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Facebook 'unquestionably' exacerbating hate, whistleblower tells MPs – video

Facebook 'unquestionably' exacerbating hate, whistleblower tells MPs – video

10/26/2021 2:34:00 AM

Facebook 'unquestionably' exacerbating hate, whistleblower tells MPs – video

Much of the blame for the world's increasingly polarised politics lies with social networks and the radicalising effects of their services, the whistleblower Frances Haugen told MPs as she called for external regulation to reduce social harm. The company’s internal cultureprioritisd profitability over its impact on the wider world, said Haugen, a former product manager on Facebook 's civic misinformation team.

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COP26: World leaders reach most significant climate deal since the historic Paris Agreement

World leaders have reached the most significant climate change pact since the landmark Paris Agreement, following a turbulent two weeks of fraught negotiations in Glasgow.

and deletes evidence of real stalking victims when trying to warn friends of digital surveillance techniques Company with business model of maximising profit is not a new thing. Exploitation of cretins is also not a new thing look at the media in the UK. Westbook.. 😈🤠🤝🤑🔥🌪️🌩️🌎😷🤮😵 So is Twitter. Right wing media use both to promote and disseminate their hate agenda. CdnMediaFailed Today's CTV attacks on Margaret Trudeau are a case in point.

A fundamentalist christian accusing another organisation of hate!!! The christian taliban worldwide are persecuting every minority known to man. So as FoxNews... Turns out their business model ultimately evolved into the monetization of schadenfreude. Can’t say media in general hasn’t gone the same way.

You're being played.

Frances Haugen to testify to MPs about Facebook and online harmWhistleblower and critic of Mark Zuckerberg will give evidence to MPs scrutinising online safety bill Somebody told me that she thought Facebook had a bunch of gangsters running it. I tend to agree The Deep State fraud whistleblower world tour.

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen gives evidence to MPsMs Haugen said Facebook was 'very good at dancing with data' to suggest it was successfully clamping down on toxic content but in reality its 'negligence' is pushing users towards extremism.

Whistleblower tells MPs: 'Hate is the easiest way to grow on Facebook'Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, has answered questions from MPs on how the social network works.

MPs say UK research frozen because of Brexit delayUK scientists are likely to be 'frozen out' of EU research programmes, a committee of MPs warns. Good old Brexit 🤦🏻‍♂️🙄 do you mean to say, there is a negative side to brexit.....

Our democracy will be impoverished if MPs are too scared to do their jobs | Andrew RawnsleyThe death of Sir David Amess has tragically sharpened the tension between security and openness Well what happenes when ..... Power without responsibility ... I wish everyone can be like you Sir I haven't lost since you have been managing my trading account, I love you so much Geoffreypreud What were these MP's doing, when they were misappropriatingthe public purse? That has a greater effect on our democracy. When we the electorate see criminals, with greater scuples than our elected representatives. They sometimes forget I think, they are only representatives.

51 MPs have called in cops over death threats amid Sir David Amess murderAT least 51 MPs have called in the police over terrifying threats made against them in the past year, it is reported. The chilling findings come after Tory MP Sir David Amess was stabbed to death d…