Even bankers are starting to think Corbyn might be the safe choice now | Andy Beckett

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In the face of no-deal Brexit and a crisis in capitalism, once hostile voices are considering the benefits of a Labour government, says Guardian feature writer Andy Beckett

Beneath all the noise of Brexit, an unexpected question is being quietly asked in British politics as an election nears. Is a Jeremy Corbyn government actually the safe option? If you’ve been persuaded by the years of warnings from most of the media and countless politicians that such a government would be extreme, chaotic, authoritarian and doomed to failure, you may find this question ridiculous.


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Sure it was 'bankers' and not, sounds like.....?

Was that wankers or bankers ?

When did we start trusting bankers again?

Just like in Socialist Venezuela, bankers allied with the government and became extremly rich, some are in Forbes 500 list and the Venezuelan people are now the poorest of the world living with a salary of less than £20 a month. God save Jeremy and the UKSSR

They are wrong.


Most people are only calm about the prospect of Corbyn because they don't believe he and his Stalinist shadow cabinet could possibly be serious about what the continually promise to do.

Said no sane person ever. The only banker to say that wants to drive their profits from shorting the volatility.

Really, after last night's shenannigans?

And there we have the problem with the printed media. Sorry Andy, but you're already 12 hours out of date.

Take your medicine Britain.

I very much doubt that

Utter rubbish

Corbyn has this election all sewn up


I work in the financial markets and can tell you that this is total and utter bollox. End.


You've spelt Wankers wrong!

Doubt it.

😂😂 Of course they are 🤣🤣

Not a single banker worth their qualifications would ever spout such nonsense. If anything they would advise that you transfer all funds into an offshore account. Luckily none of this scaremongering will amount to anything as Corbyn will never be PM 😂

Bankers love bailouts

Surely this is fake news?!

Lol this is categorically untrue

Whatever Andy Becketts drinking I’ll have a pint of as well. Corbyn will rip into anyone with any cash or asset. If Labour do get in could the last person left in the Uk please turn the lights off.

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

It really is a comic 😂😂😂

An interview with Seamus Milne in a fake beard, top hat and a name tag saying “I’m a Banker”

First of all - fake news! The bankers HATE what Corbyn stands for. Second of all, if the bankers actually did want him, then that would be a great reason NOT to vote Labour. The bankers screwed us in '08 and have never paid for it.

Oh please

Oh do F*** off .....that is like saying “yeah leave your pint and pie with O’Shea he’ll look after it”🤦‍♂️


Having spent my entire career in the City, I can't say any of this rings true of the people I know. On the contrary, we want a quick resolution so we can get on with our lives.

🤣🤣🤣 No wonder your paper is considered to be the CNN of bog roll.

The Guardian doesn't know any bankers. Their too busy creating and financing wealth creation unlike the Guardian who spend their print money on destroying; do remind dear Polly.

Have you met anyone with anything to do with finance ever that has said this? They will lose jobs the day he or any of these anti democratic terrorist loving losers got in. That would be end of Uk as we know it.


The guardian is an enemy to this country. What bullshit.

You don't know much about the finance sector do you?!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Really on what planet are You

You misspelt wan*ers.

Usual Guardian bullshit.

Popular piece!!🤣

Incredible!! Absolutely rubbish. What’s the criteria for getting a job at the guardian these days? GCSE politics & a middle class self belief. 🦄🦄

LOL!!! Classic Guardian Garbage!

Only one word - bollocks.

I've never heard such delusional rubbish in all my life - yet it clearly meets . editorial guidelines & reporting standards...

....obvious typo , should read 'even Wankers'..

Socialist keynsian bankers who don't believe in democracy or actual captialism (based on capital) because what we don't have currently is a system based on capital (promissory notes not based on fiat resource (NO GOLD STANDARD). Idiots need to go to a non-cultural marxist school

In your dreams, guardian.

I can't believe this is Corburn ready to ditch those who wanted leave in order to be pm

HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - brilliant joke from Andy. Can’t beat starting the day with some quality satire/humour.

Bloody auto correct. Wankers not bankers.


Utter bollocks.

Compared to what?!

Has TitaniaMcGrath started writing for the Guardian?


