what he’s gonna do with it.But you’ll also be compelled to see how those who finally saw the light attempt to bring him down.But he heard it.

What has the reaction been like from those closest to you in making this? My parents’ reaction is a freedom and pride.But the allegations of sexual abuse made by James Safechuck and Wade Robson showed just how easy it is for stardom to blind people to the truth.My dad’s family did see it in Miami.My uncles and aunts and cousins, and they loved it.After four hours of powerful testimonies, you’ll be left wondering whether it truly is possible to ever separate the artist from the art.My cousins felt like it was super cathartic, because they were like, ‘Our parents can be like that, too.’ I was nervous about what my family would think.First instalment The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills analyses how the crimes linked to Satanic rituals impacted the community.

Aside from the beautiful story it tells, BEBA is quite aesthetically pleasing.Why did you decide to shoot the film on 16mm and were there any unique challenges, or opportunities, that came with this decision? The very nature of 16 mm is limited, it’s limited what it can actually capture.All three offer a balanced account of a saga which shows how deeply flawed the American justice system can be.When I visualize the concept of intimacy, it’s a limited and pulsating view.That’s what intimacy is.Michelle Carter (Image credit: HBO) This two-parter's attention-grabbing title might sound like something you’d see on the front page of the National Enquirer.And when you’re shooting on 16 millimeter, it has this pulsating quality to it.

This film is eight years in the making—and for eight years only a handful of people have seen it at various stages.I Love You, Now Die scrutinises how a deeply troubled teenage girl encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide via text and was subsequently charged with involuntary manslaughter.With the film’s release, I am curious if, in some ways, the hardest part has just begun.How does it feel knowing so many people are going to see these very intimate parts of you, and your story? Other filmmakers, they weren’t really able to do the festival circuit last year, the way I was able to do it this year.Music Box (Image credit: HBO) The making of Alanis Morrissette's game-changing Jagged Little Pill, the some-would-say baffling appeal of smooth jazz maestro Kenny G and the impresario who turned Saturday Night Fever into a cultural phenomenon are just three of the eclectic subjects covered in this fascinating feature-length documentary series.I feel very grateful to have had those experiences, because I was able to see how people reacted to the film.This film is bigger than my fear and what I think people are gonna think of me.But it’s Woodstock ’99: Peace, Love and Rage, an account of aggressive incels, raw sewage and Fred Durst that would put even the most hardened festivalgoer off the scene for life, that proves to be the standout.

People are coming up to me and telling me really intense and intimate stories about themselves and their lives.They will start talking to me about their relationships with their parents, or things that we are ashamed of in society.Having people come and talk to me about these things that otherwise would be shameful is like, that’s why I did this.What is my fear in the face of that? What did you learn about yourself, your family, while making BEBA ? We are infinitely complex, and that people love and do their best in the different capacities that they are able to do.Childhood is really the seed of everything for like any one human being.

And that family patterns are real, like generational patterns are very real.It is something that we definitely as human beings should pay attention to.I really [learned] that I’m a lot stronger than I could have ever imagined.I have a very profound capacity for love.I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

Being a film director this is where I’m supposed to be.I am very, very grateful and very humbled.You recently stated “In BEBA , I’m not asking for you to like me, or even for you to identify with me.” What do you ultimately hope people take away from the film? That it’s okay to be authentic More Must-Read Stories From TIME.

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