Fashion turnaround helps M&S celebrate Christmas in style

1/13/2022 7:27:00 PM
Fashion turnaround helps M&S celebrate Christmas in style

Fashion turnaround helps M&S celebrate Christmas in style

Marks & Spencer, Retail İndustry

Fashion turnaround helps M&S celebrate Christmas in style

Analysis: Marks & Spencer toasts sales boom as easing of Covid rules prompts national wardrobe refresh

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It would be nice if marksandspencer could be arsed making its Sparks card actually worthwhile. Loyal shoppers have been entirely hoodwinked by the supposed benefit.

M&S and Tesco hail strong Christmas performances – business live

M&S and Tesco hail strong Christmas performances – business liveRolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, as Marks & Spencer, Tesco, ASOS and Card Factory update the City on retail Super Thursday Ummmm tesco put out a luxury Xmas cake with NO glacé cherries. It was made to a Bulgarian recipe. The Bulgarians believe glacé cherries are their ancestors. So you can see why they left them out. Next year get someone British makes your cakes skanks

Christmas sales soar for Marks & Spencer and Tesco'Despite all the supply chain problems and labour shortages - the all-important festive trading was pretty decent for the industry overall.'

Emma Watson was ‘taken aback’ by Rupert Grint comment during Harry Potter reunion

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M&S drops 'midget gems' name over fears it insults people with dwarfism

M&S drops 'midget gems' name over fears it insults people with dwarfismMarks and Spencer has dropped the name 'midget gems' to avoid causing offence to people with dwarfism. Idiots. Midget means small. Thats why small people are called midgets. My missus was so offended she kept me up every night pacing up and down under the bed 🤪😂🤣 This woke-ry business is like some religious state- boring, joyless society- cancelling & screeching like fantics. Two steps from making women invisible & indoctrinating society. There was a time to stop racism etc but its gone beyond. Stop the madness. Loving the comments.

Midget gems renamed by M&S to avoid causing offence

Midget gems renamed by M&S to avoid causing offenceMarks & Spencer has changed the name of its midget gems to avoid offending people with dwarfism.The retailer has rebranded the sweets mini gems after a disabili Wait for it, here comes the 'political correctness has gone mad' brigade... what about Percy Pigs... aren't the 'woke' police offended? 👮‍♂️ What's an elf?

M&S drops the name Midget Gems after discrimination complaintsDr Erin Pritchard of Liverpool Hope University warned supermarkets 'midget' is 'a form of hate speech' and has been lobbying supermarkets to change the name.

Colin the Caterpillar , alongside new ideas such as snow globe gin and light-up shortbread biscuit tins, more than 1m of which were sold in December.Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the world economy, the financial markets, the eurozone and business.Image caption, M&S's Percy Pig character fronted its Christmas campaign this year Marks & Spencer and Tesco saw sales soar over Christmas as both retailers forecast strong full-year profits.She also said that was the “most emotional” part of making the reunion special which aired on HBO Max in the US and Sky in the UK.

However, the real turnaround is on fashion. This Christmas, M&S partly benefited from a general surge in clothing sales, with fewer restrictions on socialising this year prompting a national wardrobe refresh.. M&S’s sales of bras surged by 13% and jeans by 12% as shoppers were able to try items in stores.6bn. Concerns about the environmental impact of fast fashion have also sparked more interest in M&S, which is known for its better quality, more durable garments.. “There is a trend for longer-lasting products rather than disposable fashion continues to play to our strength,” Steve Rowe, the chief executive, said. It just didn’t really occur to us that we were all probably kind of having similar feelings.

M&S has also helped itself by improving its online service, after fixing serious problems at its main warehouse and tightening up its fashion ranges to offer fewer and better products, so it is less reliant on discounting. as supermarket chain Tesco upgrades its profit outlook. As a result, Tesco's Christmas sales in the UK rose by 0. Online sales are up 50% on two years ago as M&S was able to capitalise on the general shift to ordering from home with slicker deliveries, including using stores to select and send products to customers for the first time this year. A new strategy of selling other brands online, such as FatFace, White Stuff and Hobbs, as well as collaborating with interesting adjacent brands such as Ghost and Nobody’s Child, is also likely to have drawn more shoppers to the website.9% in the last quarter, compared to pre-pandemic levels two years ago, a trading update just released shows. Under the clothing and home boss Katie Bickerstaffe, the retailer has concentrated on getting its everyday basics, such as nightwear and knitwear, to look more stylishly accessible. Earlier this week, Sainsbury's also reported strong Christmas sales with more people choosing to eat at home rather than venture out amid the emergence of the Omicron variant. Sales of those categories rose 25% and 5% respectively, despite M&S already being responsible for an enormous chunk of jumper sales each Christmas.4% higher than in the last quarter of 2019, with M&S’s Retail parks and Simply Food stores “continued to outperform”.” Watson also revealed that Grint sends her pictures of his young daughter and that the three of them “try and stay out of the limelight”.

It has also broadened its appeal by, for example, shifting the focus of its children’s clothing to affordable kit that is not just for special occasions, and introducing the successful Goodmove brand of exercise gear. Launched only two years ago, Goodmove has become M&S biggest own label, selling 1. Clothing & Home sales, which have long been a problem area for M&S, rose 3.4% on pre-Covid levels.6m items annually. “While clothing and home has formerly been M&S’s main handicap, it has now seemingly turned a corner in its overhaul,” said Pippa Stephens, a retail analyst at GlobalData. M&S says it is now “more confident” of hitting its recent upgraded profit forecasts of £500m -- unless new material restrictions or lockdowns are imposed. “As well as revamping its own-brand clothing ranges to be trendier and more inspiring, the incorporation of popular third-party brands like Nobody’s Child and Ghost has also helped it acquire new customers. Despite all the supply chain problems, labour shortages and the arrival of the Omicron variant, the all-important festive trading was pretty decent for the industry overall.

These more appealing ranges will have allowed M&S to significantly reduce the proportion of products being discounted. Clothing & Home has delivered growth for the second successive quarter, supported by robust online and full price sales growth.” Topics .