Farmers warn of Christmas turkey shortage due to lack of staff

Farmers warn of Christmas turkey shortage due to lack of staff

9/26/2021 6:50:00 PM

Farmers warn of Christmas turkey shortage due to lack of staff

Sales are already soaring despite fewer birds being produced for the big chains, a farming boss says.

Paul Kelly says the damage has already been done for the turkey business this ChristmasFarmers are warning of a Christmas turkey shortage because visa changes to allow labour recruitment from abroad have come too late.A poultry association said big producers have already scaled back because they assumed they would not have enough staff to process birds.

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And turkey farmer Paul Kelly told the BBC the damage had already been done.The government has announced a visa scheme to allow 5,500 poultry workers into the UK on three-month contracts.As part of the changes, 5,000 HGV drivers will be allowed into the UK on similar contracts in an attempt to keep supermarket shelves stocked and petrol stations supplied with fuel.

Kate Martin, chairwoman of the Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association, said: "This year it's looking like there is a national shortage of turkeys when we're talking about supermarket shelves, rather than buying direct from your farm."It is the supermarket shelves that will be emptier of turkeys this year than they have been before, only because there have been less turkeys placed on the ground; only because the big processers know that they will not get them processed."

She said some members of her association had already seen a rise in orders, with one reportedly seeing a 400% increase on last year.Hauliers and poultry workers to get temporary visasMs Martin said farms "are now missing a whole host of their workforce that they have been training and investing in over the last however many years. Those workers are no longer available for us to use on a seasonal basis - they will go find work in mainland Europe instead."

Paul Kelly, who runs the KellyBronze farm, said the major producers were resigned to producing fewer birds for Christmas."The damage has already been done for the bigger processors because they have not put the turkeys on the farm," he said.

Smaller producers, however, might be better prepared as they tended to recruit local labour rather than draft in large numbers of migrant staff, he added.'No answer'One supermarket group told the BBC it was far too early to speculate about Christmas stocks.

The British Poultry Council has estimated there are nearly 7,000 vacancies across the sector, leading some chicken producers to cut their output, and sparking shortages at restaurant chains Nando's and KFC.Mr Kelly said: "There are chickens being killed on farms at the moment. There are pigs being shot in fields, because there are not enough people there to do the jobs."

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A temporary visa scheme "is definitely not an answer" for the long term, he added.Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the package of visa measures would help the food and haulage industries cope in the run-up to Christmas."After a very difficult 18 months, I know how important this Christmas is for all of us and that's why we're taking these steps at the earliest opportunity to ensure preparations remain on track."

However, some business leaders said the measures did not go far enough, with the British Chambers of Commerce saying they were the equivalent of "throwing a thimble of water on a bonfire". Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Put in your orders now! 😡 Mac cheese it is then. Media stirring the pot again. Did we not hear this last year but 'due to Covid' 🙄 Brexit still winning then. More BBC drivel The BBC will tell you there is a turkey shortage which lead to panic buying but it will turn out there will be no shortage, just like the non petrol shortage. Now imagine if the BBC convinced you there was a pandemic. Switch off the news.

More scaremongering by the Broken Broadcasting Crowd Just an excuse to rip the public off xmas No big deal - why do we have to have turkeys for Christmas? Nothing really to do with meaning of Christmas- doesn’t bother me if I have to have alternative as long it’s with my family. remind me. what is our unemployment rate.

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Got my turkey crown in the freezer already plenty in shops! Can we have a shortage of reporters next ?. Brown666W If only it were about Christmas turkeys. The Tory government pisses on us and the BBC bypassingBrexitcriticism tell us it’s raining Why aren't we encouraging unemployed adults to fill these roles?

Well the turkeys will be happy 😊👍 That’s what happens when the EU flooded the market with migrant workers. Time for the UK govt to stop benefits for those that won’t work. Farmers warn that they can't get slave labour anymore and throw their teddies out the cot that will now have to consider increasing wages, improving working standards and practices to attract staff.

