Fertility Problems, Health

Fertility Problems, Health

Falling sperm counts 'threaten human survival', expert warns

Falling sperm counts 'threaten human survival', expert warns

2/26/2021 10:44:00 AM

Falling sperm counts 'threaten human survival', expert warns

Epidemiologist Shanna Swan says low counts and changes to sexual development could endanger human species

she co-authored in 2017 found that sperm counts in the west had plummeted by 59% between 1973 and 2011, making headlines globally.Now, Swan says, following current projections, the median sperm count is set to reach zero in 2045. “That’s a little concerning, to say the least,” she told

Axios.In the book, Swan and co-author Stacey Colino explore how modern life is threatening sperm counts, changing male and female reproductive development and endangering human life.It points to lifestyle and chemical exposures that are changing and threatening human sexual development and fertility. Such is the gravity of the threats they pose, she argues, that humans could become an endangered species.

“Of five possible criteria for what makes a species endangered,” Swanwrites, “only one needs to be met; the current state of affairs for humans meets at least three.”Swan offers advice on how to protect themselves from damaging chemicals and urges people to “do what we can to safeguard our fertility, the fate of mankind, and the planet”. headtopics.com

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No, OVER POPULATION is the bigger threat, to the entire planet! how many should there be? we need to recount Can someone explain the definition of fertility rate? In the article it talks about contraception being one of the factors in lowering the rate but that doesn't mean the people are infertile it means they're not choosing to become pregnant.

How did the experts come to this conclusion? Low quantities at sperm banks? Maybe they should fire all the gays that have priors for drinking on the job. Good news , there are too many of us, threatening the existence of most other species Pah!! Shanna Swan also thinks that car emissions and semiconductors cause spontaneous abortion. And she tried to prove that drinking water causes miscarriages too. Ugh.

Finally a bit of good news. We need 'more' sperm?... From what I can tell, over 7 billion people (and set to double within a few short decades) seems like a far bigger threat to human suvival---not to mention everything else on the planet. Bet nature is pleased. That's all rest of animal kind saved Oh good then the planet does have a chance to survive then.

To be honest, the world would be a much better place without the only species that is damaging it. toi rat hoa dong, thich ban be vui choi mua sam. Good Highly unlikely .. humans themselves threaten human survival Let’s just have a big feckin party🤣 What a load of piffle. I'm sure all the other organisms on the planet who are being wiped out by too many humans being wasteful and destructive will not be sad about this news, though I must say it sure doesn't seem like anyone around me is having trouble reproducing.

Please please please be true!!! Oh do me a favour ffs Part of Coudenhove-Kalergis plan. Listen to Dr. Richard Days 1969 talk on YouTube. Science programme years ago said plastic containers affected sperm count. Chemicals go from container into food! ETTD truly. With quickly reaching 8 billion individuals of our incredibly destructive species, I'm not exactly worried.

I got a feeling this is intended by those in power. The idea of infinite progress and expansion is flawed. Nature always finds a way of balancing itself. If our conscious (mind/spirit) is not doing right for the planet, our physical bodies will. really I was not part of the test Humanity doesn’t deserve to survive unless it stops destroying the planet

Finally some good news Human or just caucasian? Our biggest issue is an aging population. While we need to reduce the overall population if birth rates and death rates decrease there is going to be a major issue with healthcare not that I know the solution we all want a long life but our lifespan is becoming a problem

🤔 cmon this is silly. now subjegating women in subservient unpaid or grossly underpaid roles & DV, coupled with capitalistic sociopaths destroying an ability for most of planet to live - that threatens survival of our species. After the last several years... Under His eye, indeed. 💁🏻‍♀️ Mother nature is tired of man's SHIT.