Does anyone take any notice of anything the Guardian says

Probably the dumbest article I've ever read, a Marxist Corbyn government would destroy wealth in this Country quicker than feeding furnaces with £50 notes; no banker with half a brain-cell is privately advising his clients to keep his money in the U.K. should Corbyn get in.

Just because you keep saying it does not it true!

Utter tripe.

Wrong picture of those two idiots. Try this one....

Stop making things up 😂

There are lies, damn lies and Guardian headlines

Guardian got all their dates mixed up. They thought it was 1st April🤣

I cant stop laughing!! OMG call yourself a series newspaper!! Hell will freeze over first lol !!


This from the publication that said David Cameron only suffered “privileged pain” after the death of his child. Pay no attention them. Desperate tosh.

we dont want safe we want change thats what im going to vote for

The guardian doesn't even try to publish any truths or facts anymore

FFS...the dust storm created by the stampede to leave will block out the sun for decades!🤪➡️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

No they don’t! Bankers would move their money so fast, there is no way any banker would leave their money for a bunch of Jew hating Marxists to steal.

Yeh, right 😂😂

Ha ha ha!! They are joking!!!!!

You should have saved that article for April 1sf lads.

Great to see the Guardian is starting to use rhyming slang

The work of the police Mossos (without images there are minors you have to pixelate)how full the terraces are all,what the hoteliers make comments to throw me out when they stopped going nobody goes,later they threaten me with deathThey kill,they've been killing me for 13 years.

Was this article written by a 'woke' 12 year old climate change fanatic. It sure looks like it.

🤣😂🤣 BritishIndependence 🇬🇧🇬🇧


Rubbish, even for the Guardian this is ridiculous.

Lol what a joke, Everyone would move their money out of the UK if ever Corbyn was PM. He is already planning huge raids on pension pots, and a huge rise in Council tax. He would be terrible for business.


This is a parody paper isn’t it?


Oh God. The Guarduan moves another step further away from reality. Are their journalists on drugs or something?


Sounds like bollocks to me.

Oh do be quiet

What a crock that article is

The very definition of propaganda.

One of the funniest articles of the week! Try a survey of bankers rather than quoting one or two ardent Remainer who are obsessed with stopping or moderating Brexit. They don't want a hard Brexit but they want the disastrous long term consequences of a Far Left government less!

What !! Having Rose West as a nanny for your children. Fred to knock your extention up and Harrold Shipman as the family doctor fir your elderly parents would be a safer choice.

What utter crap.

Meanwhile, in the real world.....

Corbyn and crew are driving their own party off a cliff... Just what would they do to the country?



The bankers at the Bank of Venezuela perhaps ?

No more drugs for this man!

Must be a spoof account 🤣

They really don’t.

😂😂😂😂 hilarious

Labour LabourAntisemitism


You sure?


Desperate propaganda...

Is it “opposites day”? How do they feel about 10% share take? Zero carbon within the decade? Makes no deal brexit and WTO look like a jackpot win.... or is that the cunning plan? 🧐

O my o my the trolls are very very very upset Justblook at them under this article crying weeping It’s made my morning.

Its a bit early for hallucinogens, even at the guardian.

That's a total lie. Being married to a banker and having friends in that Industry I have never heard one of them say that, quite the opposite. The bank of England are dreading Corbyn getting in


Well he is doing their bidding

No they don’t, they really, really don’t.

The bankers may think so when Tony Blair gives the impression that the Labour leader rides on any camel set for him by different committees.

Communist and safe choice for capitalists. Lol

Wow you must be smoking some good gear to come up with that statement Andy. Can I have some.

This article is total bollocks.

Even the Grauniad would be out of business with a Corbyn government, do grow up, he's a disaster at everything

OMG, how stupid have the Guardian become!!! Corbyn and his thick shadow cabinet are the biggest threat to this country since WW2.

Rich bankers who funded Remain campaign to safeguard their profits via crooked EU tax dodging schemes.

This article certainly bears no relation to the conversations I have had with people in industry and finance who are terrified of the impact of a far-left Labour government on business and the economy

You misspelled, it's Wankers.

You’re lying.

Venezuelan bankers.

Don’t be silly - fake news

You are getting desperate with this crap 💩

Name 1

Except they aren’t though, are they?

