Exercise out of the home could be banned - Hancock

The health secretary warns people must 'follow the rules' on staying at home and social distancing.

4/5/2020 2:50:00 PM

Exercise outside the home 'could be banned' if people ignore lockdown rules on staying at home and social distancing

The health secretary warns people must 'follow the rules' on staying at home and social distancing.

Image captionPolice have been out on patrol in parks and beauty spots this weekend, including Primrose Hill in LondonMr Hancock said the physical and mental health benefits of exercise were"really important", and that he did not want to remove exercise as a reason to leave home.

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But he added:"If the result of that is that too many people go out and flout the other rules because they say 'well if I can exercise then it's fine for me to do other things' then I'm afraid we will have to take action."New Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said the party would support the government it if decides to toughen lockdown measures.

"We've got to get through this and every time people break the guidance from the government they put other people at risk," he said.Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted his thanks to"everyone who is saving lives by staying at home this weekend".

"I know it's tough, but if we all work together and follow the guidance we will beat coronavirus," he said.Mr Hancock said that the number of ventilators needed over the coming weeks will be 18,000, and that currently there are between 9,000 and 10,000 within the NHS.

When asked about the number of nurses that had died of coronavirus, Mr Hancock said the latest figure was three deaths.Exit strategyAlso on the BBC's Andrew Marr show, Prof Neil Ferguson, of Imperial College London, said he could not predict when the lockdown would be lifted.

He said there was"no point" in releasing the lockdown"at a point where case numbers are still high and will resurge even faster than we have seen before."Prof Ferguson added:"We want case numbers to get to a low point where we can start substituting other measures for the most intrusive and economically costly aspects of the current lockdown.

"Almost certainly those additional measures will involve massively ramped-up testing, going back to trying to identify contacts of cases and stopping chains of transmission."That can only feasibly be done when we have many fewer cases per day than we have at the moment."

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Image copyrightReutersMr Hancock told Sky it was"quite unbelievable" that a minority of the public are not following the lockdown social distancing advice.The health secretary also dismissed speculation that he and Chancellor Rishi Sunak have different opinions about when to lift the strict measures.

"We're working very closely together," he said."What matters is that we get out of this as soon as possible."The Queen's address will be broadcast on TV, radio and social media at 20:00 BST.The latest figures - showing 4,313 people with the virus had now died in the UK - were up by 708 on Friday's figure.

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Police need to respond to household non participants! This must occur before the right to exercise is revoked! Not all constabulary are responding to those breaking the guidelines at home. I have official responses. JulieMarson Then the lockdown will be ignored in its entirety. Imposing conditions that simply are not necessary due to a desperate attempt to deflect responsibility won't work.

Don’t be stupid and ironically you’ve illustrated this with a photo where people are exercising and obeying the 2 metre distance rule. Why are you trying to make a serious situation worse? Why does the BBC insist on sending reporters and film crews to stand outside a hospital to say nothing that could be said from the studio?

They should just ban it. This lockdown is gonna go on for longer the more people ignore it and don’t realise how important it is to do social distancing right! And we’re on lockdown right now, do people want this lockdown to last for months... Don't speak just do it Can anyone explain why it is more dangerous to sunbathe in a park than exercise in the park

I’m still going to the park to exercise, I see nobody, I interact with nobody, I will go to prison before I will give up exercise How the minority spoil it for the majority, when will irresponsible people get the message - social distancing not only saves lives but helps to reduce the impact and stress on our NHS heroes- STAY AT HOME

STOP GOING OUT fools Where is the criticism of our governments appalling response to the virus, causing thousands of unnecessary deaths and a lockdown that is causing so much loss of income, jobs and businesses and educational turmoil. BBC are failing in their public duty. Too many warnings already! Fine the ones who are not complying with the rules such as the people sunbathing in the parks, those idiots from Bromley who went to Folkestone to see the sea etcMajority of us are doing it right but still I think it should be a lockdown like in Spain.

