England and Wales decide not to wear OneLove armband at World Cup after FIFA threat

11/21/2022 12:55:00 PM

BREAKING: England and Wales decide not to wear OneLove armband at World Cup after FIFA threat. Read more: 📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube

BREAKING: England and Wales decide not to wear OneLove armband at World Cup after FIFA threat. Read more: 📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube

England and Wales have backed down and decided not to wear OneLove armbands after a threat from FIFA that captains could face an instant yellow card for doing so.

"FIFA has been very clear that it will impose sporting sanctions if our captains wear the armbands on the field of play.England due to kick off their World Cup campaign against Iran at 13:00 GMT on Monday, it remains unclear whether the Football Association (FA) will drop its plans for Kane to wear the armband.Everything you need to know about World Cup from fixtures to stadiums and timings no thanks Van der Sar makes Arsenal transfer revelation after Martinez deal with Man United classy Rooney labels Ronaldo a 'fantastic player' in measured response to interview dig upset Cafu, Eto'o and Cahill all predict Qatar will knock England out of the World Cup THE BEST Rooney picks perfect time to comment on GOAT debate between Messi and Ronaldo empathy Elanga understands 'role model' Ronaldo's criticism of Man United youngsters Their armband will rival that of the one created by the FA and will promote a new message in each round of the tournament.World Cup 2022 While FIFA remained silent on the request from England and Wales - and some other European nations, it suddenly announced on Saturday that teams could wear armbands of its choosing at the World Cup.

As national federations, we can't put our players in a position where they could face sporting sanctions including bookings, so we have asked the captains not to attempt to wear the armbands in FIFA World Cup games," a joint statement from the Football Associations of England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland said.The teams said they were prepared to"pay fines that would normally apply to breaches of kit regulations" but"cannot put our players in the situation where they might be booked or even forced to leave the field of play"."We've been clear that we want to wear the armband," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Monday."We are very frustrated by the FIFA decision which we believe is unprecedented - we wrote to FIFA in September informing them of our wish to wear the One Love armband to actively support inclusion in football, and had no response," the statement added.For the semi-final, the message from FIFA to fans is #BeActive and #BringTheMoves, with the final and third-place play-off planned to say #FootballUnitesTheWorld.England open their World Cup campaign later today against Iran, and Wales play USA in the evening match."We're very keen to wear the armband, we want to do it, but we need to consider the implications.Advertisement."We feel this is the biggest and we think it's a strong statement that will go around the world for young people, in particular, to see that inclusivity is very important.

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The tournament was always going to be on Qatari terms English people think that they can go to another country and tell them how to live. You don’t like the way live but you like the money they pump into your country. God made Adam and Eve fact Disappointing for who? Not the millions of football fans who want our game back from the woke muppets

Two-faced British media & journalists, slagging off Qatar while silent on bigger human rights abusers Saudi Arabia & Abu Dhabi being allowed to buy Newcastle & Man City? Oil, arms sales, geopolitics, financial stakes in Sky & cash in hand keep many silent? Decide is doing a lot of work there Hilarious the trolls on here saying it's a game and not the time for politics but you know full well every single one of them would throw a hissy fit if a player dared to not wear a poppy on their shirt or 'disrespect' the national anthem

They don’t sell bacon sarnies either, outrageous Fifa are spineless for a few quid £££££ Italy recently stopped ships full of asylum seekers from docking, now Europeans claim to respect and practice human rights to all, non sense We have 2 respect other religions regardless of race, colour, creed etc...u may not agree, you may not like it but you have to respect it. Qatar is a deeply religious country & Im fairly certain if Qatari's came to the UK & tried to force their views on us there would be uproar

Is it Quata that signed a deal with Rwandan govt to take there refugees, is it Quata that recently embarked on building a wall to stop asylum seekers from South America from entering US Stop lecturing us about human rights

England and Wales in OneLove armband talksEngland, Wales and other European nations are in talks over whether to proceed with plans for captains to wear a OneLove armband at the World Cup in Qatar. I agree with fifa. Leave politics off the pitch. Shame upon you BBC. Hypocrisy starts with and ends with you 😕😕 For goodness sake......keep politics out of sport

Hallelujah They didn’t decide not to wear they where told not to wear Cowardly. time to play football maybe England and Wales TOLD not to wear the armband, corrupt FIFA are the mouth piece of the Qatar royal family aka the government who bought their arses Nice to see that the low standards footballers set themselves have been missed again. Lack of courage and integrity. A missed opportunity to support colleagues and friends but hey, let's ignore that, so we can play a game.

