Experts' exercise guide to beat coronavirus gloom and boost happiness - from living room workouts to yoga

What home exercises can I do in coronavirus lockdown? Experts' guide from living room workouts to yoga - no gym, no problem 💪

4/7/2020 5:00:00 AM

What home exercises can I do in coronavirus lockdown? Experts' guide from living room workouts to yoga - no gym, no problem 💪

WITH everyone cooped up in lockdown and gyms closed, now might seem like a hard to get active. But it doesn’t need to be – and what’s more, the effect of physical exercise on our …

Credit: Ester KeateShe says: "People are being left isolated and lonely by the current crisis, with no routine or purpose.There is no better time to start practising yoga. Although Instagram posts can make it seem intimidating, this could not be further from the truth.

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It can be practiced in the comfort of your own home, at any level, regardless of how silly you may feel.With a focus on self-care, deep breathing, meditation and exercise, yoga has proven benefits for both mind and body.Setting aside time for yoga also provides routine in your day and gives your mind a break while working from home.

I'd recommend creating a space with a mat out, candles, low light, music. Also, make attainable yoga goals - even if it is 5 minutes of laying on the floor each day.Don't take it too seriously - have fun with your yoga practice. It is ok to wobble, shake and fall!

Here are five simple yoga poses to get you started:Child's PoseSimple yoga moves in your living room could help de-stress youCredit: Ester Keate1. Start on your hands and knees2. Put your toes together and knees about mat width apart3. Send your bum back towards your heels and reach both hands forwards, palms facing down

4. Allow your tummy to fall between you thighs, resting your forehead on the mat5. Hold here for at least a minute as you send deep breaths to the back of the ribsBenefits: Gentle stretch to the hips and back, calms the mind.Supine TwistThis simple twist move is a good starting point at home

Credit: Ester KeateLay on your back and bend your right knee in towards the chest.Take your right arm out to the side along the floor at shoulder heightDrop your right knee over towards the left side, keeping left hand on the knee. (If your right foot can touch the floor then let it rest there).

You choose where is most comfortable for your head to go. Repeat on the other sideBenefits: These twists are good for your digestive system - as you release from the twist it allows fresh blood to flow back in to your digestive organs.Warrior TwoThe front warrior is a good core exercise for all yoga sessions

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Credit: Ester KeateStand at the front of your mat and step your right leg back around five feet. Make sure your front foot is facing forwards and back foot is at a 45-degree angle.Your front knee is bent and back leg stays straight.Have your left arm forward and right arm back both parallel to the floor and gaze past the middle finger.

Benefits: Feel strong in this pose - it's called 'warrior' for a reason. It increases strength in legs and core as well as flexibility around the hips. Gazing through the middle finger can direct your mind and focus.Happy BabyJade has recommended this position to stretch out back and hips

Credit: Ester KeateLay on your back and hug your knees into your chest.Send the soles of your feet to the sky and bend your knees towards your armpits. Take your legs slightly wider than your torso.Hold on to the outsides of your feet (if you cant reach your feet then hold your ankles).

Benefits: This gently stretches out the back and hips. Releases stress and fatigue.SavasanaOften the simplest positions are the most relaxing!Credit: Ester KeateLay on you back and have your arms down by your side, palms facing upBenefits:This is one of the most important poses - directly translating to 'corpse pose'. A time to rest and restore in peace and quiet.

In this pose allow your body to relax, give your mind a break allow yourself time for poses to soak into your nervous system."Pep talkFreeletics, says:"Keeping fit and eating well is an essential way to ensure you boost your immunity, mood and energy levels.

"Don’t be disheartened if you cannot continue with your current fitness regime."Remain motivated and open to trying new things to keep your fitness levels up."Exercise with kids, while learning Read more: The Sun »

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