Euphoric Remainer snobbery has become a fanatical religion

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The Lib Dems are expertly tapping into a virulent psychological need among some Remainers to feel superior.

If Brexit blew up the old world order, a new species of snob has been forged in its fuming embers. For evidence, look no further than the growing tribe of Lib Dem-defecting arch-Remainers.


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Rich, coming from the mouthpiece of The Tories! Gosh you couldn't get a more superior cabinet than now!


The daily telegraph are expertly tapping into a virulent psychological need among some public school educated people to feel superior

Excellent article.

Lib dems are the voice of the privileged

The Telegraph is expertly tapping into a sentiment that leaving the EU will resolve the problems in everyone's lives. Wait until everyone realises it makes little to no difference or, makes them worse

Awful lot of touchy remainers seem to have their nerves jangled by this observation - must have hit pretty close to the mark...

Yay. Lets get all of the rotten apples in one barrel

What up Telegraph? People seeing through your Brexit lies and your owners fear he might have go disclose word he hides his money

Not hard to 'feel superior' when reading drivel like this. Tories and Telegraph are doomed.

It's... kind of a relief? sometimes as an American, to know we're not the only ones in the world right now being ripped apart by right wing ideology, and divisive, manipulative, for profit, news mediums. The telegraph sounds like... just a real class act.

I’ve said this about the left for years. They are desperate to feel superior. That’s why they always claim their ideas are the “right” or “smart” thing to do, even though they can rarely explain how.

She is the angel of the south.

Torygraph propaganda rag is sh*t

They are all more Cuckoo than all the clocks in Switzeralnd!!!

Remainers are not superior to leavers you could say the opposite perhaps remainers need to read up a little more on the EU.

Some prime gammon-faced examples in the replies 😂

How ironic that the Telegraph should publish this headline. FakeNews

Woo hoo!! As a Lib Dem campaigning Remainer sounds fun..stopthecoup DeathByBrexit

And what of the leavers? Brexit brexitshambles


Fascist arsewipe rag .DailyTorygraph once attacked CorbynLabour and loonieleft Momentum threatening blue rinse suburbia with 'a Corbyn government' 😱 Now they attack LibDems with increasingly puerile garbage like this pathetic drivel. Feeling threatened much? 😎

FakeNews outoforder apologisenow

Ha ha ha the utter dog shite the press come up with for clicks these days.

Never mind . Everyone knows you’re the single source of truth. 🙄

Lmao you worship to Brexit now Telegraph.


So much projection here. They want to stay in Europe and are seeking support for it. That's it. The feelings of inferiority /superiority being imposed here are all yours.

Democracy is a religion.

Vote 👇 Will the LibDems pick up loads of votes in the general election? bbcqt

Fib Dems. Not liberal. Not democratic.

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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