So can these turkey farmers not employ folk in this country 🤔 There's quite a few folk unemployed dont they know or is it because they can get cheaper labour from foreign staff . You better have my turkey ready for the Big Feast - Thanksgiving Turkeys bland anyway...would much rather have a chicken or ham or a nice roast beef.

Hauliers in the UK: how are the staff shortages affecting you?We’d like to hear from lorry drivers about their perspective on the labour shortage Why don’t logistics co’s have agreements with the likes of Premier Inn / Travelodge – drivers want basic clean comfortable accommodation and decent food – If the industry wants to recruit younger people then it needs to modernise –it’s not just money! They aren’t It is estimated that the UK is short of about 100,000 HGV drivers The newspapers are now saying Boris Johnson is willing to allow “up to” 5,000 temporary visas to be granted for HGV drivers Math's clearly not his strong point 😂😂😂🤡

Just stop killing animals and eating them! MSM trying to stir up yet more panic, give it a rest FFS🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Rich, Brexit voting, Public School Educated, turkey Farmer, just asked Boris if he had some sort of news outlet that would force the price of Turkey up. In return for some 'consideration', of course...

Another spoonful of shite anyone? Where have all the Brits who complained the foreigners taking their jobs gone to. Are they work shy? Surely nows a better time than any to get all the jobs going but few takers So now Brit Gov are touting temp work visas to get the foreigners back to help, so shocked rich irony

Nobody believes your bull💩 anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️ Can you stop stirring it, we have over a million people claiming benefits, the BBC has lost all credibility DefundTheBBC Today is turkey shortage for Xmas, tomorrow will be shortage of Coc Au Vin. The day after will be shortage of fish & chips! It's hard to find cheap labour after BrexitReality. Isn't it?

No shortage of bullsh1t Tofu-turkey will be plentiful. Ugh!

Boris Johnson has '10 days to save Christmas' amid lorry driver shortage chaosSome petrol pumps up and down the land ran dry as motorists started panic buying at the forecourts. And retail chiefs warned Boris Johnson has 10 days to save Christmas most EU countries have HGV driver shortages also.

Panick buying Turkeys next चाचाजी😎मिनिस्टर हैं? 😭मामला दिल्ली जनपद का है 👉BJP सरकार में MP साहब 1 किलो drugs हेरोइन के साथ पकड़े गये 👉लड़कियो को उठाकर बलात्कार गैंगरेप किए 👉नोकरी का झाँसा देकर रकम ली गई मामला अवगत कराने पर भी केन्द्र शिकायत दर्ज कर कार्यवाही जाँच कराने को तैयार नही है PMOIndia 🙏RT

Well I guess the Turkeys are not voting for Christmas anyway! Foxtrot Oscar with your FakeNews drivel 🖕 Who cares. I didn't know we had been eating staff members for Xmas all these years. It's good, let the turkey live. But not lack of turkeys keep them until next year though they be happy for an extra year.

What's next BBC I enjoy turkey but omg they’re ugly feckers!

Government slammed for lorry driver shortage visa scheme running out on Christmas EveThe government is issuing emergency visas to foreign lorry drivers to deal with supply-chain issues - but they will run out on Christmas Eve and people think that is pretty ridiculous. I am tired if the term 'Slamed' appearing in news articles. It is silly. Child like. It's like they don't really want EU drivers back. It's a pity Great Britain is becoming more and more like a third world country very sad.

Keep gobbling you’re safe and enjoy the free range There are enough turkeys in the BBC, to make up for a year when zero birds are killed. Oh not a lack of drivers well that's a change same problem maybe cheap wages? So panic buying for turkeys next. Great work BBC. Good, enjoy your escape from the dinner plate turkeys, a Chinese takeaway would be my preference anyway, turkey I'm expected to have through tradition

So it’s not co2 now or lorry drivers or brexit or covid it’s now staff !!!! Do you guys keep swapping it all around to cause more panic ? I have nowhere to keep 10 turkeys when I panic buy tomorrow Morning I've no issue with this. Brexit has given this Country a chance to reset by getting people off the Dole and get them trained. Just another way of looking at it. Maybe these Companies just took advantage of the low paid EU workers and haven't planned correctly either?

