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Extinction Rebellion, London

Extinction Rebellion protester dressed as Boris Johnson scales Big Ben scaffolding as protesters spray paint government buildings – follow live

Arrests soar to more than 1,700 as protesters blockade Oxford Circus


Extinction Rebellion protester dressed as Boris Johnson scales Big Ben scaffolding as protesters spray paint government buildings – follow live

Arrests soar to more than 1,700 as protesters blockade Oxford Circus

Commenting on the final day of protests, they added:

As we saw from yesterday in Canning Town, Shadwell and Stratford it is clear we need to learn how to better bridge that gap.

We know we do things that cause disruption to everyday people’s lives – to make concrete the existential threat we all face – and they are rightly angry when we do this. But many of us are also scared for the future of the planet which we hold so dear.

Many are just so worried about just getting by – to them our message seems and is irrelevant. They can no more contemplate or risk arrest than they can take two weeks off work.

The man, who has been identified by the group as Ben Atkinson, a tree surgeon, prompted the closure of several entrances to parliament as police brought in specialists to bring him down.

This rebel is desperate. The government is not listening, not telling the truth, not acting to protect us in the face of calamity. He faces terrorism charges. He faces jail. This is an emergency & is there is barely any time to do anything to mitigate it.

To all the deniers, delayers, trolls & troublemakers - the challenge to you now to get serious, this is an emergency! We are hypocrites, we are attention seekers, we are making a difference against all the odds. We are brave in your abuse, this is for life, this is for you.

Read more: The Independent

This man climbing Big Ben should be shot......dressing up like Boris Johnson one is enough.!! Still as thick as Shig Pit. So spray painting Gvt buildings is going to be cleaned up how? By using tax payers money when again it could be better utilised. Surely there has to be a better way to protest rather than vandalism and wasting money.

Extinction Rebellion protester scales Big Ben tower dressed as Boris JohnsonAn Extinction Rebellion protester has scaled the scaffolding surrounding Big Ben's Elizabeth Tower dressed as Boris Johnson. Water cannon time. As long as no hard pressed, over worked and underpaid emergency services risk their lives to bring him down. He falls, tough. I say what a jolly jape by bored middle classes who unlike the of us don't seem to work

Extinction Rebellion protester 'dressed as Boris Johnson' climbs Big Ben scaffoldingMan scales London landmark without harness to unveil flags and criticise government response to climate change Leave him up there. He's got Boris down to a tee there Lets have a singalong, Derek & Clive 'jump'!

Protester 'dressed as Boris Johnson' climbs Big Ben scaffoldingA protester who appeared to be dressed as Boris Johnson has climbed the Big Ben scaffolding near the Palace of Westminster in London . More follows .. it's Common Knowledge™ THAT Trump is an irretrievable moron ..

Extinction Rebellion protester 'dressed as Boris Johnson' climbs Big BenAn environmental activist has been seen climbing the scaffolding of Big Ben Would be awful if he fell and died. ExtinctionRebellionlondon What a mockery of security.......AGAIN! You mean he is wearing a very bad blond wig

Extinction Rebellion protesters to spray paint Westminster'We will raise our red hands, taking responsibility for our actions - we all have blood on our hand' Yeah westminster sponsored group of 4 protesters will spray westminster, new day jew joke go protest the polluters like cruise ships? Halfwits. That won’t cool the earth

A new Brexit deal has been agreedOn today's Daily podcast: 'We've got great new deal' - Boris Johnson declares a Brexit agreement has been done robpowellnews discusses how likely it is that this new deal will pass through parliament. 🎧 Listen here: robpowellnews At last! Britain has spent far too much time and money on brexit, while other serious problems like cost of living, housing, NHS, education, policing, etc. were ignored! robpowellnews So how many HUNDREDS OF PAGES is the Withdrawal agreement that remoaner MPs want the people to ratify via a people's vote? What a farce of a proposition. Just a little losers obstruction ploy to frustrate Brexit, isn't it? ☝️ 😂😂😂 robpowellnews

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