European leaders have targeted the unvaccinated as Covid wave builds

Europe hits the panic button over Omicron with lockdowns for the un-vaccinated and travel bans

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12/4/2021 1:20:00 AM

Europe hits the panic button over Omicron with lockdowns for the un-vaccinated and travel bans

European leaders have slammed the handbrake on the continent's Covid recovery in recent days, with lockdown measures, work from home orders, and vaccine mandates rolled out as cases rise.

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GManson2005 This is why we had to leave the EU is it?

Young child becomes Australia's ninth Omicron Covid caseA child too young to be vaccinated has become Australia's eighth Omicron Covid case, with his family arriving on flight QR908 from Doha to Sydney on November 23. Those nutcases will lock down the entire country

Tell us: how have you been affected by the Covid Omicron variant?We would like to hear how you have been affected by the new variant first identified in the southern Africa region Or why not ask what we were doing, or not doing, while No 10 hosted 1 helluva party?! Government incompetence & overreach continues. Media complicity remains consistent. daughter's family visit to SA after 2,5 years in jeopardy as returning to expensive R49 000 quarantine in UK is 4 X the air ticket price....

Will the Omicron Covid variant cancel Christmas?A new Covid variant first identified in South Africa is spreading around the world, with leaders rushing to respond. Our science correspondent Nicola Davis outlines what we know so far about the Omicron variant Omicron Covid is less severe than the variants that proceeded it.. this is terrible news

Omicron variant fuelling ‘exponential’ rise in Covid cases, say South Africa officialsNearly three-quarters of virus genomes sequenced last month were of new variant, say South African health officials NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PARMA, ITALY 🇮🇹 THE MARCH OF THE VACCINE DEAD 1000s of People march with photos of their loved ones who died from the 'safe and effective' Covid-19 'vaccines'.

Coronavirus news live: South Africa sees ‘exponential increase’ in Covid cases, dominated by Omicron variantThe Omicron variant has propelled a sharp rise in Covid cases in South Africa, accounting for almost three quarters of all new virus cases Extremely concerning for South Africa. Lol. good luck

South Africa Covid cases double as fears grow over omicron spreadScientists are concerned the new Covid variant may be more transmissible than delta If the symptoms are minor, the sooner everyone catches it the better. It would out-compete the more dangerous variants and finally put this hysteria to bed.