More lies farmers warm sorry fear of paying anyone a good wage. DefundTheBBC

UK to grant 10,500 visas to overseas lorry drivers and workers to save ChristmasThe plan is to have more recruits trained to drive lorries over the next 12 weeks in time for Christmas to plug the HGV driver shortage which has left supermarket shelves bare

Brexit Have Goose So how can there be a turkey shortage ? For starters the base their breeding on what they sold the previous year and secondly, I know butchers taking orders in jan for this Christmas. So the only real shortage is real fecking journalist eh BBCBreaking SkyNewsBreak itvnews Not a problem, plenty of turkeys in the House of Commons. 😂😂😂

This is complete bullshit, name one farm where pigs are being shot in the fields. Fake news at it's worst the BBC is playing politics, They should not report bassed on gosip. I am not going to pay for lying BBC reporters. Stop with all this scaremongering shite, is cash that short at the BBC that you have to resort to clicks for cash clickbait

Sensationalism and profiteering Increase in veganism.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 a self-fulfilling prophecy. creating the demand and hysteria to then gloat about it happening. Good for the Turkeys👌🏼

Watch: Tory MP admits current crisis 'reminiscent' of 1970s Winter of DiscontentConservative MP David Morris said the current crisis over trucker shortages and fuel panic buying is reminiscent of the 1970’s winter of discontent.The Tory MP said “I can remember the winter of discontent and this feels very reminiscent” and stated that the current energy crisis is “historic”.Retailers were warned on Friday that the government had just 10 days to save Christmas from significant disruption due to the shortage of around 100,000 HGV drivers across the UK.Motorists were still scrambling to find fuel on Sunday morning as suppliers struggled to keep up with increased demand. The oil shock of the early 70s is a world away from today. Some think its the Brexit factor... Also don't forget the transphobic bigotry of this government is a turbo-boosted throwback to the 1970's.

There's a significant number of people claiming universal credit who, apparently, take exception to a temporary increase being removed.Perhaps they'd be interested in boosting their income...and the onus is also on employers to pay more.Labour will be attracted to high wages Happy turkeys. So what! It's not like we're going to die if we don't eat turkey on the 25th of December.

The horror of it. not having a big juicy bird on Xmas morning. Guess they will all be relegated to take out Chinese.. So Xmas not, in the end, ruined by Muslims, the PC brigade, or the EU. But by Brexit. Johnson, Gove, Farage, Cameron, the 52%, hang your heads in shame. More panicking caused by the bbc.

The 52% 'all wogs begin at Calais' brigade must be feeling pretty disappointed in their saviours (Johnson, Gove and Farage) who rid their Green and Pleasant Land of all those dreadful Europeans for them. Or are they beginning to realize the stupidity of their referendum vote. They’re all panic buying petrol, that’s why.

Then Easter , Then valentines ETC JUST WANT TO PAY LOWER WAGES You deserve all this! Racists. Xenophobes. Signed, Windrush ♥️

Ferry in those on benefits! Perhaps we could bring all these workers back on a bus. Like the one with the broken Brexit promises on? Can we hope for a shortage of journalists for Christmas to stop making stories up for their own good STOP TRIGGERING PANIC BUYING!!! As a state sponsored station you need to have some social responsibility and not abuse your position to attack the government and blame Brexit for everything.

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that they’ll still make a profit 🤷‍♂️ Good for the turkeys More scaremongering We won't starve. Best start panic buying these aswell as petrol then Some ask is this panic buying now the BBC are spreading this panic just to get clicks?

Good to see you're catching up. No surprice..... the brexit turkey's voted for christmas BBC, doom and gloom mongers 🤬 Let the panic buying of turkeys commence…..