Fatal stabbing of MP Sir David Amess confirmed as a terrorist incident

Fatal stabbing of MP Sir David Amess confirmed as a terrorist incident

10/16/2021 2:23:00 AM

Fatal stabbing of MP Sir David Amess confirmed as a terrorist incident

The Metropolitan Police says the early investigation has revealed 'a potential motivation linked to Islamist extremism'.

Two properties were also being searched in London as part of the investigation, they added.Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video playerSir David Amess: A life in politicsEarlier on Friday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wereamong those to express"shock and sadness"

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following Sir David's death.The father-of-five had been an MP for 38 years, and while he never held a ministerial role, he was known as someone who took on the causes of his constituents.He was socially conservative, an early Eurosceptic, and a campaigner for animal rights and against fuel poverty.

He also spent years raising awareness of endometriosis after being approached by a constituent who suffered from the painful condition.Image:One of Sir David's main causes was animal rightsThe 69-year-old is the second MP killed in their own constituency in little more than five years, following the 2016 murder of Labour's Jo Cox. headtopics.com

Home Secretary Priti Patel hasasked all police forces to immediately review security arrangementsfor MPs, while House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle has also pledged to"examine" safety measures.He told Sky News that he had gone ahead with his own constituency surgery on Friday, despite the news of Sir David's death.

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Rip Absolutely shocking this world has gone nuts Terrorist actions are targeted again others values including political. Anyone who murdered someone for their political views or someone who represented the British way of life is a terrorist..full stop All the fault of prita Patel for allowing them into this country. May be she will sit up and take notice.

Seems if you stand in dog shit these days it’s treated as a “terrorist incident”!! Anyone who’s a threat and still lives in the uk get them out to fuck. I’m sure there’s still 1000s of them in England and it’s only a matter of time before it happens again How many more of them out there was he working alone.?

Murderers and rapists are arriving every day by dinghy. Councillors welcome them with open arms and try to outdo each other in giving them luxury accommodation and benefits. emilyhewertson Surely this must ignite the debate on capital punishment being reinstated? The scum will be kept at our expense to be released in 15 years or so. A short drop followed by a sudden stop will make others think before they act. bringbackhanging

Woke leftards won't like this

Watch: Sir Keir Starmer pays tribute to murdered MP Sir David AmessSir Keir Starmer has paid tribute to murdered MP Sir David Amess.The 69-year-old, who represented Southend West, was stabbed multiple times during a constituency surgery in Leigh-on-Sea on Friday.“Sir David had a profound sense of public duty. He was highly respected and much liked across the Houses of Parliament on all sides,” the Labour Leader said as he paid tribute to Mr Amess.“Violence, intimidation and threats will never prevail over the tireless work of public servents like David, simply doing his job.”Sign up to our breaking news email alerts here. Let’s not forget the banner at Tory conference saying “We only have to be lucky once” - seems rather ominous now doesn’t it. The violent rhetoric of the left must end. That includes referring to one’s opponents as ‘scum’ which Labour seems to tolerate from Shadow Ministers.

Hope influencers like Runaway are happy, with there barrage of anti-tory tweets. Saying they're responsible for thousands of deaths, is partly to blame for this terrorist attack. Maybe declaring this a potential terrorist incident is useful for the police investigation… so they have more than four days with the arrested suspect in custody before charges are made or he “commits suicide”.

Surprise surprise People have short memories! Within my lifetime the Irish were the scary terrorists who were going to kill everyone in sight how times have not changed! Appaulling and heartbreaking, however sadly not the first and probably not the last incident of its kind. Yes, i think there should be a re-think in the UK 's protection of MP's - however that in itself is an APPAULLING and WORRYING development...

What happened to Sir David was pure evil. The assailant must be tried and sent to prison for life in solitary confinement with no parole. Personally I would like to see the max sentence pre 1969. Only in England eh😂😂 England looks like Cuba nowadays anywhere lmfao. 3rd world ghetto banana Republic 2.0 they call England.

