Fear not, Hot Girl Summer is still going ahead! Here's the story behind the feminist term, and how to live your best HGS life

#HotGirlSummer is nearly here...

4/15/2021 4:09:00 PM

HotGirlSummer is nearly here...

COVID can't cancel Hot Girl Summer.

Puma31 Jan 2020Sharia, 28: "Hot Girl Summer is the biggest flex to owning yourself and your own choices. Single ladies: Text him and call the other guy back, wear the dress, the hot pants and the bralette as a top. The shapewear that makes you feel sexy that nobody needs to know about… And do that ratchet sexy dance you like. We are feeling ourselves and our girlfriends too, hot girl summer screams unashamed female empowerment!"

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Sophie, 24:"Hot Girl Summer means having the best care-free summer with my girls and making *so* many bad decisions that you wake up the morning after and discuss what you did last night for hours on end. Or in the famous words of Drake, it means 'I'll be wearing less and going out more with glasses of champagne out on the dance floor'."

Nicole, 19:"Hot girl summer is not about necessarily being single, but rather prioritising a good time, being free, doing what you want and looking good but all for yourself of course."Read nextThis is why we need to talk about gender equality in sports, according to female Olympic weightlifter Zoe Smith

SportThis is why we need to talk about gender equality in sports, according to female Olympic weightlifter Zoe SmithWomen making waves in male-dominated industries – we love to see it.02 Apr 2021Emily, 25:"Hot girl summer means saying "yes" to everything, hanging out with those who bring out the best in you and making the most of every day!! :) :)"

Nadine, 37:"Hot girl summer means believing in yourself, being confident, knowing who you are and being unapologetic. Not caring what anyone else thinks, having your hair done, having nice nails and going for it. Also, you can have a hot girl summer whilst being in a relationship, by being confident and knowing who you are, unapologetically."

Eki, 24:"HGS means shaking my ass... respectfully!"Anaïs, 19:"HGS is essentially living your best life... in the summer! Similarly to the ‘glow up’ phrase, it’s a process which includes being and feeling like the best version of yourself with an added touch of doing what ever you find fun and exciting."

Michelle, 47:"I question the definition of ‘hot girl summer’. Your best life is whatever you define it to be, and if that is what is important to you, then fine. But equally if someone enjoyed reading as much as partying, that too should also be classified as a 'hot girl summer'."

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Iman, 26:"HGS means getting my hair did, nails did everything did and showing up to every brunch, envelope opening and showing outttt!"Ingha, 31:"For me part of hot girl summer is drunk girl summer! I’ll be making up for the last year of being at home."

Sarah, 25:"After being single for the duration of the pandemic, hot girl summer means the chance to have fun with my friends, be spontaneous and enjoy the best London has to offer in my 20s."Javana, 27:"I am all for women doing things that are typically for men. Women should have sex if they want to have sex and wear what they want to wear. I definitely think a girl should be able to be a hot girl in the summer! Women are constantly judged for what they do so they may as well do what makes them happy, regardless."

Afreen, 24:"Hot girl summer is all about serving up raw unadulterated you, sis. It’s that walking out the house vibe on your shit, doing what you do best: you."Alannah, 18:"Hot girl summer means a girl being her best self and feeling confident, it isn’t about getting with lots of lads. I personally think it’s just having fun in whatever way you want."

Finsu, 22:"HGS means leaving your responsibilities and boyfriends at the door..."AdvertisementAlice, 25:"Hot girl Summer is being allowed to go to the club and leaving after half an hour when I become overwhelmed by the amount of people! Still a hot girl, despite my introverted ways!"

Ruby, 22:"HGS means wearing less and going out more, and when I am out, getting lit with my friends, and then getting my boyfriend to drive and pick me up after, I deserve!" Read more: British GLAMOUR »

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