'Face mask' found inside McDonald's chicken nugget

A six-year-old girl 'nearly chokes' on Happy Meal from the Aldershot branch of the fast food giant.

8/5/2020 6:05:00 PM

Girl, 6, 'nearly chokes' on McDonald's chicken nugget that mother claims contained a blue surgical face mask

A six-year-old girl 'nearly chokes' on Happy Meal from the Aldershot branch of the fast food giant.

Media captionMcDonald's said it is investigating after what is claimed to be a face mask was found in a chicken nuggetA six-year-old girl nearly choked on a chicken nugget from McDonald's which her mother has claimed contained a blue surgical face mask.

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Maddie was eating a Happy Meal her mother Laura Arber, 32, bought from the Aldershot, Hampshire, branch of the fast food giant on Tuesday.She managed to get the chicken nugget out of her daughter's mouth and said:"It was a mask, it was absolutely baked into it".

McDonald's said it is investigating.Ms Arber told the BBC:"I had to put my finger in her mouth to make her sick and it came up all speckled with blue.'Disgusting'"I couldn't work out what it was but I looked at the box of nuggets and could see something blue sticking out of another one.

"It was a mask, it was absolutely baked into it, it had gone like chewing gum. It was disgusting."If I hadn't been in the room I just don't know what could have happened."The mother of four said she went straight back to the restaurant to speak to the manager who told her the nuggets were not cooked on the premises.

Ms Arber said she and her daughter have been put off McDonald's"for life".She said she wants to make other parents aware, adding:"Just because it says it's a Happy Meal doesn't mean it's safe."McDonald's said food safety is of the"utmost importance to us" and said the company places great emphasis on quality control, following"rigorous standards to avoid any imperfections".

A spokesperson said:"As soon as we were made aware of the issue we opened a full investigation with the relevant supplier, and have taken action to ensure any product from this batch is removed from restaurants."We would like to offer a full apology to the customer in question and understand they are currently in conversation with our customer services team."

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Ok that’s a nice idea for me lol Why are you feeding this crap to children in the first place? That is an odd fact. The color of the lady's nail polish matches perfectly, with the color of what is being pulled out of that chicken nugget. What are the odds of that? frozen nuggets can be stored up to and over 7 months so before covid and the need for surgical mask. Meat factory workers don't use surgical mask when working they have their own white masks. Why are they bringing the case to the press ? My guess is McDonalds didn't hand over 💰

This doesn’t sound legitimate claim, all pointed to a scamming claim You should think yerself lucky, masks are hard to come by. Maybe it was a promotion, buy chicken nuggets , get a free mask, you never know. Htx_10827 McDonaldsUK don't manufacture the product the sell, so it not negligence on their side. The mask appears to be a medical grade mask. Is there a food grade mask which if lost, gets detected by a metal detector like food grade plasters which have a metallic strip inserted in them?

I’m not sure I believe this 🤷🏽‍♀️ So she can join a VEGAN club then !!! This story makes no sense....that is a very big nugget for a starters. That looks like a chicken fillet rather then a nugget? It's too big How much compensation are they asling for? look at the nails ffs Think the BBC would use common sense before writing such rubbish. But then not surprised as don’t think their writers have any

Hope the gave her a corona test..Looks like momma using bby for bait..Smh if not true I call bullshit Considering what is meant to be in McNuggets a mask isn’t that crazy Make some proper food yourself 'nearly chokes' and 'mother claims' ... Another example of excellent journalism and a story we all really need to know about 🤦

Yeah, right🤣 'Just because it says it's a Happy Meal doesn't mean it's safe.'.....just because it's called chicken nuggets doesn't mean it contains chicken. I know Jamie O said we didn’t know what went into chicken nuggets but that’s ridiculous! I once found a piece of glass in a sweet & sour pork ball, I didn't run to the press, I phoned the take away to let them know, I was polite, didn't kick up a fuss, they were grateful for my call and couldn't be more apologetic, my next order was free.

I'm calling bollox I sniff a lawyer has a job now! 🤢 First off, that's a mozzarella dipper. Must've been one hell of a big nugget.. I call bullshit. Was it a prize or something like you used to get inn cereal boxes. Same lady who nearly got raped my loads of blokes she's wrong accused. Looking for attention again and trying to get some compo from mcdonalds. The manager even said that they had been cooked somewhere else.

Why choose to feed your children in places like McDonald’s? Pay crap, eat crap, feel crap. This whole story is bad on so many levels. It symbolises we have reached end times. 1. Why are McDonalds still serving factory farmed chicken crap. 2.Why are parents feeding it to their kids. 3. Why is the world issuing millions of useless facemasks that will wreck the planet?

This is such baloney Kids are too soft these days Talk about choking your chicken Didn’t happen Must have been a big giant nougat Yep - I call BS too! Good try but you can’t sue them for the fake nuggets. This is one reason I'm not going to eat out its far to soon its enough of a health hazard cooking for yourself theses days are these restaurants going to be washing all the tins and packaging down before using them like we've been advised to do DON'T THINK So!

