Facebook can be ordered to remove posts worldwide

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EU countries can order websites to take down illegal posts worldwide, following a landmark ruling.

Facebook and similar apps and websites can be ordered to take down illegal posts worldwide after a landmark ruling from the EU's highest court.

Under EU law, Facebook and other platforms are not held responsible for illegal content posted by users, until they have been made aware of it - at which point, they must remove it quickly. Platforms can be ordered to take down"equivalent" versions of an illegal post, if the message conveyed is"essentially unchanged"

Facebook said countries would have to"set out very clear definitions on what 'identical' and 'equivalent' means in practice".


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BBCClick Facebook should be shut down completely!!!

Not sure who is more delusional those that have suffered at Facebooks blasé attitude who think they will do this anytime this decade or the lawmakers thinking it will be done.

In Hong Kong, FB is controlled by preson with close relationship with CCP, therefore those pro-democracy posts are banned easily, and the pro-CCP fake news page can hardly be removed.

About time anti Vaccine ppl spreading lies & mistruths Boris & his leave & trump with his blatant bull💩 lies need stopping , If Facebook want to allow news to be posted then it needs to be fact checked by reporters or it deleting simple another reason why not to doit like BBC

the lies of the west and democracy reveals comes to light by the second

Yesss! We need governments to censor the world and tell everyone what they need to think.

Too little too late

Bull... It's an EU directive.

So here we go The EU is so confident in its morality and Principles it feels the need to be able to suppress speech - Today you might suggest the EU is Lawful and DemocraticHow about Tomorrow 1984 Has Gone - 2084 isn’t that Far Away - Resist this Disproportionate Attack brexit

Didn't realise the EU had worldwide jurisdiction.

Great job

They can remove all the false claims about the PM too.

and here we go.... lots of pro EU propaganda incoming

I've had my 10 year old Facebook account disabled for sharing a government website!! It was page on The Civil Contingencies Act of 2004. So they didn't want people to know this act existed.

I can only hope that YouTube will be equally liable for removing. Why? Because I’ve reported fake news and infringement of copywrite several times and they don’t care at all. These lies damage my personal reputation but apparently it’s just tough luck!

Article 11, article 13, now this. The EU is not agile enough to keep up with the modern world so it resorts to suppression via techniques where it has no technical understanding of the consequences. WWW to become EWW very soon if they keep this up!

Cool. Take down that pic of me with my fly open.

Can this be extended to the BBC pleaseeeee

another crack in the wall of free speech

Time to lock the EU out of Facebook!

But no realDonaldTrump false information ?

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