Appalling that social distancing and 'stay at home' instructions being ignored. Heavy 'Fines'and future Prison sentences prison would now be appropriate. These loonies ignoring the law could in effect be guilty of murder. Allowing people to go outside for anything but food and medicine is not lockdown anyways is it and some people do exactly what they want enforce it now total lockdown excersise at home

Please take a look at this Covid is not flu like, it is far worse. Issues with oxygen gaseous exchange. Go on a ventilator and you’re not likely to make it out. Could 5G have a part to play? What has China released issues with O2 gaseous exchange These folks clearly think they know better than the medical experts and can outwit & outsmart a virus that doesn’t discriminate. They should be arrested, tagged and placed under house arrest

You Brits are so done. You'll hand over your rights, with absolutely no question. Some of you are even encouraging rights to be taken away. Did you even think, when you might be given them back? Not to mention that exercise is good for the immune system. My view today- why don’t you use this image for exercising alone?

Fine and ban outdoor activities for those who take the P*ss. Why should the majority be penalised for the minority. sergimulero My son, hubby and I exercise almost everyday. We wait until 8pm/9pm when it's quiet and we just walk/run around our block a few times so always staying close to home. We hardly ever see anybody while doing this and if we do everybody keeps their distance.

Yes, so people going outside, never mind about PPE, ventilators, tests, that can all wait, that's not nearly as important as forcing everyone indoors. Hancock had ample time to prepare, he dithered, ignored and now it's our fault for going for a walk. BBCLookEast Just do it, people aren't listening this is very annoying for people like me that do not leave the house apart from to exercise in isolation where there is no other contact. Let alone the people that can not leave the house at all at the moment.

What lockdown? People have been asked/told to modify their behaviour but that's not a lockdown. Words matters, especially at a time like this. Come on BBC, shape up. Imagine those individuals following the rules in isolation and suddenly got infected by a passerby while going to your local shop who resently went to the park to socialise...it's happening. STAY HOME

Can people not just stay home? It's not for ever and the faster we get rid of this crap the faster we can get back to normal! We must enforce a complete lockdown as the hospital's are at breaking point and the next step surely must be compulsory tests and vaccinations. It's the only way to beat this horrible disease.

Just shut all parks any one caught in a park get a £500 fine. People don’t neeed parks to exercise SilverKayondo So this is not only in Uganda Or the police could attempt to enforce the existing laws and leave the remaining individual freedoms intact. Ban it otherwise we will never get out of this 🇬🇧

When the UK tries to compete with the US for the most ignoramus country on the planet. This would be horrible for people who are sticking to the rules like myself. I have to go for my daily exercise it would be awful if we couldn’t because some idiots aren’t listening! No cure for stupid I go for a 20 minute walk with my dog thought that was the rule

BBCLookEast Wouldn't it be nice if MattHancock & BorisJohnson concentrated on doing their job & providing adequate PPE & testing for the NHS. Most people are being sensible & social distancing which according to the government makes us safe. At least until the Stasi police interfere. Lets not get obsessed reporting the negative stuff relating to the minority. Millions of us are being really sensible. Let the police deal with the less sensible and give praise to the amazing way the lions sharing of the GB public are acting and dealing with this

Look all those people, total madness! If they do then I will ignore it. I live in a countryside village and run in the fields, seeing no one. Why punish me for idiots not following the law. Fine the people breaking the law. yep up for that or we will like this for months , You cannot get through to thick, stubborn people and the ones who need to ask or can’t understand lockdown are basically thick.

Please don't ban exercise, fine people who don't respect the rules. When living in a small apartment, the daily outdoor exercise is much needed, it would be unsustainable for the less fortunate. Most of the people do respect the rules I’m sure the government would rather talk about exercise than the Exit strategy for the “end game” what’s the strategy for vaccine? How are we doing On Goal attainment for testing? How are we doing on PPE availability and.. future demand? Have we got enough resource to sustain

Its Like a normal Sunday out there! Need to ............ Too many people seem to ignoring the rules...for our own good. So stick to them.. There would be no point. The bus service is so rubbish at the moment, it's possible to walk to the supermarket, shop and walk back in the time you might wait for a bus. In order to not waste 40-50 minutes of the day, you'd inadvertently get 2 miles of walking exercise to shop!

Try telling joggers that! 2 meters I mean 2 fexking meters guys! Come on it’s not that hard 🙄 It won’t be banned, quit fuelling the hysteria and twisting his words As much as I don’t want this to happen, it’s the right thing to do. Unfortunately, there are people out there who pay no attention to the news and go about life as if nothing has happened.