Someone wants some easy money. Ugh but probably not the worst ingredient in McDonald’s food Not convinced Where there's a blame there's a claim. It is not McD chicken nugget ...and the band played 'Believe It If You Like!' 🙄 McMask anyone!!! She was killing by feeding her that shit anyway. Breaking: mum makes up a lot of BS because she hates having to wear a mask and wants to discredit them, also she needs the compo

I had a hi viz jacket once in KFC popcorn chicken piece. The chicken was trying to stop the spread of bird flu. Yes I had the same I found a safety shoe in my nugget these people talk such much shit Uuuuhhh And this is why I don’t eat fast food We pay our licence fee for this shit...really? Mother claims...so did it or not ?

🤮🤮🤮🤮 Define irony Wouldn’t trust someone with nails in that state... or are they coated with whatever she melted into the homemade nuggets?! Man, the government really trying to get you to wear face masks, it's important but this isn't the way to do it. Macdo=Junk Food. Biggest nugget I’ve ever seen from McDonalds. McBULLSHIT

Eat home made !!! No way that's true lol That isn't a nugget, it's the wrong shape That happens when you eat shit food Don't let your 6 year old eat such rubbish! Bullshit They needed to come up with something knew other than 'would you like fries with that?' So, would you like a mask with that? Was the next best thing...

What was it a midgets mask. 😂😂😂😂 This is horrible 😢 🤔🤔🤔🤔 £££££££££££££££££ FAKE NEWS £££££££ How long before she gets a Solicitor? Hum ££££££ 🤢 Why the f are you taking a 6 year old to McDonald’s. It’s not a treat. seriously how in the world does this pass as news? Says Man aged 45 claims he is related to Henry IX

Chicken nuggets are small, how did one have a mask in it? Maccies is precooked food so that doesn't really make sense unless it's from the factory The free toys are getting a bit shit Obviously just like most mothers then. Full of bullshit. Absolutely bollocks. Looks more like a fish finger tbh... Ok first of all how is the mother's age relevant in this? That said, she should sue the living daylights out of McDonald's.

That nugget is rather large for the sizes you and the batter seems different to how they are on MacD's nuggets. Bear in mind this was Aldershot, have you been there lately. Ok, think Wetherspoons on a Saturday night 😏 Looks like a fried mozzarella stick and not a chicken nugget. Sort them nails out woman.

Bullshit McMask I spy with my little eye...a compo chaser!!! Yeah I'm not buying it. I once thought my daughter found some chicken in a nugget. Turns out it was TVP, flavourings and seasoning. Phew, was touch & go at one point!!👊🏼 Years ago my son bit into his McDonald’s burger and a long piece of string unravelled out of it. They admitted that it was probably from something used to clean the machinery during processing. We got vouchers for free meals but we didn’t want to use them after that

Mother needs to start learning how to make proper meals rather than providing a 6yr old with junk food. Was waiting for something like this to happen ,always one to plant something in there food 😂 Yeah right, ok... Like we need another reason to feed kids healthy food. What sort of mother would allow thier child near a McDonalds?

£££££££££££££££££££ 🍔 burger 🍔 Did the kid forget to take her mask off before eating and just rammed a nugget in there causing her to swallow both? OMG, what is this? McDonalds I don’t think a mask would fit in a nugget these masks are everywhere Have you seen the state of her nails? I don’t believe it for a second.

Cue the sad compo faces...🙄 Yikes 😳 Mac Donald’s should have removed that person’s McMask before they ground them up into nugget. Such complacency does not make for a happy meal. More concerned with a 6 year old eating McDonalds 🙄 Do some parents not know how to cook? Just wait until she finds out what chicken nuggets are made of...

Am I the only person to find it curious that the nail varnish is the same colour as the suspect item....? I actually don't think a surgical mask is the worst thing ever found in McDonald's, or any other, fast food... Sabotage on the production line. Happens. Is it too early to call bullshit? defundBBC chefvally

Just don’t go to McDonald’s simple And I got a scooby doo book with my last happy meal... Ugh but probably not the worst ingredient in McDonald’s food BS Where there’s blame there’s a claim - load of bollocks Probably tastes better than the nugget! I think this has _DHOTYA written all over it. What an absolute chancer.

Calling bullshit on this. Looks nothing like a chicken nugget. As an expert in this field, this is not a McDonalds nugget. Also, doesn’t surprise this happened in Aldershot; standard for the rabble there to practice their compo faces for this kind of opportunity. No way on earth this is true. I work there and that’s not even a chicken nugget

What a load of crap. The mother obviously wants to try and make a few quid. Good luck with that. Ms Arber said she and her daughter have been put off McDonald's 'for life'. She said she wants to make other parents aware, adding: 'Just because it says it's a Happy Meal doesn't mean it's safe.' Well, yes...

Order me Are you want a professional FACEBOOK BUSINESS Page? I will create a professional Facebook Business Page for you. LukeWholey Filed under something else than never actually happened. BBC would be better off sending their reporters to Dover How is this news? A foreign object fell into a batch of nuggets , child some how managed to inhale the nugget without chewing it . It happens and it's super super rare. But it's not national news.