Its hard work navigating the signals of virtue. 'We believe in X and will demonstrate our support!' FIFA - 'you can't do that'. 'Ok'. Feeble and pathetic. A sign of modern times where no-one has the balls to stand up for what they believe in. They look even weaker now. It is neither the place nor the time for political statements.

What a waste of “woke” virtual signaling time! 😂 Everyone knew this would happen. Middle East countries enforce their rules strongly. The West should take a lesson of that for themselves, while there is still a West to protect.

FIFA launches new captain's armband to rival the 'OneLove' band at World CupEngland still plan to wear their ‘OneLove’ captain’s armband despite FIFA launching their own band to rival it at the World Cup. On the eve of the global tournament in Qatar, FIFA… One love? But they booed the knee Stop talking about bloody rainbows, it's so boring. About as effective as taking the knee

Cowards. But they flew there on the gay airline? What about the US teams rainbow shield? Shithousery, nothing but shithousery 👎 Good Money talks and bullshit walks respect the laws and customs of the host country Weak in every way. Ashamed of the England team n will boycott the games. FIFA too r a hypocritical organisation. Football stinks...

Disgusting. 💩 I don’t know why we kowtow to corrupt FIFA 🙄

England and Wales to kick off World Cup campaigns today - but both now undecided on wearing OneLove armband after FIFA threatKayBurley: Should a 'role model' like David Beckham be attending the WorldCup? Labour's TulipSiddiq says she 'probably wouldn't do the same thing' if she were 'in his shoes' because of Qatar's record on LGBT rights. Latest: 📺 Sky 501 and YouTube TulipSiddiq That’s the difference. You can never be in his shoes! Qatar is a deep rooted Islamic country and welcomes all. You have to respect their culture and religion and they will respect you no matter. Stop being hypocritical and look at your own country first! TulipSiddiq Probably ? Which isn’t a no then. Shameful TulipSiddiq Go to Qatar, watch football, and come back. Stop this nonsense drama. You sound hypocrites when talking about human rights. 😂 It's like Hitler, Churchil, Stalin, Mussolini giving lectures on peace.

Didn't send out even one practice squad guy to get kicked out symbolically. Spineless 'Lions' 😿... hopefully that limp lettuce lack of character will see them jetting home after the inevitable unsuccessful tearful limp lettuce penalty shootout against a third rate team ;) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😢✈️💺💩⚽🍿 England WorldCup

Good FIFA is as corrupt as our Tory Government. Ha ha ha all talk as usual Well, what a surprise all talk no guts to action. Given the shooting at Gay nightclub in Colorado Springs this should have solidified their support for One Love armband. OneLove They are cowards and FIFA is a disgrace. Good decide? world cup equipment is supplied by FIFA, you cannot wear whatever you want.

USA icon Friedel reveals players England and Wales should fear in QatarBrad Friedel believes America can be ‘a force to be reckoned with’ at the World Cup as he warned England and Wales about their star men. The ex-Tottenham goalkeeper, who was named in th… LOL They lost to Panama for Christ sakes USA can't do more than a tie against abysmal England team They'd be lucky to avoid 3-NIL

Pathetic. Don’t go then. Don’t go and say you’re going to protest then chicken out. Shouldn’t have gone. Weak by the FA. Threat 😂 Chicken Is this about the heart-shaped logo? Was that to commemorate the 6,500 workers who died building the infrastructure for the tournament? Or the war in Ukraine? Cowards. Human rights are more important than religious beliefs. Gay people exist, the Qatari magical sky fairy does not.

Just watched the Iran team making their feelings known with a lot more to lose than a yellow card. Finally some players with balls! What a bunch of wooses. In my opinion they shouldn't be there in the first place but they are too woke to know that. FIFAWorldCup FA England Follow the money🤔 Despicable, FIFAcom .

