Erasing the hate: the tattoo shop offering ex-KKK members a fresh start

2/5/2019 2:12:00 PM

Erasing the hate: the tattoo shop offering ex-KKK members a fresh start

Mississippi, Tattoos

Erasing the hate: the tattoo shop offering ex-KKK members a fresh start

At Sickside Tattoo Studio in Mississippi , reformed gang members and white supremacists such as TM Garret seek free cover-ups for ink from their pasts

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tmgarret tmgarret this is great, I really wish you was in the UK. I had a dark shameful view in my teens very different to how I am now. Wish I could get rid of some of my tattoos. Thank you for giving people a 2nd chance. I’m not to sure how to feel about this ? Articles 20 years ago were touting tattoo removal as a growth industry.

We all make mistakes, but especially in our youthful pride. Its probably, partly why tatoos are forbidden in old testament.

US governor in yearbook photo of man in blackface and another in KKK robeThere have been repeated calls for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to resign after the 1984 photo emerged You missed Democrat governor in your headline. Vile man 35 years ago really are scraping the barrel now

Revealed: FBI investigated civil rights group as 'terrorism' threat and viewed KKK as victimsBureau spied on California activists, citing potential ‘conspiracy’ against the ‘rights’ of neo-Nazis Of course they did. American's are living in upside down world. so? Do you mean't Antifa VS alleged nazis?

Venezuela crisis: Defiant Maduro compares Trump to 'head of the KKK'The socialist leader says he will continue to resist calls for him to give up power despite support for his opponent in the West. he's not wrong. doesn't change the fact, maduro's a tyrant who's starving his people, and destroying his country. Maduro or potus ... I don't quite know which of these plonkers to side with.... I think that the DNC is advising him

Governor apologises for racist yearbook photo of blackface and KKKVirginia governor Ralph Northam can be seen on a page from his 1984 student yearbook alongside a man in blackface and another in a Ku Klux Klan robe.

Virginia's governor under pressure to resign over KKK and blackface yearbook photosVirginia's governor is facing mounting calls for him to resign after pictures emerged of him dressed up in either a Ku Klux Klan hood or with blackface. So there's this, and the fact that he supports infanticide. Guess which one people are talking about and asking him to resign over? I can't comprehend his bizarre taste of humour, but if he's being removed from his position, those who oppose him should state what his act was when citing it. how long will it be until politicians are pressured to resign over stuff they did as 10 year olds.

US Governor refuses to resign over blackface and KKK yearbook photoRalph Northam apologised for appearing in the photo, but then completely backtracked, claiming he never featured in it. In other news wrongon79 MAGA When are these two going to be brought up in the news. Oh wait this is comedy The photo is older than I am why not just own up and say you were a stupid kid. Instead he looks like and idiot keep backtracking does he really hold racists views ?

Virginia governor Ralph Northam under pressure to resign over racist photoHarris, Booker and other 2020 candidates lead calls to quit over yearbook image showing people in blackface and KKK costume No, his support and status about Infanticide... racism is a distraction... And he should!!! It doesn’t matter if the VirginiaGovernor was in the photo or not. If he wasn’t, his classmates and the yearbook staff thought of him in that way and inserted the photo because of his reputation. racism Virginia

US governor sorry for racist yearbook photoThe Democrat apologised after a photo surfaced of a man wearing blackface next to a man in KKK robes. Does anyone care if the apology is sincere? Notice the lack of the word 'Democrat' in the headline. If it were a Republican, it would read: 'Republican Governor ...'

Virginia governor apologizes for racist costumes in yearbook photo but does not resignImage published by conservative website shows person in blackface standing next to person dressed as KKK member Infanticide was OK with me, but racism from 35 years ago is too far! I’m sorry, not sorry You uncover something from 35 years ago and expect the person to end his career forever