Everything you need to know about coronavirus outbreak as death toll hits 1,228

Young people warned of new symptom as death toll hits 1,228

3/30/2020 3:21:00 AM

Young people warned of new symptom as death toll hits 1,228

The country's Covid-19 death toll has tragically risen to 1,228, with 209 more dying as Britain goes on a war footing to fight off the deadly pandemic

Brit wrestled to ground in Spain 'for ignoring coronavirus lockdown'A British man allegedly flouting Spain’s coronavirus curfew rules was filmed being wrestled to the ground and handcuffed by police.Footage was taken by a resident from his balcony in the capital of Palma.

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The Brit can be heard shouting “Get off, get off” whilst the Spanish man recording the incident assures other onlookers that the two men struggling with him are the police.Spain’s State of Emergency rules only allow people to be out on the street for one of a few reasons, including to visit a supermarket, bank or chemist or to go to and from work.

Police became suspicious when they saw the man walking quietly along the pavement but then reportedly hiding behind bushes when he spotted them.The man was wrestled to the ground01:18Hospital staff 'hiding protective gear' in desperate bid to stay safe

Hospital staff are hiding personal protective equipment (PPE) as shortages bite on the NHS frontline, medics have claimed.Some workers are saying they are sick as they fear the provisions are inadequate.Global shortages of the equipment medics and carers need to protect themselves against Covid-19 have led to shortfalls in the UK.

Numerous medics have come forward to express concerns about a lack of PPE in NHS hospitals. Staff at one hospital have taken to “hiding” equipment out of sheer desperation, a doctor said.The obstetrician working in a hospital in London said that protective gear is being kept under lock and key by senior staff.

Another doctor compared the situation to sending a soldier to war without the necessary equipment while a junior doctor said it feels like it is “inevitable” that they will contract the virus due to a lack of PPE.Staff are reportedly hiding protective equipment (file photo)

(Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)00:41Almost 300 people dead in Iran after drinking methanol 'to cure coronavirus'Nearly 300 people are reported to have been killed and more than 1,000 have become ill after ingesting toxic methanol across Iran amid rumours it can help cure coronavirus.

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In the Islamic Republic, drinking alcohol is banned, and those who do drink rely on bootleggers.Stories about fake remedies for coronavirus have spread across social media in Iran, where people remain deeply suspicious of the government after it downplayed the crisis for days before it overwhelmed the country.

Dr Knut Erik Hovda, a clinical toxicologist in Oslo who studies methanol poisoning, fears Iran’s outbreak could be even worse than reported.“The virus is spreading and people are just dying off, and I think they are even less aware of the fact that there are other dangers around,” he said.

“When they keep drinking this, there’s going to be more people poisoned.”According to media in Iran more than 1,000 people have already been poisoned(Image: Zuma Press/PA Images)23:40US coronavirus death rate 'could hit peak in two weeks time'

Donald Trump announced this evening that the US coronavirus death rate is expected to hit its peak in two weeks time.The US President said modelling estimates suggested the death rate, which currently sits at 2,397, will peak around Easter in April.Speaking today, Trump also said that he will extend the social distancing guidelines aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus to April 30, from his original target of April 12.

He said: “We will be extending our guidelines to April 30, to slow the spread.“On Tuesday, we will be finalising these plans and providing a summary of our findings, supporting data and strategy to the American people.“The modelling estimates that the peak in death rate is likely to hit in two weeks, so I will say it again, the peak, highest point of death rates, remember this, is likely to hit in two weeks. Nothing would be worse than declaring victory before the victory is won.”

The President later added that he hopes the US will be on its way to recovery by June 1.“We can expect that by June 1, we will be well on our way to recovery, we think by June 1. A lot of great things will be happening,” Trump said.The President later added that he hopes the US will be on its way to recovery by June 1

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(Image: ABACA/PA Images)23:01Labour leadership candidates back Mirror’s NHS campaignLabour’s leadership candidates have called for heroic frontline NHS workers to be awarded a medal for their role in the coronavirus fight.Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy all back the Mirror’s campaign to recognise the commitment of doctors, nurses, carers and paramedics to saving lives.

Hundreds of thousands of NHS and social care staff are treating patients hit by Covid-19 - with the public already showing their gratitude by giving them a huge round of applause from doorsteps across the land last week.Mr Starmer, the favourite to be declared Labour leader this Saturday, told the Mirror: “I fully support the Mirror’s campaign. The staff working in our NHS and social care services are national heroes.

The Labour leader hopefuls backed the Mirror's campaign to award NHS heroes(Image: PA)22:50Jon Venables' freedom hopes 'dashed over coronavirus'James Bulger’s killer will not be released from prison early because his parole board hearing has been delayed due to the

coronaviruscrisis, it has been reported.Jon Venables had been due to meet parole chiefs within weeks but the meeting has now been delayed due to the outbreak, according to reports.Venables, now 38, was reportedly left furious by the decision and does not know when he will next be up for parole.

Jon Venables was 10 when he killed James Bulger(Image: PA)22:30People dying from coronavirus now 'caught disease a month ago'People dying from coronavirus this weekend caught the disease a month ago - weeks before social distancing measures were put in place, an expert has claimed.

Professor James Naismith, director of the Rosalind Franklin Institute at the University of Oxford, spoke out after a further 209 people in the UK died after being tested for Covid-19, bringing the total to 1,228.And other academics cautioned people not to assume that because the 209 figure was lower than the 260 who died in the previous 24 hours, it meant the disease was under control.

