Family of virus-death football fan demands inquiry

The family of Richard Mawson believes he caught Covid-19 at a Champions League match in Liverpool.

6/1/2020 6:46:00 PM

Fans and relatives of those who contracted coronavirus following the Liverpool v Atletico Madrid Champions League game, call for an inquiry into why the match went ahead at Anfield

The family of Richard Mawson believes he caught Covid-19 at a Champions League match in Liverpool.

Richard Mawson became seriously ill with coronavirus two weeks after the gameThe family of a man who died with Covid-19 after mingling with Spanish fans outside a football match in Liverpool has called for an inquiry into why the match went ahead.Richard Mawson, 70, was"fit and healthy" before going to see Liverpool v Atletico Madrid on 11 March, but died on 17 April, his wife Mary said.

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In halting football two days later, the government"acted too late", she saidThe government said many factors could influence cases in a particular area.About 3,000 Madrid fans travelled to Anfield for the game which was allowed to go ahead despite the Spanish city already being under partial lockdown.

'Difficult to take'Mrs Mawson said her husband was"fit and healthy" before the match, but was admitted to Aintree Hospital two weeks later after finding he was"completely breathless" and had developed Covid-19 symptoms.She said she wanted a public inquiry to establish why the match was allowed to go ahead, adding that despite being"a lifelong football supporter", her husband would not have taken unnecessary risks.

"You go and do what your government tells you," she said."The government acted too late."Her son Jamie said he was certain his"loving, caring, funny" father had caught the virus at the game, adding that his sudden downturn in health had been a severe shock.

"He had no underlying health conditions, so for him to deteriorate in such a fashion has been so difficult to take."Liverpool supporters group The Spirit of Shankly said it had raised concerns at a council-chaired safety meeting two days before the match.

"We were told it would go ahead in accordance with government advice," a spokesman said. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Never prove thats where they got it from, absolute fucktards tony547uk you’ll like this The most hated club on this planet.... what a waste of time this effort is. ridiculous They knew of the risks, too many people always blame others , no one takes responsibility for their own actions. If they knew the risks then why did they go? It was an awful call to hold it but freedom of choice was still exercised. Many of us stayed away from events that week.

Shouldn’t have gone then should you imbeciles If there was one set of fans it would be them. Best forfeit the Premier league don’t risk players getting it After the inquiries to 4 days of Cheltenham tho Shouldn’t of gone to the game, it’s that simple. Here we they are the victims again. Worst fanbase in the PL!

Always the victims 🙄 Everyone I know that spoke about these events going ahead at the time, all said it was madness. Spain called a national state of emergency a few days after 3000 Madrid fans descended on the NW. Always looking to pass the buck. You’re supposed to be fucking adults. Take some responsibility.

Always the victims, next they’ll want a reply so they aren’t out of The CL If they were that concerned why did they go along 2 people interviewed both said the event last shouldn’t have taken place but still made that decision to attend. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ apopey Change the record please 😴😴😴 You could get Dalgleish to lead it seeing he was happy to attend Could go on for years maybe they could reopen the enquiry into Heysel as well which seems to pass every year without much recognition ?

No point wasting the money on a inquiry everyone knew the risks it’s the own fault for going. There will be a bigger inquiry needed when all this is sorted but not because some clowns decided to put themselves at risk Covid wasn’t a secret. More fool them for going. Now they want to play the victims. Don't ppl have a responsibility for themselves ffs....These ppl still chose to bloody go knowing there was a pandemic..More fool them

apopey Peoples choice to attend. They new the risks.. No one forced them to go FFS, we all knew the risks and made our own choices apopey Personal responsibility went out of the window once people realised that they could get compo for suing anybody and anything! How about an inquiry into the behaviour of Liverpool fans.

Not a particularly popular point of view, but perhaps Joel might have had an easier time of it, if he hadn't been overweight? Of course, if public opinion was turning, as he says, he could've always exercised personal responsibility and not attended the match. Most will be suffering from 'acute compensation'.

Always the victim Liverpool, actually boring to see now Who cut his hair? 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing. apopey Another 30 years of this then.... will that club ever stop moaning!!🤷‍♂️ How can they be sure they got it then... More to the point...why did you go to the game ? Why match went ahead ? Because Some people and press have nothing to do. Why Spain authorities were allowing sporting events. In Spain people were dying like flies at that time and they allowed football team to travel to UK. Spain authorities should be responsible for that.