Right now it's overpopulation & pollution threatening human survival. Oh I think we're good for a while yet. GOOD ‼️ That's a shame ...🙄 GlobalWarming ClimateCrisis carbonfootprint AnimalWelfare COVID19 forestclearing Good we need to depopulate, mother nature always finds a way to restore balance The crisis is 7.5 billion people and unsustainable consumption, maybe evolution is trying to maintain a balance.🤷‍♀️

I think the honorable thing for our species to do is to deny our programming. Stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction - one last midnight, brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal. -Detective Rust Cohle Lol 🤣 more like life cost too much and people are having less kids! Would be the best thing ever for our planet. Need to reduce the population to about a third of what it is now.

They threaten overpopulation. Good for us. This might be a good thing! We are an invasive species. We have covered the earth and live almost everywhere. There are 7.6BB of us and growing. Of course, you can't extrapolate a curve of sperm count to zero. And the issues stated will lessen if population decreases. This is silly.

no time to read article but the last time I looked the human R rate was albeit on a different time cycle, exceeding that of the supposed 'plague'. 7.8bl. Not good. But anything seems possible with epidemiology the new religion. Great news for the earth and other forms of life. Have the Bible bandits weighed in on this?

Just harvest sperm from the good producers and store it until we figure out parthenogenesis. Men have had their run, anyway. GOOD Some good news Nature will take its course, we're not the first species that will have become extinct. Ah well never mind! Satiristas And the rest of creation said, 'YAY!' Wooowww.. fantastic news 👍👏👏 curiously looking forward to it...

Good news! ...of white people I guess. African will continue reproduce nicely. We The Guardian: We're doomed. Humans are going extinct. The Comments: Good. Fuck humans. Isn’t it odd that the paper that is controlled by gates runs a story about why fertility is in danger at the same time he’s being accused of sterilising the population with his vaccines!! Hmmm!

not such a bad thing Nature is healing. This can only be a good thing. Another sure way to eliminate covid is to eliminate the breathing time bombs it clings to. The vaccine has additional properties in sterilisation and needs to be thoroughly distributed to ensure there is 0 covid in future years WeCanBeZero

It is covid19 side-effect Praise Be. I dont see a problem here Finally some good news! moreover, this is exactly what those who have the real power want. The planet is Planned to be reduced to 1 Billion. 1 billion full-time slaves. Call it Natural Selection Im sure 5G will help. Throw some 5G in the mix before we know anything more, Oh and a ''vaccine'' with no fertility data (also no long term safety data or animal tox) . what could go wrong?

One can only wonder just how human survival is threatened when the population of Africa is expected to increase threefold by 2100 including Nigeria that is on course to go up from about 200m to nearly 800m by that time. Finally, some good news And here I am with a vasectomy. Eh, the world isn't losing any future hero.

Considering this would take generations and generations, and be good for the planet overall, I’m not really upset by the idea. Men are no longer needed there is plenty of the stuff in the banks. It can be bought on line now. Nature's solution against overpopulation Porn industry could be a main reason behind this shortfall....

So long as it’s only the human species. awesome. this could be a big help to our overpopulation problem! jpublik Have any of you even seen Children of Men? More disinformation from the globalist funded fake news broadcaster. This is a false precursor to the untested genetic modification which will cause low sperm counts. 4th Industrial Revolution Gov White Paper, states genetic modification of the people.

Every other species on the planet breathes huge sigh of relief And maybe that's just the nature's answer to all LGBTQ+, euthanasia and abortion activities of the leftists? It's simply inefficient to replicate something that does not want to be replicated. I feel like if that article was one paragraph longer it would have tried to sell me essential oils.

We don’t deserve to survive, truth be told 🤷‍♂️ Thank god Tight shorts, not climate change, will spell the end of human civilization. We had a good run and tbh we weren’t that great. Our world has a problem sustaining itself as it is. Nature trying to curb population growth is a good thing, IMO. This and Trumpers my my.

No it doesn’t British sperm still right up there though. Doesn't seem to be a problem amongst some communities... can see the covid vaxx is working how it should....bill gates 1:humanity 0 Probably not a bad thing tbh..... we are the most destructive virus on the planet 🌎 Its amazing how much hatred of themselves and everyone else these replies have. Really sad to see

I think it's good news. Might give the earth chance to recover. The planet breathes a huge sigh of relief. That's good, isn't it? .... Surely great for the planet, if we are not around .... Job done .... No need to carry on worrying about the climate You just can't hold back from celebrating bad news can you? The world is over-populated. There's no reason to panic. On another note, spring is coming and the days are getting longer...thank you!