Makes a change from tripping over them on the streets Where’s her compo face 💰 Just here for all the health crazy Adonises, telling us how they only eat proper food Ohhhh Absolute bullshit What manky fingers Needs to get her nails done Fake news i think What kind of parent let's their 6 year old child eat from McDonald's?

Doesn't even look like a maccies nugget 😂 Another load of SHIT. Rubbish not Mcds fault they dont make the nuggets they buy them in so whoever made them at fault COMPO . . Bullshit story, made up by a chav mum. The girl was heard to croak 'I can't breathe' several times before being persuaded to inhale some fries.

McDonalds it this true? Sort those nails out love . . . . BBC journalists would believe anything. Or they expect US to believe anything! DefundtheBBC 🧐 🤔 oh ok Sound 100% impossible and bullshit Bullshit Thought Corona didn’t affect kids? Been waiting for this one.... Feeding your kids McDonald’s is child abuse.

All the technology used to check foreign objects during the manufacturing of a chicken nugget and somehow a mask shows up in the food What a load of bollocks. Dodgy deals a foot for a claim more like !! Nice healthy diet for a 6-year-old. Free with every meal. Kinda like a kinder egg. Cost cutting. *McMask

OMG 🤯🤯🤯. What is happening on this PlanetEarth🌍🌎🌏 She spent hours trying to perfect this chicken nugget/mask combo. What a shameful scam in or order to get money! fakenews I think this is masking a bigger problem Something nearly happened as a result of an unfalsifiable event That has to be the weakest headline ever

I would have been more shocked of you said it contains chicken The question was ‘how does a chicken nugget swallow a face mask in the first place?’ Did everyone actually get that?!? 😂😂😂 Don't eat 'chokeable' amounts of nuggets in one go, mask or not. Shouldn't that be 'McSurgical face mask'? Hmm. Tasty.

Pay up Mcdonalds Ah i take it they didn't order the face mask special 😒 BS. That isn’t a McDonald’s nugget. I should know because I worked there for 3 years. The new kinder surprise looks shit People still feed their kids junk. Did she get her toy tho?.asking for a friend. Once I had a piece of a blue plastic glove in a burger patty at the Ivy Market Grill, and manager told it was a meat supplier’s fault 🤷🏻‍♀️

🤮 The video image and actual image of a Chicken Nugget look completely different, sizes are all wrong, seems a bit fishy to me, sorry chicken Return of the mask Must of been folded very small 🤣😂 The definition of ultraprocessed fake food. If theres a mask in it, what else is there in the nugget, more plastic, sawdust.

FACE MASKES ARE DEADLY, KNEW IT ALL ALONG!! Stay home and cook proper food and don't let ya kid eat chewed up shit. I'd be just as concerned at a mother feeding a 6 year old that shite, without a muzzle in it! 'much improvement on what's usually in 'em' said the girl's mother. BS Damn, the prizes in happy meals are rubbish these days

Love that the nails are co-ordinated to match the mask (or were, some weeks ago). A classy touch. Wtf is a 6 y/o doing in McDonald's? Ye 100% chickens balls more like ‘Mother claims’ is doing all the heavy lifting here. Sure it wasn't a fish fillet False claim going in there me thinks. This is the start .

The only time a face mask could actually kill you. wow I would not have though a chicken nugget was big enough to hide face mask in it. Thinking money making here Never feed your children nonfood like 'nuggets'. I don’t believe that for a minute. I not only worked for them for 20 years but also saw how they were made. There is no way on earth that happened-

No Seen so many similar stories came to nothing Compo stunt There is no difference between a used mask and a used needle—they are both considered bio hazard waste in a hospital setting— I don’t care if your child chews on his seatbelt, just don’t let him pick up a dirty mask in a park and chew on it! '........mother claims contained a blue surgical face mask' - well either it did or it didn't. Man I hate when media does that taking no sides thing.................

McDonald lives matter Was it an environmentally friendly face mask though 🤔 I’d be more surprised to find it contained actual chicken 🤣 Don't eat chicken nuggets then She probably tried to eat the “food” without taking the mask off м¢∂σиαℓ∂'ѕ ιѕ ѕнιт Blue is Soo March 2020 🙄 It's probably healthier to eat the mask

Stay home and cook So much safer and healthier Sad 2020 in a nugget Masks definitely help..

Girl, 6, chokes on face mask found 'cooked inside McDonald's chicken nuggets'A FURIOUS mum says her little girl “could have died” after she choked on a blue face mask cooked into her McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Laura Arber said pieces of the masks were ins… McMask Gross. I found a spider in a chicken burger last year, was in the lettuce but dead. Brought it back and they remade the meal for free and said they'd call me about the spider. Still waiting for the call......... Don't be a chav. Learn to cook actual food for your children.

Face mask found in McDonald’s chicken nuggetsMother claims daughter nearly ‘choked’ on disposable face covering how does something that big get in lol Does that count as one of my 5 a day? Do they give the chickens face masks before they chlorinate them?

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