You will never say it was a Musl!m man who s!abbed a sitting MP, and will also conveniently not not name him .. Surprise surprise 🤬 Wish I could say I was surprised

Tory MP Sir David Amess, 69, STABBED multiple times during constituency surgery as armed cops swoopARMED cops today stormed a church after a Tory MP was stabbed multiple times at a constituency surgery. Sir David Amess, who represents Southend West in Essex, was attacked at the meeting in Leigh-… Madness. Hopefully he’s ok.

Whether we agreed or disagreed on his politics and beliefs - it has effected our community. It’s shocking and numbing. I feel so sad and I’m a Labour girl. How could this happen to a man just doing his job. 😢 UK should bring in more Africans and Arabs that are unscreened and with dubious backgrounds. Seriously awake up!

I think being stabbed would terrify anyone... The race war being played again It is really sad to hear this news my heart goes out to his wife and family , RIP Sir David Amess . 🙏 💔 If I discovered that my MP was a bible-bashing, anti-abortionist, fervent brexiteer and a ln advocate of the death penalty, well... abortion amess

Multiculturalism doesn’t work… Oh that’s bad I do hope all the rubber dinghies are still gonna be allowed in this weekend allwelcome

Sir David Amess was 'true gent' - inside life of 'great MP' stabbed to deathSir David Amess, 69, who had been an MP since 1983, was stabbed several times during an incident at a constituency surgery in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex so who stabbed him why dud they stab him what do the police say

Cracking headline 'confirmed' then click it 'potential'. Anyway, keep building it all up, I'm sure it will resolve with all your help. Bonus, easy news weekend, eh? He was stabbed and killed by a Somali refugee whose inherent barbaric nature compelled him to murder in the name of his religion. A very common tale, yet depressingly, an oft savage one.

No shit, normally is when a 25 year old Somalian is responsible, no offence! Let’s bring back hanging cut the bullshit, enough of the snowflake pish life for a life 🤬 So it was another Islamist Terror Attack only a few hours after David Amess posted pictures of himself with the worlds biggest Terrorist Funder the Emir or Qatar I bet you'll all still be watching Qatar2022 WorldCup BoycottQatar2022 DavidAmess

The oppression to Muslim is the reason for his murder. How can UK preach others countries on religious freedom or oppression? I knew I had been assassinated. They searched in cafeterias, cemeteries and churches. They didn' find ne again. Didn't they find me? They didn't. They didn't find me. But it was known the sixth moon flew upstream, and seas recalled ¡at a sudden! names of all people sunk. Lorca🥖

The jihadis bouncing with enthusiasm for new terrorist actions with sky-high morale after our withdrawal from Afghanistan. Give them an inch, they'll take a mile. Give them a country, they'll try to take our country. DavidAmess Omg so sad. Poor man

Tory MP Sir David Amess stabbed 'multiple times' in church – police seal off the areaA TORY MP has been stabbed multiple times as he met with members of his constituency in Leigh-on-Sea. MORE: It's understood that David Amess was meeting constituents at his weekly surgery. Unforgiveable...... Dear Rt.Hon. Sir David Amess ...R.I.P

People making political comments on this thread Police say a lot of things that turn out to be untrue. I won't take their word at face value. Especially the Met Police From the religion of peace Where’s the national outrage ? Horrendous

Sir David Amess: Latest after Conservative MP stabbed at constituency surgery - BBC NewsArmed police officers on scene, following the stabbing of Conservative MP Sir David Amess in Leigh-on-Sea A man has been arrested and police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the attack This is REALLY NOT good. Two sides of the 'Brexit' coin have been murdered the same way. If this doesn't prove that both the 'United' States and 'United' Kingdom are in for some hell like we've been warning. The Desistance and Disengagement Programme (DDP) was first introduced in 2016. DDP is a mandatory program that bridges the Prevent/Pursued workstreams and is designed to reduce the risk posed by individuals involved in terrorism or suspected terrorism-related activities. This guy from Save the children….. felt sorry for the good name and Jo Cox😡🙄

Sir David Amess: Latest after Conservative MP stabbed to death - BBC News“A great man, a great friend, and a great MP' Cabinet ministers are paying tribute to Sir David Amess