Ethiopia promises peace but keeps bombing rebels and civilians

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s actions belie his words

1/17/2022 12:21:00 AM

If Abiy Ahmed is serious about giving peace a chance, he should first stop fighting and allow aid to enter Tigray

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s actions belie his words

TPLFTPLFofficials.OLF’s armed wing is deemed a terrorist group by the government and is therefore excluded from talks, too., which the government also calls a terrorist group. Officially it will not be invited to the dialogue. But it is possible that the government may want to start separate peace talks with it. An internal document prepared by the ruling party and seen by

It would be a controversial move. The release of

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& the POTUS administration is letting Abyi/Isayas/Amhara choke Tigray StopTheWarOnTigray ACT! Tigray is under complete siege and the only functioning hospital has run out of medication and food for malnourished children AirDropFoodToTigray to save lives.antonioguterres SamanthaJPower carlbildt SwedenUN SwedishPM SweinEthiopia AsstSecStateAF UNHumanRights

Wish all best to previal peace peaceispossible in Tigray I am pretty much convinced there is something FISHY going on isaiasafewerki Eritrea owner of TigraySiege, tightening WesternTigray control with his TigrayGenocide actor's Amhara & AbiyAhmed EritreaOutOfTigray The Economist 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

EU_Commission EUActNow SenatoStampa Quirinale Adnkronos ItaliaNEWS A government that is ready for peace talk give priority to saving lives by allowing humanitarian access and life saving medications. Thousands of children are dying daily from hunger and the Tigray health system is collapsing.EU_Commission EUActNow TigrayCantWait

EU_Commission must act before it’s too late for millions. EUActNow POTUS antonioguterres SecBlinken UN EuropeanParliament EP_President Rights2022 hrw Europarl_EN EP_ForeignAff EUact JosepBorrellF StandUp4HumanRights Use your power and save civilians! SteezyFlexTM EndTigraySiege StopTigraySiege StopBombingTigray CallitaGenocide Tigraygenocide BradSherman SenBooker ChrisCoons SFRCdems SenateForeign SenatorMenendez PattyMurray RepStricklandWA LibnOfCongress UN SecBlinken POTUS SenatorCantwell RepJayapal RepAdamSmith WHO

My beloved Tigrayans people's are suffering everywhere in Ethiopia TigrayGenocide TigrayCantWait 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔👇👇 Abiy Ahmed is mental problems the world have stop the war in Tigray. TigrayCantWait TigrayGenocide

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International community needs to act now to ensure that ChildrenOfTigray receive emergency food, healthcare & protection from AbiyAhmedAli’s genocidal campaign EndTigraySiege NorwayUN NorwayAmbUNOG 💯 he is not ready his Military leader insured today they will make sure all access will be blocked to Tigray. We are asking the humanitarian organization to do their job. UN POTUS amnesty WHO antonioguterres

For God's sake How many Tigrayans were sentenced to perish due to negligence of international community UN led by antonioguterres who collaborates with WarCrimes at TigrayGenoicde executed by AbiyAhmed Ethiopia & Eritrea evil regimes StopTigraySiege AirDropFoodToTigray TPLF is the main cause of the problems in Tigray.

AbiyAhmedAli can't be trusted, Lying behavior TPLF said it withdrew its forces but keeps attacking Amhara and Afar. So what is your point ? But Tplf is coming with guns and not 🌹. TigrayGenocide TigerayFamine TigrayCantWait RAbdiAnalyst That's exactly right . If Ethiopian PM wants peace he would stop the war and he would allow aids to tigray. Stop genocide in tigray allow access to tigray . People are dying because of starvation .

