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European parliament to raise alarm over UK's treatment of EU citizens

European parliament to raise alarm over UK's treatment of EU citizens


European parliament to raise alarm over UK's treatment of EU citizens

Leaked resolution says it will use veto against any Brexit deal without an insurance policy

It expresses the EU’s “readiness to revert to a Northern Ireland-only backstop”, the original proposal from the bloc rejected by Theresa May as being a threat to the UK’s constitutional integrity. But the resolution stresses it “will not give consent to a withdrawal agreement without a backstop”.

Demanding provisions in any future deal that ensure the UK signs up to “high levels of environmental, employment and consumer protections”, the resolution warns “any free-trade agreement that fails to respect such levels of protection would not be ratified by the European parliament”. Johnson’s EU envoy, David Frost, has in recent days spoken with European commission officials about the UK’s intention to diverge from EU standards.

The proportion of people instead being granted “pre-settled” status – and therefore finding themselves without a guaranteed permanent right to remain – has risen from 32% during the testing phase to 34% in the month after the national launch in March, and on to 42% in July.

Priti Patel, the home secretary, also comes under fire for her initial announcement of the end of free movement from 31 October, followed by a swift U-turn when the UK parliament was prorogued and the required legislation could not be passed.

Given the House of Commons vote in support of the Benn bill ensuring Johnson will have to request an extension of the UK’s membership of the EU beyond 31 October if a deal is not agreed, the parliament says it is open for such a Brexit delay if there is to be a general election or second referendum.

Read more: The Guardian

We are all ‘EU citizens’ at the moment. Can you stop using that phrase to mean people from continental Europe as it just contributes to the narrative that Britons are somehow apart from the rest of Europe. Read between the lines of these quotes - they are scared the UK will diverge for competitiveness and damage their economy. Hope we do 🤞

Merkel warns of danger to EU of Singapore-style UK on its borderUK poses threat if it fails to match regulation standards of bloc, says German chancellor War Stateswoman of Europe.

UK unemployment report may show job creation is slowing – business liveRolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, including new UK labour market statistics 'is slowing' shows a report. just shows remoaners need desperately bad news. I prefer the other side. Ńm

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'Tony Blair is reason why UK laughing stock' Farage takes massive dig at ex Prime MinisterTONY BLAIR was the target of a scathing attack from Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, who claimed the former Labour Prime Minister contributed to making a 'laughing stock' out of Britain with his vocal opposition to Brexit. Tony B Liar was so desperate to become EU commissioner he kissed ass all over Europe and they were just laughing at him. 'None of this is my fault' says self serving political elite rich bloke who helped initiate the catastrophe to which he refers.......

Improving people's skills will revitalise UK high streets – reportCentre for Cities thinktank says good jobs and a strong local economy will save high streets Does that mean we stop using the internet? Really, will I be able to see these skills from my Amazon homepage? Extracting money out of the grubby little hands of tax avoiders and putting it back into the economy would play a large part. Give it back to councils. Pay people more money for their work. Then they could actually spend it saw this under Thatcher. She screwed the high street 2

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