‘Fantastic success’ Brexit Britain firms lead way despite rocky pandemic

‘Fantastic success’ Brexit Britain firms lead way despite rocky pandemic

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1/29/2022 2:16:00 PM

‘Fantastic success’ Brexit Britain firms lead way despite rocky pandemic

BRITISH firms have been hailed for leading the way post-Brexit despite ongoing turbulence caused by the response to the pandemic.

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I don’t think so. Brexit is a chaos. Sorriso 😀 perfect bucal 🔥 Despite of Brexit. Not because of it. The Express tells more lies than Johnson 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Macron halts plans to sue Britain over post-Brexit fishing licencesThe Elysee Palace insisted before Christmas it would take the Government to court over the long-running row. Post-Brexit, French skippers must apply for permission to access UK waters. Nothing more than a pint-sized Napoleon...

That's why we left! Brexit Britain stands up to Putin – UK leads world free of EU shacklesBRITAIN is playing a leading role in standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin in a way that would have been impossible without Brexit, a Tory MP has said. Utter bullcrap. Nothing about EU that would stop UK from standing up to Putin. If UK is serious about this, why is it not making any financial sanctions, which will really hurt Russia? US so concerned that UK is in hock to Russian money they want a joint task force on it. Why do all our PMs want to take us to war?

UK travellers: could the new Brexit rules catch you out?Holidaymakers with up to 12 months left on a passport could be stopped from taking an EU trip Isn't it great that we have to ask for permission to travel from strangers with guns, and only fair they demand a fee too? Schroedinger99 Mind blowing that Brits are so surprised about normal travel rules eg passport validity. Welcome to the daily reality of most of the planet’s population. The difference is, Brits CHOSE to inconvenience themselves by voting Brexit. Enjoy, I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️ Brexit - an example of collective stupidity.

Brexit LIVE: Brutal arrogance! EU sparks fresh outrage – 'noose' around UK's neck tightensTHE European Union has sparked a furious reaction after the publication of a new report - with one Conservative peer raging its 'noose' around Northern Ireland is tightening.

Brexit war chest on full show: Holiday coup from new UK flight rule– EU drowns in red tapeBRITAIN has used its post-Brexit freedoms to support the aviation industry in being more flexible with flight bookings in order to cope with coronavirus pandemic disruption. Hello Iam saleem from syria I have two kids I live with my family in a camp near turkish border We need help to get some basic needs Can you help us or know anyone can help BrexitShambles Red Tape

Must go completely! Brexit 'outrage' erupts as Truss jets overseas for crunch EU talksHUGE pressure is building on Liz Truss to scrap the Northern Ireland Protocol 'completely' as she travels to Belfast for crunch Brexit talks.