But they are all 2 metres apart so that’s ok. Absolutey ridiculous what these morons are doing but policing a complete ban would be a non starter Are there any pictures of people actually flouting the rules? All we hear is people are breaking them but that picture shows people two meters apart save for the couple.

Some ppl are basically stupid and that’s their way of showing it. Is it just me, am I right in thinking that the idiots of this country all live around London and London is the so called epicentre of the virus on this country Do as you're bloody told and stay home! Is this just a massive joke or windup After being in isolation since Tuesday last, I've just been to the shops and couldn't believe the numbers of people at the shops, more so the numbers of people in the parks congregatin.. No wonder numbers are increasing. Get real

'......CHINA VIRUS = CORONA VIRUS....' It's made in China virus Be gutted if this happened. Shame on you if you go to parks to have a picnic and chat with mates rather than exercise. Apparently they are all claiming to be the Chief Medical Officer so the rules dont apply.....oh and the police wont issue a fine either even for the second time you break the rules

Is this a nation wise issue or South of England problem? So far everything we see is London parks and south coast. Maybe regional lockdowns needed. LOL I’d like to see them try enforce that. They already be policing by consent. PEOPLE POWER 👊 Just give ORDER for NOT TO SUNBATH in parks and leave us and others who are well within our rights of obeying orders to walk and jog while maintaining required distance. Be warned, banning exercises will be last straw people could digest.There be backlash and end of Hancock .!!

Let’s keep a sense of proportion here. The people in the image above looked at least 2M apart. It possible people in the background were not. They should be the ones highlighted, photographed and castigated for doing. Why don’t Matt Hancock start testing people? And stop those going out who has the virus? Invest money in that matter! The government is for to serve the people not to be against the people.

Just what's been planned anyway. Great way of saying you brought it on yourselves! We’ve been warned! Ban exercise outside the home? This is unnecessary, unhealthy and dictatorial. It's also essentially unenforceable. e.g. Is running to the shop to buy bread while wearing sports gear 'exercise' or 'shopping'? COVID2019 Coronavirus

Threatening British Public with banning exercise outdoors is a brave call and as always blaming a minority probably those who live in Lambeth. Judging by recent and current crowds in Wimbledon Common and Richmond the majority of Londoners are getting plenty of outdoor exercise. The reason people are dying is because of Boris Johnson and Matt Hancocks failure to prepare in the eight weeks headstart on the virus we had... People are not dying because someone is sunbathing in a park, thats the distraction they want you to focus on instead of Boris Johnson.

Government speak for they're going full lock down tomorrow. Any excuse to try and dodge a bullet, fired from a gun of their own making. The greatest fear of all is that the will keep spilling out crap. It is all about social distancing ... are people too stupid to follow simple guidelines What sort of f*cking idiots inhabit that island

So a majority will lose out because of a minority that are slack 🤔 BBCPolitics The question is how to enforce it you need officer's to approach the person if they do not cooperate then arrested and down to the station how do you do that without touching them. Then they are entitled to go to court which means a court and lawyers, judges.

The replies to this show we this needs to happen. 'what about my human rights?' 😭😭. Get stuffed, what about the human rights of those you are murdering because you can't sit on your sofa? You're the problem Punish the people that are breaking the rules don't punish the people that are doing the right thing. People with mental health and other people will go mad if they can't go out for exercise. People know the rules by now I think now they should be fined straight away.

If exercise outdoors is banned because of a tiny relative number of people who are outdoors NOT exercising, this would be a new level of injustice upon the vast majority doing things right. Such a move might turn the tide of public support which has so far been freely given. Hopefully they will start by banning the Lycra clad cycling baffoons, who are huffing and puffing their way around the UK, potentially spreading any infection they may have further afield

All the twats spoiling things for us that abide the guidelines and care for our NHSheroes It's all gettin a bit silly brought on by ppl who don't av a clue wat they talking about n panicking. Stopping ppl going out is a bit much wen really no 1 knows how far being outside goes to spreading the virus, just keep ur distance. U wud need army on streets 2 stop us goin out

It’s fair to say I expect a ban as of tomorrow! Some people still not listening, wake up & read people’s posts across the country.. damn right selfish & stupid Not even into week 3 yet. Wondering how angry, selfish and disillusioned everyone will be by week 8 Surely the harm of preventing people from exercising for several months is greater than the benefits gained by increasing lockdown? A happy medium of limiting exercise to individuals only would be better.

