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Explain away: 'How can I decline engagements without seeming anti-social?'

Explain away: 'How can I decline engagements without seeming anti-social?'


Explain away: 'How can I decline engagements without seeming anti-social?'

You don’t always need to explain yourself, writes advice columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith, instead make sure you feel confident in your choices

Nobody minds. We think “he needs his sleep!” if we think anything of it at all. The fact that he’s never once flinched or squirmed or apologised for wanting to go to bed makes the rest of us forget that other people might think there was anything worth squirming about.

Your need to take care of yourself is as legitimate as an athlete’s need to eat more, or a new mother’s wish to keep her phone on in the meeting. The question isn’t how to do it without seeming a certain way, but how to stop worrying about how we seem.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

Is it too much to ask that a news source like the Guardian not use the term anti-social wrong in a title? Even if the question has it wrong, don't perpetuate this error. Anti-social people are usually pretty fun in groups. “I have a bipolar disorder and I teach in a high school” hahaha Make an excuse...? I know your readers aren’t the sharpest Guardian but, bloody hell!

Winds of Winter theory: Will Winds of Winter explain Daenerys Game of Thrones CHANGE?DAENERYS TARGARYEN seemed to change pretty surprisingly in the final series of Game of Thrones - but will The Winds of Winter explain why?

Stacey Abrams puts herself forward for vice presidencyPolitician declines to endorse any of candidates Sanders Abrams great idea more should campaign for vp spot on ticket What has she done to earn VP ? She would help any ticket.

Public support for new coalmines falls even among Coalition voters, ANU poll findsPublic support for new coalmines falls even among Coalition voters, ANU poll finds | Australian politics | The Guardian

Ghost ship washes ashore in Ireland after more than a year at seaPublic warned away from MV Alta, which ran aground on Cork coast during Storm Dennis The Armada Sounds like a job for Scooby and the gang. GastroChap I thought it was referring to the beer

Why France is resisting Macron's push on pensionsPresident Macron's pension reforms reach the National Assembly - but the protests have not gone away. Are you feeling OK? Because... He is pushing on pensions? Which is bad, if you rely on them for not starving when you are old? Crikey, this is on BBCWorld too! U ok, hun? x

Girl, 8, dies after being 'raped by 16 men'Sixteen men were reportedly arrested after the girl’s mum went to police in 2019 claiming that up to 16 male relatives had raped her child over a period of three years. Britains answer, is to keep quiet when these people do it here, and call anyone 'Racist' if they dare to mention it. I would have cut it off, for the first child, I would have killed all the other relatives one by one. A mother is to protect her children. Are these relatives catholics by any chance as our Church is full of peadiophiles PREACHING to us what we should be , flaming hypocrits I wish people like these rapists would drop dead. How sad. 😞

Coronavirus: South East live updates - BBC News

I stockpiled dozens of eggs, fruit & sauces but had to bin it all - I don’t care I’m doing the vulnerable out of food

Chinese billionaire is being investigated after calling Xi a 'clown'

'Trite and misleading language about Covid-19'

Arrests after men lick hands and wipe shop food

Video shows a cough can spread germs across two shopping aisles

China recognises dogs as 'companion animals' in official proposal

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