As we speak now the terrorist tplf is shelling residents in Abala, afar region,The only route for aid to tigray,,,, Quit all these gaslighting propagandas and tell the truth!! NoMore lies

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If AbiyAhmed is serious about giving peace a chance, he should first stop fighting and allow aid to enter Tigray. Stop ✋ TigraySiege 🚨 POTUS SecBlinken BradSherman UN EUCouncil UNOSAPG CNN hrw GerrySimpsonHRW amnesty SenatorMenendez antonioguterres ChrisCoons RAbdiAnalyst Do you mean stop fighting & let TPLFTerroristGroup re-concur Amhara & Afar regions for more massacre &mayhems? ETH had decided not to enter into Tigray for many reasons, one being seeking peace; however, TPLF still are shelling mortars into Abala, z only route getting aid into

He's not serious just want to confuse the IC and buy time for another attack. Indeed. Thanks! Thanks for your voice to voiceless U kidding or u r really incopetant he don't won't stop to destroy Tigray. U know that so The economist is deliberately framing the terrorist group's terms to fit that of the government. Ask why Abala, Afar (Zone -2) is under heavy artillery attack for over four weeks, following the empty giving peace a chance by TPLF?

Tseday And then In the name of humanitarian aid you are going to provide weapon to TPLF !! RAbdiAnalyst Tplf is a criminal, murderer and killer entity that had to be eliminated for the safeguard of Ethiopia!!! NoMore lies. Who blocked the access? TPLFTerroristGroup Who is fighting afar farmers? TPLFTerroristGroup So tell TPLFTerroristGroup to allow access and stop fighting. NoMore lies

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JosepBorrellF WhiteHouse SenateForeign StateDept StateDeptSpox jakejsullivan JoeBiden BradSherman nimaelbagir ChrisCoons SecBlinken USAmbUN UN simoncoveney Ethiopia government using starvation as a weapon in Tigray war TigrayIsSuffering RAbdiAnalyst It is not a siege by the gov of Ethiopia. Far from it. The issue is the TPLF Terrorist organization has taken 6 million people in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region hostage & it wants to negotiate with their lives. That’s the real issue the Western media willfully ignores. NoMore

In other words you’re saying Abiy has to allow the invasion of Amhara & Afar again (for the second round), facilitate genocides, rape, massive robbery & displacement of millions. Don’t try to fool me that, as TPLF is shelling Afar & Amhara towns with heavy artillery. Idiot! If he is serious about peace he should let the rebels to inter Addis Ababa 😉

Who will be the smart leader in the world to understand the meaning of starving the meaning of bombing the innocent kids in Tigray pls help me out to understand in 2022 NoMore RAbdiAnalyst When TPLF lost all the wars, ur fake tongue and paper roar about tigray. Leave them, tplf didn't , don't have objective except achieving ur goals.

RAbdiAnalyst The war is over!!! lets talk about ukraine. Currently, the most misinformation media outlets as compared to others are and ReutersAfrica. This will not get you anywhere.

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RAbdiAnalyst The world already wake up, ..... at least change the tactics RAbdiAnalyst CIA, the MOJO is over. AbiyAhmed is not able to survive in peace. Similarly, the dictator in Eritrea is not for peace. All what AbiyAhmed does is misleading the world to buy time & destroy Tegaru. He is not to be trusted for peacemaking. Surely, he is working for a major offensive on the background.

It is shame & immoral blaming the victims without assessing the cause for the crisis in 🇪🇹 .TPLF, never care for Tigray people & peace b/c war is the most lucrative business for them.If they are ready to stop the human suffering in Tigray they have stop the war now. Don’t blame Who is fighting? Do u have any clue about this? Pls check your source of info if your blindness emabates from it.

