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UK responds to EU legal action over Northern Ireland Protocol - but does not budge

UK responds to EU legal action over Northern Ireland Protocol - but does not budge

9/15/2022 6:31:00 PM


IEA: Russian Crude Ban Will Take 2.4 Million Bpd Off The Market |

As the European Union prepares to implement a ban on Russian seaborne crude in December, the market will have to prepare itself for a loss of 2.4 million bpd

9/15/2022 12:03:00 AM


EU Gears Up to Tax Fossil Fuel Companies Amid Energy Crisis |

The EU is preparing to propose a plan that would force fossil fuel companies taking in profits from surging oil and gas prices to submit financial contributions to offset soaring household energy bills.

9/13/2022 12:15:00 AM


Why The EU Is Struggling To Bring Its Energy Crisis Under Control |

The only thing the group agreed upon was putting a ceiling on the revenue of non-gas power generators, a move that by itself cannot solve the energy crisis.

9/13/2022 1:04:00 AM


What you don’t know can still hurt you - underreporting in EU pesticide regulation - Environmental Health

In a Comment article for Environmental Health, Axel Mie and Christina Rudén discuss how a study showing that a variant of the herbicide glyphosate causes negative effects on brain development in rats was not disclosed to regulatory EU authorities.

9/9/2022 7:04:00 PM


Russia Has Earned $158 Billion From Energy Exports Since Invading Ukraine |

Russia has earned nearly $158 billion from energy exports since its invasion of Ukraine. $85 billion of that came from the EU.

9/6/2022 10:21:00 AM


NanoSafety Cluster; The Platform Putting Nanotoxicology First

NanoSafety Cluster; The Platform Putting Nanotoxicology First: nanotoxicology EU

8/26/2022 3:32:00 PM


EU Embargo On Russian Coal Goes Into Effect |

The European Union embargo on imports of coal from Russia went into effect on August 11, with no exemptions from now on

8/11/2022 5:20:00 PM


EU Members Urge Citizens To Reduce Energy Consumption |

European Union lawmakers are beginning to prepare the public for the potential of a complete cutoff of Russian gas.

7/28/2022 8:04:00 PM


EU agrees to ration gas use this winter over Russia supply fears

The European Union have agreed to ration natural gas this winter to protect themselves against any further supply cuts by Russia

7/26/2022 6:20:00 PM


Brexit divorce bill could rise to £42.5 bn as EU launches fresh legal action

The UK's Brexit divorce bill could soar to £42.5bn after the Treasury increased its estimates by £5bn

7/22/2022 2:52:00 PM


Putin Warns the E.U. That Gas Supplies Could Keep Dwindling

The European Union fears Russia could cut off gas to wreak economic and political havoc

7/21/2022 5:33:00 AM


Europe Looks To Azerbaijan To Help Ease Energy Reliance On Russia |

“Cooperation in the field of energy has always been at the top of our agenda,' said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

7/19/2022 10:03:00 PM


Kirsty Hughes: Independence still offers a way back into the EU for Scotland

'The EU will stand back from Scotland’s constitutional choice. But if it chooses independence, the path back to the EU will be open for Scotland'

7/19/2022 10:30:00 AM


The EU Has Frozen $13 Billion In Russian Assets |

The EU has frozen as much as $13.8 billion in Russian assets since the start of the war in Ukraine.

7/13/2022 11:01:00 PM


The EU Is Prepping Another Round Of Sanctions Against Russia |

The European Union is working on the seventh package of sanctions against Russia

7/12/2022 5:34:00 PM


'Scotland may be blocked from EU if it removes Trident on rapid timetable'

Most of the EU countries are also members of Nato's planning group.

A “ think tank” in London speaks for the EU ? Are you completely mad at the Herald ? Why not get Putin to tell us what the west should do ?
What complete rubbish! Just to point out to your 'so called' expert ... 1. The EU is nothing to do with NATO 2. Iceland is a NATO member and doesn't even have an army! You really have plumbed the depths of misinformation!

7/5/2022 2:45:00 PM


No return to EU, single market or free movement under Labour, Keir Starmer vows

The one-time second referendum backer said the European Union debate is over.

I won't be switching back until I see a resolution to this effect passed overwhelmingly at the Labour Party conference. I don't trust Labour one inch when it comes to Brexit.

7/4/2022 9:31:00 PM


Keir Starmer Says Labour Will Not Take The UK Back Into The European Union

Keir Starmer says Labour will not take the UK back into the European Union

So what is the plan then? As the queues of lorrys, the fish rotting, the shrinking economy, the smallest growth. It is all traceable to leaving one of the biggest trading blocks on earth. What is the solution?
Another dictator.

7/4/2022 10:39:00 AM


Can Cinecittà become Europe’s premier film hub?

With help from the European Union, Italy is planning a new golden age for Rome’s historic studio

Meanwhile the Italians are struggling to arrive at the end of month!
Oh it will definitely Pompeii off.

6/30/2022 9:04:00 AM