England and Wales braced for World Cup openersGareth Southgate says he wants to take England fans on a happy journey while Wales captain Gareth Bale relishes a 'massive piece' of Wales' football history. This is the way too properly kneel. Here’s the opening ceremony that was CENSORED by “our” BBC Another chance for the two faced to preach at us!

Respect other traditions!!! Instead they have a black woman wearing it for BBCOne BBCSport just before the game. This institution did not show the opening game, BBC_HaveYourSay FIFA FIFAWorldCup FIFAcom ukinqatar MofaQatar_EN BBC should be restricted or banned from qatar or restricted Right decision.

👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿 Respect the host if football is for everyone Poofed out!? What message does that send out England and FAWales ? Cowards, where better to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ rights? Shame on you. FIFAWorldCup FIFAWorldCupQatar2022 Shite bags probly on orders fae the Tory government who don’t like “woke”

Weak All talk

Harry Kane could miss England's final World Cup group game as FIFA threaten to book captains wearing OneLove armbandHarry Kane could miss England's final World Cup group game against Wales, as FIFA threaten to book captains who defiantly wear OneLove armbands in support of the LGBTQ+ community. If he was going to be so principled about it he should have given his spot in the squad to someone else This is why I'll be watching the FIFA World Cup. In support of these campaigning footballers. FCK FIFA after all they’re the ones that caused this shit. No racism in sport, no homophobia in sport UNLESS they’re taking backhanders from a country who believe it’s a sin to be yourself and think everything can be bought . HarryKane you are a legend OneLove 🌈🌈🌈🌈

They will have it somewhere. Just not on visual. This game has no players with soul anymore 😂😂😂😂😂 Pointless virtue signalling results in total humiliation. Tremble before the mighty FIFA. End all this bullshit news and concentrate on ‘SOCCER’. UK teams support totalitarianism just by agreeing to play. I couldn't give a flying fuck if they kneel and paint their hair with the Alphabet Rainbow colors - they shouldnt be there. By playing, they agree that Qatar is right to do what it does.

Fifa paying the price of all those brown envelopes now. Main sponsors unable to sell there product. People EXCLUDED from supporting there team 😂😂😂😂😂 Basically admitting football is more important. Completely set themselves up for this, absolute clowns. Ha ha brilliant 👍👍👍

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂vamos Qatar 🇶🇦 Cowards. Get the 3rd choice keeper to wear an armband & stick him on as a injury time sub. He'll get a yellow card but it will probably be only time he gets on pitch. Point made. Support shown. Two fingers up at FIFA. U know what! Just cancel the whole of World Cup if every single person has so much issues! If you can’t respect the countries law then go make noise and make it cancel ! End of!!!!!! I don’t get why every one has a problem with Qatar, there country there law!

Disgusting that players cannot wear armbands highlighting unity and basic human choice. Just shows how close minded, phobic and corrupt FIFA are. If we can respect Qatari views then they should be able to respect worldwide views when a worldwide competitor base is in play. Much ado about nothing!¡! REspeCT! DIFFERENT CulTures.

FIFA was never going to allow them to wear there arm bands and they knew it. MONEY 1 PRINCIPLES 0 How does wearing an armband warrant being sent off? That’s not in the rules, you can’t just change them to suit your bigotry. fifaworldcup22 Bottled it! So much for their ‘strong beliefs’ no one cares in Qatar

TheRealJamieKay Very Disappointing! It's all about the money So much for FIFA and their respect and or fair play armbands. FIFA is a sham. This is not newsworthy. It is a football tournament. FIFA should ban England. Bunch of racist bullies. They think they are a perfect country but they are far from it. Gays are killed, abused in the States and UK yet you bully a country that has its own laws, its own religion? Leave Qatar alone man.

Who was expecting a different outcome? Imagine a yellow card isa too much punishment, too great a Sacrifice! Eng only helping others when it makes them look favourable to other How much do we have to pay FIFA for them to reverse the decision? ... though to be fair, if they decided to take part in a competition based on corruption they shouldn't be surprised.

'Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove:' Shakespeare.... GOOD! blackmail....