Prof Naismnith said: “I am confident that provided we follow social distancing the increase in deaths will stop and this will be followed by a decrease in the daily numbers.“It can take up to two weeks from infection to onset of symptoms.”A commuter wearing a medical mask at Westminster Underground Station

(Image: Ben Cawthra/LNP)22:19Nurse in basic apron shows heroism of NHS staffA nurse was photographed by a patient with just a basic apron to protect herself from the deadly coronavirus bug.The shocking image comes to light after a hospital consultant became the first frontline NHS worker to die from

coronavirus.Fears are fears mounting that countless lives are being put a risk by a lack of testing and protective kit.NHS England confirmed on Sunday that senior doctor Amged El-Hawrani, 55, died at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester after testing positive for Covid-19.

There have been calls for more PPE for front line staff21:59Symptom in younger peopleHealth officials have warned people to look out for a dry cough or fever as the first signs ofcoronavirus, but another symptom is affecting younger patients, research has revealed.

Some of the infected have reported experiencing a lack of smell and taste – known as anosmia - despite not having the usual signs of a cough or fever.It is now believed to be a symptom for “hidden carriers” of Covid-19.Some of the infected have reported experiencing a lack of smell and taste - stock image

(Image: Getty)21:46Advice for mums-to-bePregnant women should choose a back-up birthing partner in case their first choice is forced to isolate because ofcoronavirus, experts have said.In the past few weeks, health boards across the country have announced only one birthing partner will be allowed to accompany women in labour in a bid to reduce the spread of the virus.

But if that partner starts to show symptoms of the virus, somebody else may need to stand in.“We are recommending that women should have one ­birthing partner with them throughout labour and birth,” director for Scotland of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Dr Mary Ross-Davie said.

Pregnant women are being told to choose a second birthing partner (stock photo)(Image: PA)21:24Cancer patient's pens love letter to partner of 22 yearsNorman Pollard doesn’t have long to live but wanted to let ‘the love of his life’ and partner of 22 years, Renee, know how much she meant to him, too weak to write the note himself he turned to Red Cross for help.

Speaking to the Mirror, he said: “I don’t know how long I have got and the virus is an extra worry.“It felt more important to get a letter written.”Norman Pollard wrote a love letter to his partner of 22 years21:12Passengers still flying into UK despite lockdown

Pressure is increasing on the Government to introduce stricter checks on airline passengers who continue to arrive in Britain despite a nationwide lockdown.On Sunday, it emerged a few flights from the worst affected countries such as Italy and Spain are still landing here.

While other countries are enforcing arrivals to go into quarantine, Britain is simply requesting those from abroad to follow self-isolation guidelines.There are no extra restrictions ­stopping people who could have ­travelled from the most infected cities in the world from getting on the Tube, trains or buses.

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UK coronavirus death toll rises by 209 in one day, reaching 1,228The coronavirus death toll in the UK has risen to 1,228 after claiming a further 209 lives, the Department of Health has said. More than 127,000 people have so far been tested for the virus, with Because of Coronavirus or they had it but died of other reasons? Make it clear!!! manx_maid Try not to mention that it was fewer than yesterday Good heavens! Hope all secure. StayHomeSaveLives CovidSeason P.S., how's QueenElizabeth and CHARLES ?

Coronavirus UK lockdown could get 'even tougher' for people when outbreak peaksEven more draconian lockdown measures may be needed next month if the UK’s coronavirus death toll - which hit 759 yesterday - continues to rise, a government adviser has said Not's going too and needs too.. People are just not taking this as serious as they should be..NHS X Can you stop this hysteria calling and lobbying the government to to use this situation to further restrict our natural freedoms ? Truth is you know nothing about the actual number of deaths as a result of Covid19 and underlining illnesses and , start reporting responsibly

Coronavirus deaths in Spain surge by record 832 in 24 hours as toll hits 5,690SPAIN has registered a new record number of coronavirus deaths in a single-day period. The number of deaths from Covid-19 in the past 24 hours is 832, it emerged on Saturday. ⚠️ Read our coronaviru… Lockdown working then? angels_xr The Spanish health care system is a fascist criminal organization, which is murdering emigrants with medication Legally! I have escaped from Spain seriously sick! A Fascism is alive, and the life of British citizens, who are living in Spain is in DANGER!

UK coronavirus live: up to six months to see if measures have 'squashed' virus, says deputy chief medical officerLocal government secretary Robert Jenrick says frontline NHS workers should not be without protective equipment as UK death toll rises to 1,228 You can’t squash what you can’t see!! .AlokSharma_RDG 𝘼𝙣𝙮 𝙘𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙯𝙚𝙣 that has self isolated for 7 (or14) days & self-tests positive for COVID19 antibodies ought to be free to go about their normal life 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙠 ...a major help to UK economic recovery How is govt going to facilitate return to work? When china made complete lock down Guardian made big noise, but chinese govt policy worked, but poor Uk,US scared guardian and not implemented, highest causality now in these guardian. Stop media advise like stupid guardian channel realDonaldTrump BBCWorld cnni

Boris Johnson to warn UK: tougher lockdown may be necessaryOutbreak will get worse before it gets better, PM tells nation as death toll hits 1,000 “may be” ? Herding in, mates, just herding in... Why is a tougher lockdown necessary? We are all doing our bit, is this about a virus or a lock down of our civil rights?

NHS staff 'lambs to the slaughter' due to lack of protective coronavirus gearMedics fear for their lives as two doctors became the first frontline workers to die from coronavirus in the UK, amid national death toll hitting 1,019 Nonsense. That hospital gives me the creeps I thought masks don’t stop anything?