It will be as of tomorrow. People are not listening. I went for my 1 day out run and saw 4 people on horses & 7 dog walkers all within half a mile. Trying to avoid people when i run but people are taking the piss when out. The horse riders looked like they was from a riding school (why the hell is that still operating?)

Dunno what to think about this.., going to be hard to police There is a very mixed message though. 😬 For those still working theres more chance of infection on public transport than there is in a park. Don’t be ridiculous should of been done properly weeks ago. How many more of the public,nurses drs consultants and all other essential key worker must die before BorisJohnson gets his head from up his lazy arse and do right by every single person in the UK. I'm sick of selfish people and a lazy PM.

Ie the government terminology around what constitutes exercise is too vague, but we'll blame it on sunbathers so that you don't get mad at the people in charge In South Africa we have been on lock down for 10 days.. 11 to go. Not allowed to exercise outside our homes, or leave outlets homes except for food or medical treatment.

Wants banning immediately BBCPolitics What’s worse. Sunbathers at 2m OR GOVUK patel4witham BorisJohnson allowing flights to fly in from NY, Italy, Spain and other hotspots completely unchecked, for them to leave airports by public transport probably with key workers onboard. Astoundingly irresponsible!

Yes please. Dont want me or someone innocent to die cause someone can handle sitting on their back for few weeks. Past generations went to war, lived in poverty and children workee in factories. If you cant handle 3 weeks at home then God help us. The British are always optimistic. Selfish people ruining it for the rest....

Lord Bath of Weymouth dies. The owner of Longleat Safari Park Lord Bath has died aged 87, after testing positive for coronavirus. Longleat said in a statement: 'It is with the deepest sadness we have to announce Lord Bath has died at the age of 87. Again a minority ruin it for the majority. itvnews SkyNews MSANNCOOPER LadyMercia Then enforce the police to arrest Labours mainstay muslim vote who are ignoring government instructions?

Some people are just plainly gormless, people are dying and these imbeciles think they are clever, lock them up for endangering life. Good ban it!! Its piss takers that dont do any exercise all year round anyway.. do the joewicks workout every morning like we have been in our flat !! ban joggers ffs! and rental bikes and balls and frisbees. and towels and li-los...

There is no lockdown it's a free for all. Time to arrest Sadiq Khan for causing tube overcrowding then? There’s a big difference between a remote rural cycle/ run and crowding into an urban park to sunbathe. Sense of perspective please MattHancock - enforce the rules that already exist. Why? Fresh air = well-being. Focus should be on enforcing spacing & groupings. At moment Gov is carrying bulk of UK population. BUT if they introduce total bans on exercise/curfews then I fear they will lose goodwill & compliance. notocollectivepunishment

Name & shame all those flouting the rules they are deliberately choosing to put others in danger Fixed penalties, jail for endangering life This virus is deadly it’s not a joke. The sooner selfish assholes wake up & start doing what they’ve been told sooner we can get out of this To all fuckwits that insist on ignoring the rules. I don't have a garden to sit in or walk around in to exercise or get fresh air. I go for a non-stop walk around the streets then home. If you carry on being selfish then I won't be able to do this due to more stringent measures.

'Government that has failed to act properly and promptly in passing blame to the population shock' What's the point? People are defying the lockdown now, what makes them think banning exercise will make any difference? Even if they did it will still be 'please go home, please, pretty please' from the police.

Do a full complete lockdown.thats the only way Yet thousands of potentially infected people arrive daily into the UK without enforceable restrictions - Proof below BBCPolitics Parks need to be rationed and policed. Councils need to issue permits obtained via website or phone (manned by workers at home) for particular time slots booked in advance.

If they are rules’ and not ‘guidelines’ why are they not been much more vigorously enforced? Should only be Londoners if this happens as they are the only ones flouting simple instructions.😬😬😬😬 We have a strict SMS permission to leave home curfew in Cyprus...it looks like UK's is coming And the hatred toward the police will be greater than even than in riots when they just stood and watched. will Matt Hancock be charged for the deaths NHS staff. And he still hasn't said where all the PPE that was put on lorry's actually went. there now reusing masks in hospitals

meanwhile travellers from covid hotspots are allowed to land at heathrow and disperse around the UK with no check or quarantine. Why havent we banned all travel into the UK yet? How about you start enforcement of the laws rather than threatening new ones you can't enforce, the majority are doing as requested ,why should they be punished.

