Expert claims we're cooking roast potatoes wrong - and shouldn't parboil

Expert claims we're cooking roast potatoes wrong - and shouldn't parboil

9/26/2021 3:59:00 PM

Expert claims we're cooking roast potatoes wrong - and shouldn't parboil

Forget the meat, it's a deliciously crispy roast potato with a fluffy interior which is the true highlight of a Sunday roast dinner, alongside a perfectly risen Yorkshire pud

Many hold strong opinions on the subject, with some people claiming that only their top-secret recipe will produce the best roasties.We all have our methods - with some as simple as chucking some frozen roasties in the oven - and there's no shame in that.

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But the country is united on how they should look at the end - crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.Many claim you need goose fat, while others swear you should add semolina for the ultimate crisp. Get the news you want straight to your inbox. Sign up for a Mirror newsletter here

Now one food expert has shared her view - after chatting to the Daily Star about the matter.Author Rebecca Wilson, who has 480,000 followers on her Instagram account, says you DON'T need to parboil after all.And you can use goose fat, sunflower oil or olive oil - but look for "all-rounder" potatoes in the shops, such as Kind Edward, Maris Piper or Rooster Potatoes.

She said: "When cooking your roast potatoes, make sure you boil them until they're pretty much cooked - don't parboil them."This will give them a soft texture."After turning off the stove, you should then drain them and let them sit so the moisture can evaporate, then shake them to crisp up the edges.

Finally, coat your potatoes in your chosen oil and place them in a hot oven - but don't forget to turn them over a couple of times. Her cracking recipe for golden roasties is in her new book Family Comforts - which is already been on topping the bestseller list on Amazon.

Her book also features quick-cook snacks and midweek meal ideas that can be prepared in minutes.For those looking for something healthier, recipes for delicious treats are included that are low in both salt and sugar but "full in flavour", according to Rebecca.

She added: "The recipes are all suitable for tots who are from months old, but you don't have to have children to enjoy the recipes - they're perfect for anyone!" Read More Read more: Daily Mirror »

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