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England's Covid restrictions explained as final stage of roadmap set for delay

England's Covid restrictions explained as final stage of roadmap set for delay

6/13/2021 7:38:00 AM

England's Covid restrictions explained as final stage of roadmap set for delay

With the last relaxation of lockdown rules now likely to be postponed from June 21 into mid July, we look at the rules that are expected to remain in place despite hopes England's 'freedom day' was on its way

Boris Johnson has said he wants to give vaccinations “extra legs” in “the race between the vaccines and the lockdowns” amid a surge in cases of the more transmissible India variant.He is expected to postpone the June 21 easing in an announcement on Monday, with reports that the lifting of remaining restrictions could be put back until July 19.

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So far Mr Johnson has said he is not planning to tighten up rules that have already been relaxed, meaning activities allowed on May 17 are still likely to be permitted.Here are some of the measures we expect to remain in place, with Monday's announcement set to kick 'freedom day' into touch.

SOCIAL DISTANCING Social distancing measures and the rule-of-six look set to remain in place for at least another month.Pubs and restaurants currently need to obey the one-metre-plus rule, where people stay two metres apart or one metre with mitigations like a perspex screen.

Laws ordering venue owners to ensure customers are following the rules remain the same, despite the relaxation on hugging within a group in May. Indoor diners can only meet in groups of six.There are also limits on how many people can go into entertainment venues like cinemas and theatres that look set to continue.

And outdoor gatherings are capped at no more than 30 people.SPORTING EVENTS The Prime Minister's expected delay will come as a huge blow to big sporting events – including Wembley hosting the Euros.Group games will have to be capped at a quarter capacity – 22,500 fans – which could rise to around 45,000 by the semis and the June 11 final.

Under the easing of restrictions on May 17 fans were allowed to return to sports fixtures, with outdoor venues permitted capacities of 4,000 people or half-full, whichever is lower.In the largest outdoor seated venues, where crowds can spread out, up to 10,000 people are able to attend, or grounds can be a quarter-full, whichever is fewer.

Fans can attend sporting events indoors with capacities of 1,000 people or half-full, whichever is fewer.WEDDINGS Limits on numbers are likely to remain, but the current 30 person cap could be increased.Officials in the health department fear weddings could could become "super-spreader" events, and government sources told The Telegraph that while the limit on numbers may be raised, some form of cap is likely to remain.

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According to The Sun, these changes will affect around 50,000 couples who booked their weddings for the month following June 21.Hugging is allowed at weddings, in line with people’s own assessment of risk, but dancing and dance floors are not.Venues must also accord with social distancing rules. But people can hold weddings anywhere it is legally acceptable to do so - such as indoor venues and back gardens in some cases.

FACEMASKS Masks will still be needed in public to stop the Indian variant spreading and bring down case numbers.It is still a legal requirement to wear a face mask in shops, public transport and other indoor public settings, with offenders facing a £200 fine.

Exemptions remain for under-11s and people who have a medical reason.There were hopes face masks would no longer be needed from later this month, but the rise of the variant has caused concern and there are warnings the UK faces 100,000 Covid cases every 24 hours by July.

NIGHTCLUBS Nightclubs are set to remain shut. The government had been hoping to reopen them from June 21, and earlier this year there were tests to see how this might work.But the opening of clubs now looks likely to be delayed – and anyone with a club night booked before July 19 could well see it cancelled.

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i'll explain it government creates massive problem from nothing government wants you to worship them for pretending to solve it moral - never give up your guns!

Everything we know as June 'freedom day' at risk due to soaring Covid infectionsPrime Minister Boris Johnson is due to make an announcement on Monday about whether the final easing of lockdown restrictions can go ahead - but a number of reports claim it's going to be delayed until July But what we do know is that the number of covid deaths is small.There will be a time when we say what the number of acceptable deaths are as we do with every other disease and illness. SCAREMONGERING! Click bait. Put it on hold

Boris 'to delay June 21 reopening until July 19' after surge in Covid casesGovernment officials said they would rather delay 'Freedom Day' than be forced into a u-turn and have to reintroduce restrictions. Lol Heh. 🔥THAT'S going to go down great with the people who think lockdown is a scam.

Covid-19: June unlocking delay considered and honours for vaccine heroesFive things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Saturday morning. Remember Johnson saying the Roadmap out of lockdown would be irreversible on June 21st? Reckon it’ll be two weeks. So much briefing for four so that Boris can “follow the science” while generously give us back two Rule clarity and sensitive Policing of un-easing is key to people been kept on side

21 June: End of England's Covid lockdown could be delayed by one monthIt comes amid concern over rising cases and the transmissibility of the Delta variant in England. Goalpost moving again. The government can't expect people to live like this indefinitely when the borders remain open. They've blown it. Public tolerance is almost completely eroded 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤡🌍 I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more measures put in place. Remember those not vaccinated at all are mainly young adults and school children, yes they might be less likely to die, but we still have a duty of care to protect them. I’m not suggesting I want more measures though.

COVID-19: Ministers fear PM could delay 21 June lockdown lifting by up to a monthMinisters fear Boris Johnson may delay the final stage of lockdown lifting in England potentially by as much as a month It was a certainty this was going to happen when they let the Indian variant (Delta) into the country instead of stopping flights because they did not want to offend Modi. They need to resign for making the same mistake a third fu*king time! It's not Boris 's fault it's the failing of people are they stupid enough to think covid has gone away because they can go to the Pub

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