EU launches legal action over UK's 'illegal' Protocol plans

6/15/2022 9:31:00 PM

Government moves to override the Northern Ireland Protocol are a breach of international law, claims Maros Sefcovic

🔴The European Union on Wednesday launched three separate law suits against Britain in retaliation for the Government’s plan to override the Northern Ireland Protocol

Government moves to override the Northern Ireland Protocol are a breach of international law, claims Maros Sefcovic

The European Union on Wednesday launched three separate lawsuits against Britain in retaliation for the Government’s plan to override the Northern Ireland Protocol as Downing Street rejected the bloc’s olive branch to end the dispute.Don't show me this message again ✕ (PA) T he first plane taking asylum seekers to Rwanda today is under threat amid a series of legal challenges.The European Commission announced fresh legal action this morning.About sharing Image caption, Reaction to the Court of Appeal's decision to allow the first flight taking asylum seekers to Rwanda to go ahead leads some of the papers.

Maros Sefcovic, a European Commission vice-president, said there was no doubt the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill was a breach of international law and “is extremely damaging to mutual trust and respect between the EU and the UK”.“Let there be no doubt, there is no legal, nor political justification whatsoever for unilaterally changing an international agreement,” he added.Inside the bubble Chief politics commentator John Rentoul on what to look out for: More about Join our new commenting forum Join thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies.“Opening the door to unilaterally changing an international agreement is a breach of international law as well.So let’s call a spade a spade.This is illegal.Image caption, The Guardian's lead story says the EU is poised to launch legal action against the UK over ministers' claims that an "emergency loophole" allows them to scrap post-Brexit checks and standards in Northern Ireland.

" Sefcovic: 'We do not seek a political victory' In response to the legislation, Mr Sefcovic on Wednesday restarted an old infringement procedure launched in March 2021 over the suspension of food checks and opened two new cases over Britain's refusal to honour commitments in the Protocol open border inspection posts and share customs data with the EU.But the Slovak diplomat refused to use the bloc's powers to punish Britain for tabling the bill, and instead opened the door to talks to de-escalate mounting tensions."We do not seek a political victory," Mr Sefcovic told reporters in Brussels."What we want is to find workable, long-term solutions based on the law." Despite his accusations of an egregious breach of international law, Mr Sefcovic insisted his door was open for further negotiations as the bloc was not ready to trigger a trade war.Image caption, "No tax cuts before inflation cools off" is the warning in the Daily Telegraph's headline, as the paper reports that the prime minister is unlikely to reduce taxes to help with the cost of living before next year.

He said: "Despite all this and our experience of the past 18 months, we do it."Our doors are open, we are ready to engage on how to ensure the operation of the Protocol is as smooth as possible," he added."If this draft bill becomes the law, I, of course, cannot exclude anything.But we are not there yet, and we want to solve this issue as two partners should through negotiations." In a bid to end a months-long impasse, the European Commission fleshed out proposals, first published in October 2021, to cut customs checks on goods sent from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.Image caption, Another royal story leads the Sun, as the paper reports that Prince William is moving his family to a new home on the Windsor estate, near to the Queen.

Mr Sefcovic outlined a plan to slash the amount of paperwork required for supermarket lorries from hundreds of sheets to just three.A government source, however, accused the top eurocrat of proposing "reheated" options that "businesses have already said won't work"."This is a blast from the past from Sefcovic," they added..

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Will the Russian judge have a say in that too? WTF is the EU doing. There is no depth… Since when has measures to remediate the 'blackmail' of the NI Protocol been illegal? One can, of course understand the Republic's frustration at the prospective loss of the 'annexation' of the Province in all matters Economic and Trade.

That won't frighten Boris, he's not afraid of breaking the law. Awww, Maris Pipervic is angry!

Inside Politics: Ghost planeInsidePolitics 🔴 Flight taking asylum seekers to Rwanda under threat despite court of appeal decision and UK faces legal action over Brexit protocol bill, writes mattcmathers mattcmathers The 'Australian solution' that Britain has adopted is ugly and imorral. Just as it is in Australia.

UK braces for the EU to relaunch legal action TODAY over Brexit lawThe EU announced fresh legal action this morning as part of a series of measures in response to the Government's move to unilaterally scrap parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol. They already have Breaking the law does have consequences Is it done, or not?

Newspaper headlines: Rwanda flight 'shames UK' and EU legal threatThe papers cover reaction to the deportation of asylum seekers and the row over Brexit goods checks. Tories shame UK Another ‘Remainstream media' anti-Boris attack RemainstreamMedia

Northern Ireland Protocol: EU Commission threatens 'proportionate actions' over UK government plans to override part of post-Brexit dealLegislation will give the UK government power to unilaterally overhaul parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol - a move ministers insist is lawful, but critics say could break international law. Read more about this story: UK international reputation for agreements These people are paid by the arms manufacturers and oil magnates. They don't care about the British people who are paying 25% of their income as gas bills. She makes everything she touches go sour.

EU Has 'Absolutely No Reason' To Be Annoyed By Our Protocol Plans, Liz Truss SaysForeign secretary says changes would not 'make the EU any worse off' — but the proposals have already sparked fears of retaliation. This coming from a lying Tory Government.

Flashpoints in the plans to free Northern Ireland from EU protocolMinisters unveiled a package of measures yesterday to override key elements of Northern Ireland protocol.The package did not go as far as some Brexiteers wante