I doubt it. No one in their right mind would ever think a Marxist is a safe choice.

Guardian obviously unaware of the spellcheck option.

John mcdonnell the ira man that wanted to honour ira terrorists in the picture

I’d probably quietly delete this article. Then drive around to every news agents, tear it out of every print copy and eat it to make sure no one ever sees it again. It’s embarrassing. Really.

There’s a reason why this comic has so few readers - no sane banker wants Cor Bin and his Momemtum Morons in power. The economy would be a catastrophe even compared to the last Labour Govt

Is that rhyming slang ....

Oh yeah, because Bankers always get it right don't they.

Nobody thinks Corbyn would be a safe choice, and certainly not bankers. Do you just make this up as you go along?

No, they aren't.


Not any I know of.


What are you on at Kings Place?


Bankers have always been a bit light in the brain department.

adobemotion Beware of bankers bearing gifts. Do we really want any endorsement from these people who caused the crisis. Poisoned chalice? Machiavellian attempt to try to disaffect Corbyn supporters who are anti bankers? I don’t trust the elites.

What utter tosh. All those numpties ever talk about is redistribution of wealth, not creating it. The economy would collapse with them in charge.


FFS 🤣🤣🤣

Yeah, and we all know how reliable bankers are don't we

Guardian Corrections and Clarifications: When we said ‘bankers are starting to think Corbyn might be the safe choice now’, we meant ‘wankers are starting to think Corby might be the safe choice now’...

How does the Guardian attract so many idiot writers?

‘Lies, damn lies, and Grauniad opinion’...

Guardian click-bait getting funnier .. so short of dosh

The level of delusion is astonishing

Very disingenuous piece. The anecdotal examples are weak. Business is still petrified at the prospect of Corbyn and McDonnell, of course they are. 10% expropriation of shares, expropriation of private landlords, expropriation of shareholders in utility companies...

I'm confused, are these the same bankers Corbyn say want a no deal, because this seems to suggest they want him because of the fear of no deal.🤔

And the streets of Venezuela are paved with gold. Bankers' paradise 🤣

They're really not

What do you mean 'even'? Even C2DE voters, liberals, anti-racists, remainers, trade unionists and yes, *even* Labour voters have long since decided he isn't.

Oh goody, because bankers always have our best interests at heart.

Asako_Soh Communists and bankers

Wonder why.

No. No they’re not.

They really aren’t

That wud be a definitive NO

With Diane Abacus

Haha! Reading the comment s on here confuses me. Someone help? We wait for an appt for two tours and complaint. As well as Police, Ambulance etc. Due to Conservative cuts. Why do you hate someone who wants to improve these things?

More bollox from the leftists rag

No, no they're not

What do a member of Deutsch bank, the Economist, and a series of politicians all have in common? They'd kìll their first born to remain on the EU. More shìte from the Guardian.

Trust me, they aren’t.

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They really are not, love. Remember when they put taxes to 98% in the past and people took their money to the newly created tax havens. Now they whine about offshore accounts Labour was the cause of their creation.

Total crap. A dutch bank and a pro EU paper.

Absolute nonsense.

Are they fook... literally every one except you guys know that he will never win a GE. He unelectable. His turn is up soon. He’ll be history within a month of the GE. Thank goodness.

ROFL, I wouldn’t be amazed if Corbyn is no longer leader by the time of GE

No they aren't. This is a fabrication

Typo alert!? Bankers or Wan*ers!?

Who said that,was it codswallop?


Absolute Garbage, increase in Corporation tax , increases for high earners tax , if you work for your self then Labour is not the party for you

As they flee, taking billions with them.

Best not to sniff glue before writing an article

No they fucking aren't 😂😂😂😂

No, they’re really not. Take a sensible sample of finance professionals and you’ll find that Corbyn is feared much more than Brexit. This piece is nonsense.

They're really not

Oh no he isn't.


You were saying?

Sweet dreams Andy, or, your stoned


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until capital controls are instigated and we go back to the 1970s


Magic thinking from the Guardian

Haha. The other guy is a lying buffoon and this guy is only a buffoon! The choice is clear.

Is it April 1?


😂😂😂😂😂 Is this the same bankers who nearly bankrupted us along with the Labour Party in 2008. Ffs.

No they are not

Lol what

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