Vaccinate the sperm ...every one of the little blighters ...and if they don't like it ... ... it's condoms. Do you mean a blessing at last. Get rid of that plague. I don't know man. I think less people could be better? Finally some good news... the earth is already overpopulated by humans will the real estate market collaps?

I doubt the Universe will miss a-beat, or cry a single-tear..! Before 'we' create a-life, we should ask ourselves why, and for what reason..? What are we trying to perpetuate..? From my-point, it only-appears to-be the wealth and position of the 'top' 1% .. I'll pass.. Good news at last. Nature doing it’s thing to control the numbers... it plays with people’s brains too to prevent reproduction...only fertile M + F can reproduce , not M+M or F+F 👍

Phew, just in time. Not much research by me, and gave not read the details (shame on me), but this 👇 Meh. We had a good run. Shanna's an idiot. The best news I've heard today. Margaret Atwood must be getting a kick out of this. Good! Oh no! What are we going to do 😳! come on men eat healthy. You are letting the side down 🤦🏾‍♀️😊

It’s fine. We fucked it up anyway. The other species must be throwing a party! At last a glimmer of hope to get rid of that invasive primate! Depending on your point of view, when you don’t look only through the selfish lens of the fifth ape, this is not so alarming after all. Let’s start the good-bye ceremony!

Catch A Falling Sperm & Put In Your Pocket Save it for a rainy day good UKGovtGoogles you're already reading The Handmaid’s Tale, aren’t you? I'm cool with this. Some people should not procreate. Mother nature always finds a way. Correlate that % with increases in obesity and increased chemicals and hormones in food.

Keep voting for self serving twats is going to 'threaten human survival' well before we get to problems with sperm Finally, some good news today. The planet will be uninhabitable long before that ever becomes a problem Great news. Eugenic vaccines a success then... There are 7.6 billion of us. We're hardly an endangered species. A dip in fertility is not going to finish us off just yet

Good!...we're a shit species! Time for animals to reclaim their territory. A good news day at last. A whole new mission for the Resistance 😁 Good days for the entire universe! No biggy, we are little more than a cancer on the planet anyway. I read “falling sperm” like it was ☔️ sperm 🤣 After the last 4 years of trump and how so many humans embraced his political platform, our extinction is the only chance Earth has.

Nice to read some good news for once. The one thing this planet is not short of is people. COVID-19. Many of these positive cases are Sexually Transmitted Disease. Where the Virgin Mary and Jesus appearing, an older woman impregnating an embryo where the 'virgin' pure infant is a hoax. Growth requires fat and energy which includes bacteria and toxic matter.

The Gods have seen enough. time'sup There are billions of us. We'll be fine. In fact, I'd say evolution is at work, starting to stop us. Great news A collapse in the human population is the best hope for the future of humanity. Neither Earth nor civilisation need more than a billion humans. kittyupatree Sadly the idiot sperm are winning if you look at the Republican Party.

Good. Taking into account how much evil humans have brought to this planet, Mother Earth decided to get rid of us one way or another - and it's not necessarily a bad thing. Good. Mother Nature sorting things out herself. It's the final count down! Get in! Soy For Starters To Big Already :/ Sperm & Eggs Can Be Frozen For Future Usages If 50% Of Worlds Population Suddenly Disappeared In 100-1000+ Years :/

hurry let’s all take vaccines that will lower it even more!!!! Not as much as Mx Potato Head! Considering how human beings treat this planet, each other and wildlife this may be the best thing to happen to Mother Earth. Finally a good news for the planet ! Good for Earth. There will be 8 billion of us by 2022 , what are you talking about

Finally some good news! Good for NZ house prices but 😳 Come again! Good. Give the planet and fauna a chance.