That's hypocritical. During the police terror in last year in HongKong, the Liverpool fan club told the fan club to retreat the criticism on HK police. Now it's 「Black lives better?」It's all about business, fuck you LiverPOOL. Because you would have all moaned and played hard done by. Besides you would have failed to obey the plea not to attend anyway.

UEFA could have called it off both clubs could’ve refused to play start there first before you blame anyone else What about all those innocent people they bloody infected as a result of their bizarre actions? 😭😭😭 💰💰💰 It was played for share greed The government had nothing to do with it. Scousers reckon they are not part of the UK

Compoface x 45,000 Hmmm let's ask a sensible person a question 'Theres a deadly virus going around...wanna watch footie?' 'Nah...I'm good' To the scouser 'Theres a deadly virus going around...wanna watch footie?' 'Yeah...I'm hard..won't get me' Surprise surprise! Blame yourself for a change! duh! Waste of public resources and funds. It's already happened. It went ahead because of one thing and one thing only.........MONEY.

You could easily have not went if you knew their was a risk. Why is it someone elses fault and not your own? Well we can guarantee the scousers didn’t catch it at work. Not like they were forced to go, is it? That is truly hilarious. Compo compo compo Very unusual to find scousers, a football match and a pile of dead bodies in such close proximity.

apopey I agree it shouldn’t have taken place however hindsight is a wonderful thing. People knew the situation at the time and still went to the game.... Forgot We Had Free Will. If You Were That Bothered You Wouldnt Of Gone. Just Because You Lost And Went Out, So Bitter. Do they not know the history of Liverpool Football Club? 'Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.' (Bill Shankly)

apopey Must be a joke right? They all knew the threat and had a choice. No one forced them to go to the match! Like walking over hot coals and then complaining of burnt feet! No one made them go to the game!!! Strange how crufts and Birmingham cases aren't linked, it's as if they couldn't give a shit apopey

apopey oh please do fuck off bbc They were all FORCED to go ofcourse! ...’Bout time people took responsibility for their actions and stopped trying to blame others all the time. danroan Why did they go...they knew the risks ...we all did... danroan Ffs danroan People need to take more responsibility for their actions. Before all EFL matches were postponed I decided not to go to our match against Forest due to the growing pandemic. Nobody forced these fans to attend the match.

danroan If you didn’t want to go too the game, due to health fears, you had no obligation to go. apopey Bollocks to the BBC. NO STORY HERE JUST ANOTHER CLIFF RICHARDS DISGRACE danroan Don't remember anyone forcing the fans to go. If people were that concerned they shouldn't have gone. Theres 2 people to blame for this: BorisJohnson for not cancelling to begin with and the fans for still going but now having an issue with it

apopey This has to be a joke right? danroan 😂😂 the bin dippers will just want it replayed. Would they be saying this if they won? apopey Where there is blame there is a claim. Typical victim mentality danroan No one forced them to attend 🤦🏻‍♂️ apopey They call for an enquiry yet if they were that concerned they wouldn't have attended the match in the first place

Scousers blaming someone else.... well I never When ever there's a chance to be a victim there a liverpool fans How do you prove they contracted the virus at the football game, Genuinely asking ? Typical Scousers looking for someone else to blame Look in the mirror guys Liverpool fans are a joke, always someone else's fault.

Unbelievable. On so many counts. People were warned and still went. It's all about the money...loads of money...GO AFTER THE ORGANISERS. Taking personal responsibility for ones own actions is not a trait of scallies. Victim and blame culture is. Claimsville Are Liverpool fans not responsible for their own choices then?

Another inquiry? So soon? Here we go always the victims. They had a choice not to go, always someone else’s fault Same people want Liverpool to play at home, really? That bloody tory government always forcing people to go to football matches and not letting scousers use common sense. Could never be the scousers fault.

