Eric Adams on how to end America’s housing crisis

11/22/2022 4:48:00 AM

How New York City’s mayor plans to tackle housing insecurity in his backyard

Growing up in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams and his family worried about being “forced onto the streets without warning”. Now he’s on a mission to fight housing insecurity

How New York City’s mayor plans to tackle housing insecurity in his backyard

YIMBYism, not NIMBYism, is required Nov 18th 2022 G ROWING UP in New York City, I carried a trash bag to school filled with my clothes because my mother worried that the locks on our home would be changed and we’d be forced onto the streets without warning.Updated 2 hours ago Getty Images An off-duty deputy from Vermont was shot by police in Saratoga Springs, New York after getting involved in a fight over the weekend, according to NBC affiliate WPTZ..Subscribe to our daily newsletter! Sign Up Simon Hardiman will be taking over as Chief Fire Officer from Rod Hammerton Assistant chief fire officer Simon Hardiman will be taking over as chief fire officer from Rod Hammerton who has been in the top job for six years.

Housing insecurity is a global crisis that transcends national wealth or geography.Today, millions of children and families face housing insecurity, just like I did.m.Research shows that stable housing is crucial to health, education, employment and intergenerational prosperity.The original Escape From New York was set in a fictional, dystopian 1997 wherein Manhattan has been turned into a giant maximum-security prison.Housing insecurity isn’t just a big-city problem.After an argument started between the deputy and some people from the Utica, New York area, the deputy was attacked by at least three people, slammed onto the hood of a car and knocked onto the ground, according to WPTZ.America has a housing shortage of at least 3.My vision is to maintain delivery of excellent services to the communities of Shropshire, and to meet new challenges and demands placed upon us over the coming months and years.

8m units, which has sent rents and purchase prices soaring, far outstripping wage growth.Officials told news media that police nearby saw the deputy pointing his gun and ordered him to drop it several times.This housing crisis affects us all—from people experiencing homelessness, to young adults who can’t afford to move out of their parents’ homes, to families crowding into too-small apartments.Although many factors contribute to the problem, at its core we have a housing crisis because we are not building enough housing.Three people in total were hurt during the ordeal.The reason for that is simple: for generations, well-housed people across the country have fought efforts to build more homes in their neighbourhoods.It is time to shift the narrative—and say “yes” to new housing instead.Get New England news, weather forecasts and entertainment stories to your inbox."I have been honoured to be the chief fire officer for Shropshire for the last seven years, but I am leaving secure in the knowledge that the leadership is in good hands.

That starts with first acknowledging how we got here.Racism made us say no.Redlining housing policies discriminated against black and brown families, in effect excluding them from a pathway to prosperity.Practices like density caps, and bureaucratic and regulatory barriers, prevented the construction of high-density housing in suburban and urban neighbourhoods, and are part of that legacy of classism and racism.Bureaucracy and inertia made us say no.” An official handover will be taking place on December 15.

In New York City, the process for changing our zoning rules has devolved into a byzantine ordeal that can take years to complete and adds millions in costs to new developments.Finally, political and cultural rhetoric made us say no.Small but vocal groups block any new construction, saying “not in my backyard” ( NIMBY ) each time someone proposes a new investment that would benefit those in need.There are some—on both sides of the political spectrum—who choose politics over people.In New York City, we recently saw a small group of homeowners try to block a relatively modest plan to build 350 apartments in the Bronx, including affordable homes for pensioners and veterans.

Community meetings turned into shouting matches full of racially charged language.Threats were made against local elected officials.In May 2022, a plan to build more than 900 new apartments in Harlem was withdrawn after local opposition meant there were not enough votes to approve a required zoning change.Instead of providing affordable homes for hundreds of families, the site is now slated to be converted into a truck depot.Since I took office, we have been charting a new course.

We’re becoming a City of Yes—yes in my backyard ( YIMBY ), yes on my block, yes in my neighbourhood.We’re becoming a City of Yes—yes in my backyard, yes on my block, yes in my neighbourhood We’re proposing dozens of alterations to our citywide zoning rules to make it easier to build new homes that will support families of different economic means and right the racist wrongs of the past.We’re using new technologies and innovative processes to speed approvals of new development by government agencies.And we’re trying to amend the political process by which bigger projects are approved so that the entire city, and not just a small number of anti-development residents, has a voice in the decisions that determine whether a large swathe of New Yorkers can continue to live in the city they call home.We’re bolstering those changes with $22bn of public investment in housing over the next decade—the largest in city history.

And we’re accelerating construction of housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.We’re not alone.In Boston, Mayor Michelle Wu recently signed an executive order speeding up the construction of new housing.In California, Governor Gavin Newsom and the state legislature now require every county in the state to take responsibility for more housing production.And we’re looking forward to working with our state legislature to spur more construction across our region.

But these efforts will only work if we all stand together.Voices saying no have always been the loudest—and they need to be answered with a chorus of yes, so we can overcome NIMBY.

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As he travels to Greece with tax payers money. No business going there Wild conclusion! Not building enough affordable housing but growing super sized rats in New York. Why don't you set a good example that crimes by the astonishingly wealthy are unacceptable, ericadamsfornyc? Do not appear alongside SBF_FTX. If you want to fix wealth inequality, it's a good place to start.

We could make a ton of money from bum fights. Anyone want in? Now Adams is the expert in solving the homeless crises through crowding of neighborhoods with low cost high occupancy buildings (tenement housing) which only increase crime rates wherever they crop up! 🤡👎🏾 This why American natives have never wanted foreign settlers and migrants on their lands since first contact by Hispanic Columbus!

His NYPD literally harrasses the homeless. 🙄🙄 Honestly did you guys get paid to write this puff piece? Either that or ( more likely) with his friends Hochul and Braggs will put all New Yorkers oh on the street without a home. Sweet revenge, wouldn't you say?

Off-Duty Vermont Deputy Shot by Police in Upstate New YorkAn off-duty deputy from Vermont was shot by police in Saratoga Springs, New York after getting involved in a fight over the weekend, according to NBC affiliate WPTZ. The incident happened near a restaurant on Broadway in Saratoga Springs around 3 a.m. Sunday. After an argument started between the deputy and some people from the Utica, New York area, the…

Infomercial. The Adams track record for housing has so far entailed 1) Tearing down our homeless neighbors’ tents under the BQE, 2) loading their possessions into a trash compactor, and 3) sending then running scared with nowhere to go. This is some PR-driven, revisionist history BS. Why would you hold up Eric Adams as the example? Is GavinNewsom next?

Eric Adams 👎 How? By tripling the NYPD's budget? More like a mission to destroy that city further...

Escape From New York is getting a reboot with Scream creative teamSnake is making a return

Shropshire's new fire chief to take over in the new yearA new fire chief is set to take over the reigns in Shropshire in the new year. Reins, as in the things to lead a horse, aren't you supposed to be journalists? Congratulations SFRS_SHardiman fantastic news. 👏🏼 Congratulations SFRS_SHardiman 👏🏼

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