Ex-Hartlepool Labour MP Mike Hill admits wanting sexual relationship with employee

Ex-Hartlepool Labour MP Mike Hill admits wanting sexual relationship with employee

5/14/2021 10:26:00 PM

Ex-Hartlepool Labour MP Mike Hill admits wanting sexual relationship with employee

A tribunal hears Mike Hill told the woman he loved her, despite being married at the time.

Mike Hill retained his seat at the 2019 general electionAn ex-Labour MP has admitted to a tribunal he wanted a sexual relationship with a parliamentary worker despite already being married.Former Hartlepool MP Mike Hill texted the woman to say he loved her and wanted to marry her, the hearing heard.

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The woman, known as Ms A, claims he sexually harassed and bullied her over a 16-month period, groping her and rubbing himself against her body.Mr Hill, 58, who stood down as an MP in March, denies the allegations.During cross-examination, the claimant's lawyer, Samuel Nicholls, asked Mr Hill if he had wanted to have sex with Ms A.

Mr Hill responded: "I wanted a relationship, if that's what you call sex. Part of having a relationship would be that."Asked by Mr Nicholls whether he loved Ms A, Mr Hill said: "At some stage, I believe I was in love with her." headtopics.com

'Embarrassing' messagesIn other text messages Mr Hill said he wanted Ms A to be part of his future and had hoped he could look after her and care for her."If I could propose to you today, I would," he said. "But if you're not interested, then what's the point. I'd end up in torture.

"Didn't know your feelings were a million miles from that. Sorry. I couldn't cope with a loveless future as I have that now."The tribunal heard Mr Hill was married at the time of the "embarrassing" messages and that he accepted the claimant did not want a romantic relationship with him.

He said he moved on and he and the complainant ended up with a working relationship.image captionThe tribunal heard former MP Mike Hill received sexual harassment training while in a previous jobMr Hill was suspended from the Labour Party in September 2019 over the allegations, but was re-instated a month later to fight the general election.

He resigned from his seat in March of this year, triggering a by-election that saw his Hartlepool seatEarlier in the hearing, Mr Hill said he had received training on the issue of sexual harassment while in a previous role as a regional organiser for the trade union Unison. headtopics.com

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He said he was aware the claimant had post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.The hearing at the Central London Employment Tribunal continues. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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hE jUsT wAnTeD a RelATiOsHiP. 🙄 Is this like every politician now

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