Nobody forced them to go Blame culture prevails again I’m afraid Who forced them to turn up? Who can they blame next? Would automatically not believe at least 50% of scousers who said they had it I suppose if there is an enquiry they will look at where they visited before and after the game. Anyone who got the virus at the start could have picked it up at the shops, pub, friends, door handles, anywhere!

don’t go to the game then you mongs not one single person forced you into that stadium, take responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming someone else. Why did they go ahead with the match? Because there is no virus! Get over yourselves already. Victims again! 🙄 They wanted a full stadium as they lost the first leg and the players and manager were on the TV saying “it’s not over welcome to Anfield” no one forced the fans to attend

It wasn't a secret that there was a pandemic was it? Why should it have been taken out your hands? I decided not to play team sports the week before because I was watching the news and I took some responsibility for myself. What you mean is you wanted a refund. Your valued your £50 ticket more than your health. Grow up

They didn’t have to go nobody forced them... I dunno Liverpool are permanent victims maybe it's their corrupt Council that runs off. This is just a JOKE. Government has lot to answer for but come on, really. What's next? I went for a run and I fell over...why didn't the government warn me or close the roads... Why didn't they do anything to stop me from falling...why..WHY?

My condolences to those who have suffered but surely fans knew they had a choice to attend? I could have gone to a match a few weeks before lockdown began but decided against it as I thought it was unsafe to me. Do adults really need to be spoon fed all the time? So obviously nobody will be outside whatever ground it happens to be when they win the league? 🤔🤔

Hang on a minute. Did anyone force them to the game? If not I think it’s a personal responsibility issue first and foremost. Really? Everyone who attended that game did so in the knowledge that Madrid was the epicentre of the virus at that point. Of course, it is tragic that people have died, but people need to accept responsibility for their own decisions.

The Labour controlled Liverpool council could have withdrawn Anfield's ground safety certificate if they had any concerns, but they didn't, wonder why? Never there fault always the victim....... Nobody forced them to go- quite a lot of the nation had already decided to use their common sense at that point and lie low. Individuals made a conscious decision to go so for a change I don’t think shitty gov are answerable 😬

Didn’t have to go. Use common sense This was a statement from WHO on the same day, I don’t think people on either side can claim ignorance. Schools had already been closed where I live by that time... 'I really can't think for myself. Let the Gov't that didn't act do MORE for me'. Jesus fucking Christ.

🤔 Maybe they shouldn't have gone? The way he said the word ‘practice’ gave me COVID They wanted someone else to make their decision for them WHY, as the man said it was an individual's decision. If they were concerned or worried they didn't have to go. Nobody forced them to go. Should there be an enquiry why LFC didn't play the match behind closed doors? PSG did it so the clubs had the authority to do it if they wanted to. The other question is why did people attend if the felt it was unsafe to do so, whatever happened to personal responsibility?

Don’t even need to read the comments to know it will be full of knuckle dragging “always the victim” shouts. Bonus idiot points for you if you think this is about Liverpool fans at the game and not those who live/work in the city in stations/shops/pubs etc. who were exposed So why did they attend if they were worried. They must have had free tickets

Victim FC I wonder if they’ll be able to milk this for 30 years? They didn't have to go to the match. Nobody forced them. Why did they go to the game? Forever victimhood... Oh FFS. They can't prove that is where they contracted it. Silly twats knew the risk too. Still I forgot these people expect the gov to wipe their arses for them.

Liverpool FC?!? Noooooo..?!?😃 I can answer that straight away $$$$$$$$$ Did they force them to go to the game? I stopped taking the train at this point and started driving to avoid being with too many people on the trains. Not saying the game should have gone ahead but the footage from Italy and Spain was there for all to see. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Greedy UEFA Will it take as long as Hillsborough... At least we know where the blame lies... Johnson Only because they got put out fs Everyone, please follow me! 1. At that point in time the Government had NO legal power to call gthe match off 2. No-one made them go to the match 3. They can **** off Fans were told to stay away but they still went so that's their own doing. However, LFC didn't want to play it but EUFA as usual had a hissy fit because of their sponsors, yet other games were called off 🤷🏻‍♂️ usual EUFA response to English clubs, play or we sue you!

always the victims Lies, lies, lies. If that was the case it would have caused millions of infections, it didn't. Shut up you child abuse covering 🤡 s. They love an inquiry I said at the time that that match and Cheltenham should never have gone ahead. Decisions in the end were taken on health grounds by the sporting bodies with the government in paralysis. This cost lives and the public as yet seem not to take account of this

Hindsight's a wonderful thing, isn't it? One reason ££££££££££££ why not stay at home to stop Coronabirus Nobody made them go. £££££ in their eyes, typical scousers. No one made them go. I didn’t attend multiple events in Feb & Mar because it was obvious how bad this was without being told by the government.

Scousers..🙄 Load of baloney Hmm sounds like the compensation lawyers are up and running

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