Tibletse2 International community act NOW to stop: WesternTigray ethniccleansing TigrayGenocide WarCrimes of AbiyAhmed Ethiopia + IsaiasAfewerki Eritrea EritreaOutOfTigray + UAE Turkey China Iran Russia to StopArmingEthiopia Tigrayans are dying every day DropAidNotBombs Tibletse2 Urgent life saving message to IC UN USA EU -Air humanitarian brige to Tigray DropAidNotBombs -Opening up humanitarian corridor via Sudan -EritreaOutOfTigray -NoFlyZoneInTigray -ReconnectTigray -ask UAE Turkey China Iran to StopArmingEthiopia

Η ζωή σας μπορεί να αλλάει μόνο με τις δικές σας προσπάθειες. - Ξέρξης AbiyAhmedAli’s assignment from Isaias Afeworki is to starve Tigray into submission. TigrayFamine TigrayGenocide international communities have to put a pressure on the Ethiopian PM to EndTigraySiege StopBombingTigray USAmbUN JosepBorrellF POTUS CanadaFP antonioguterres melaniejoly JosepBorrellF UNGeneva UNOSAPG Pontifex UNHumanRights BishopAngaelos StateDeptSpox

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Android . Ethiopia’s civil war has certainly cooled down. In late 2021 rebels from the northern region of Tigray were on the brink of storming the capital and toppling the government of Abiy Ahmed, the prime minister. Abiy declared a state of emergency and called on residents to fight. Embassies evacuated staff and urged their citizens to leave. But in a matter of weeks the Ethiopian army pushed the rebels into retreat. Tigray’s ruling party, the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front ( TPLF ), asked for a ceasefire. Though fighting continues on several fronts, Abiy has declared victory. Before the war Abiy was known as a peacemaker. He won a Nobel prize in 2019 for ending hostilities with neighbouring Eritrea, and was praised for helping to mediate a power-sharing deal in Sudan. Ethiopia’s year-long civil war, during which the army and its allies have committed war crimes, has damaged that reputation. Now Abiy is hoping to mend it. First his government announced that the army would not seek to reoccupy Tigray. Instead he urged Tigrayans to fight the TPLF . Then, on Ethiopian Christmas, he freed several opposition leaders from prison, including Jawar Mohammed, his chief rival from the Oromo ethnic group, and six TPLF officials. The prime minister described the move as an act of victor’s mercy, saying that it was necessary for Ethiopia to break the cycle of war. The government wants freed opposition leaders to take part in a so-called “national dialogue”, which is to weigh matters such as the country’s controversial system of ethnically based federalism. But they are unlikely to do so just yet. “As it is, the intended national dialogue can be neither inclusive nor impartial,” says Jawar’s ally, Merera Gudina. Other powerful Oromo opposition figures, such as Dawud Ibsa, leader of the Oromo Liberation Front ( OLF ), remain in custody. The OLF ’s armed wing is deemed a terrorist group by the government and is therefore excluded from talks, too. An even bigger challenge is the TPLF , which the government also calls a terrorist group. Officially it will not be invited to the dialogue. But it is possible that the government may want to start separate peace talks with it. An internal document prepared by the ruling party and seen by The Economist did not rule this out. “There was a clear suggestion that we should be talking to them,” says a senior ruling party official who attended the meeting at which the paper was discussed. It would be a controversial move. The release of TPLF officials from prison sparked an uproar, especially among Abiy’s allies in Amhara, the second most populous region and the focus of fighting in recent months. The National Movement of Amhara, an opposition party, called the release a “historic mistake”. Negotiation with the TPLF would probably provoke even more anger. “How can we talk with people who are still waging war?” asks an Amhara ruling-party parliamentarian. Many would prefer the government to lay siege to Tigray until its leaders surrender. That still looks like the plan. No aid of any kind has entered Tigray since mid-December and almost no medicine has been allowed in since June. “Our hospital is out of supplies,” says a doctor at Tigray’s largest one. After more than a year of war some 400,000 people are starving and millions more are running out of food. Drones and fighter jets, meanwhile, pound Tigrayans from the air. On January 8th at least 56 people were reportedly killed in an air strike on a camp for internally displaced people, prompting aid agencies to suspend their work. If Abiy is serious about giving peace a chance, he should first stop fighting. ■ This article appeared in the Middle East & Africa section of the print edition under the headline "Happy Christmas, war is over?"