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EU stitch-up! Hated deal allows European firms to cash in - at UK’s expense

#EuropeanUnion stitch-up! Hated deal allows European firms to cash in - at UK’s expense #Brexit

10/16/2021 2:10:00 AM

EuropeanUnion stitch-up! Hated deal allows European firms to cash in - at UK’s expense Brexit

COMPANIES from Ireland and other EU27 countries are using the Northern Ireland Protocol to cash in, with exports dramatically up since its implementation, while UK firms are being frozen out by red tape, a disturbing new analysis has suggested.

(Image: Facts4EU)Other countries have also seen increased exports to Northern Ireland this year(Image: Facts4EU)“No judges from Northern Ireland (nor from GB) are on the panel."As such, Northern Irish companies, and even those in mainland UK servicing Northern Ireland – were therefore subject to EU state aid rules, Mr Evans pointed out.

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He added: “It's no longer has free access to products from the rest of the UK.“And if NI residents visit relatives in the UK with their dog or cat, they can’t even bring their pet back home with them without incurring large fees and conditions.”Northern Ireland Protocol dispute factfile

(Image: Express)Referring the concessions outlined by Mr Sefcovic this week, Mr Evans added: “None of the above will change under the EU Commission’s latest proposals issued on Wednesday.“This is not ‘getting Brexit done’. Not yet.“Over to you, Lord Frost. A supposedly sovereign nation awaits.”

Speaking on Friday, Lord Frost said the European Union had made encouraging moves towards resolving the dispute over the Protocol - but insisted more was needed.UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson(Image: GETTY)TrendingPrior to a meeting with Mr Sefcovic in Brussels, he explained: “I think the EU has definitely made an effort in pushing beyond where they typically go in these areas and we're quite encouraged by that.

“But obviously there is still quite a big gap.“And that's what we've got to work through today and in the future." Read more: Daily Express »

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And which thicko negotiated and signed up to this? Should you be using words like hate and stitch up at the moment. Shouldn’t you be up in arms about the deal that was agreed by the government. Or are you just a government mouthpiece. Are you referring to the “oven ready” deal which the Prime Minister praised to the high heavens and then bestowed a peerage on his Chief Negotiator as a reward for his great negotiation skills? Or is it some other deal which has been kept secret up to now?

Brexit though - isn’t it just great . 🇪🇺 Oh dear shaking the glass again xx Again? Correct. Who would sign and promote a deal like this ? 한국교회여_회개하라 메시아께서_오십니다 BenchmarkOfEntry 주님께서는 당신을 훈련시키기 위해 항상 고통을 허락하십니다.

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Brexit LIVE: EU poised to slap UK with 'drastic' payback as revenge for Frost hardballingTHE European Union is ready to slap the UK with drastic measures if Lord Frost follows through with his threat to trigger Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her Bowser_51 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success Frost isn’t hardballing ! Triggering article 16 will self harm the British economy, which is already fragile. The cost of living is increasing and if we triggered article 16 it would amplify the problems we’re already encountering as well as creating greater unemployment.

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