Why . . penalise those not adhering, tag them so there whereabouts are known. Not sure prison would be a choice in this climate, but they need to know that will happen to them!! They have a CHOICE! Selfish people that clearly do not care about others.But if they got the virus an NHS nurse and doctor would have to look after them and they are putting their lives at risk for these idiots.

No it won't.. stop scaremongering. Totally unenforceable 🤣😂😂😂😂 It's not the exercising community that's the problem, its the idiots completely ignoring the stop fkin gathering and social distancing community that's the problem!! Ban it in urban environments. No reason to put in rural areas. It will be banned when you have idiots like Alan Sugar condoning sunbathing in parks.

People should be follow the rules. Here's a SundayThought for you-If the Scottish Medical Officer can't obey the rules set out in the CoronavirusAct how in god's name do you expect the public to! Either do a total rethink of The Lockdown rules or end it completely (aka the exit strategy!) SundayThoughts

If that’s the case they also need to ban people from going out into their gardens. A level playing field for all. I'll still take my dog on a walk Absolutely dangerous and absolutely absurd. Banning outdoor exercise, generally limiting time outdoors, etc. is lazy policy, lazy enforcement, and lazy governance. Freedom of association is already limited/suspended, to limit free movement to such an extent would be appalling.

As always, muppets spoiling it for everyone else.. Good luck would be anarchy on the streets The rest of us who are doing our best and listening to the rules shouldn’t be punished. Ban and fine the morons who aren’t listening. plus we don't have to follow rules we do things because we want to and not for some rule i'm not five years old thanks quint telling people of like a kid all of this is you lot can just make new ways to F... us

The govt should be more concerned about an exit plan for the lock down that they seemingly don't have not worrying about banning freedom to go outdoors. I am agree to ban the exercise outdoor... There is a massive risk of people's life at danger!!! only talking and talking.. enough is enough .. please enforce it .. take army help if required 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Alot of us especially in London live in tiny flats with no outdoor space at all - we don't all have big houses/flats and gardens..... Inevitable So we must have enough police officers to keep us all in? Where did they come from, I haven’t seen one in weeks. Dirty sunbathing bastards 😂😂 People are so selfish. If we all obey the new measures, the sooner this is over and we can go for as many walks as we want!

Don't punish everyone for the mistakes of the minority FFS Just deal with the people who are breaking the rules, because if they ban outdoor exercise for everyone, people will kick back, hard and fall out of love with both the government and police if they haven't already. These people are distancing themselves. Stop trying to make this more of a problem than it is. Some won't be happy until we are locked in like prisoners.

good idea will also cut the number of visits down on the like of tesco express stores while their out & about exercising which pretty sure their see their trading profit hit be CoronavirusPandemic in time what are you up to they got something we not meant to see outside when or if we all go in doors

Not gonna happen, more will die of bloodclots, heart attacks and family murders 🤣 forever trying to spread fear into the population. Do it! Also fine people £200 -£500 if they do this or sunbathe in parks like a lot of idiots are doing this weekend

Exercise out of the home could be banned - HancockThe health secretary warns people must 'follow the rules' on staying at home and social distancing. Currently about 90 per cent of households in UK have a garden. Britons may be 'superior' to EU countries but if they do what is necessary they will be superior dead. Lord_Sugar

Hancock threatens to ban ALL exercise & blasts sunbathers for breaking rulesMATT Hancock has threatened to ban ALL exercise outside if Brits won’t stick to lockdown rules – as he blasted sunbathers for refusing to obey them. After photographs of people ignoring… People in GB will have all covid 19 What did we do to deserve living in a dictatorship run by this puffed up child-politician? endthelockdown

Outdoor exercise could be banned if Britons continue to flout lockdown rules, government warns'Let's not have a minority spoiling it for everybody,' says health secretary BackBoris whenwillpeoplegetit Stop being so fucking British and do it. ‘Could’ means never would. Queen Elizabeth speech' to applaud CoronavirusPandemic...

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