Good decision! If you’re going to ‘protest’ at the detriment of your World Cup campaign you may aswell have just stayed at home and protested. Theres other ways to protest really not that deep. Cowards. Utter cowards. Weak We just need to get on with it. We've already made our point, wearing the armband is as symbolic as not wearing the armband as not wearing due to threats from FIFA is bad press for them.

Totally understand. Wearing the armband was a statement for the LGBTQ+ community but wearing it and affecting the main reason there over there the football isn't worth it. The country is still growing there where we were 200 years ago there not gonna change over an armband. Football fans doesn’t care. We just want our team to win the world cup.

Thank god for that! Now let’s play football Sorry EnglandFootball you take the knee against racism but won’t wear the OneLove arm band to show your support for LGBT+ people who literally could get locked up in prison for existing as human beings, pathetic! LGBTCons What an absolute embarrassment for England. You either want to make a stand or you don’t. Pathetic, it seems morals DO go out of the window when football is involved.


Good now we can concentrate on the job in hand not political bullshit👍 Chickens. Southgate is a muppet. The players are as FAKE as their Wives Tits!! Reguarding concerns over LGBQ etc Good. Now stop taking the knee to ‘black lives matter’ Scared of a yellow card 😂😂😂 Sick to death of their political stances! Still crawling about on their knees though? Play football or leave!!

Can't they just say it's for the NHS? Brits always make a shout about integration and do as Romans do....why don't you do what Qataris do in their country Looks like LGBTQ is the only problem left in the world Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, with the possibility of a death penalty. I imagine the rainbow armbands wouldn’t go down too well 🤦🏼‍♀️ should never have gone there.

Like every rights and equality statement In Football, it was only ever blah blah PR. The moment there are consequences they back down.

Bottle Jobs! Really held your positions on this for a solid week. Brave and stunning. The difficulty is that if you enter a competition run by a notoriously corrupt institution, that if you go against their wishes they will find many ways to punish you. It needs solidarity from all participants. SHAT IT. HKane or whomever next. Never again tell us what empty gestures you will or won’t be taking. Hypocrites…

Disgusting. They bottled it. Pathetic. Pussyclat If I was having second thoughts about my boycott.... Cowards Shat it Paragraph 26 subsection 3.7 of the football rules a yellow card can be shown to any player trying to make a fool of a host nation!!!! What a load of shit..... I would like to see how they inforce the card....

Not so brave ! Much easier to blame the whites when they say men do not menstruate than blame the arabs who kill gay people! Oh what a surprise. All talk Cowards Absolutely no backbone. They don't deserve my support. 😂😂 But how shall we signal our virtue! Cowardly capitulation to ignorant backward bigotry and shame on England and anyone else who participates in this corrupt event which was initiated to create an acceptance of a country which is founded on misogyny, bigotry, intolerance, discrimination and abuse of human rights.

Bottle jobs .. all talk .. banged on about it for weeks now this .. sums up football !! showmethemoney onelove bribecentral EnglandFootball FIFAWorldCup But they will still take the knee before each game? 🤔

But it’s ok for Qatars captain to wear an armband with the Palestinian flag on it ? Football used to be a working class game. Naturally it has moved on and the ‘Kick it Out’ and ‘LGBT’ initiatives works well within a moderns functioning society. It doesn’t sit well in Qatar, therefore the WC should have never and been offered to them. It’s all $$ Qatar

Joke it sums up this World Cup …. Rainbow laces allowed? Asking for 11 friends Plot twist: ENG players come onto the pitch with rainbow hair 💅🏼 Yellow streak in the face of a yellow card 🙄 Shocking decision capitulating to the corrupt FIFAcom If they have the balls to speak about it, have the balls to carry it through

Bloody terrible. A big defeat for free speech and human rights. We should have stuck to our principles, even if it meant the World Cup final was Qatar vs Iran. Bottle jobs Qatar making sure that no dictatorship ever hosts a serious sporting event again ✅ How have we let extreme left lunacy infiltrate our game .

Pathetic I just want to enjoy the football leave politics out of Football I just want to watch the game The players should wear the armbands anyway f—- FIFA I really don’t see why everyone is so enraged, we should respect the countries rules, it’s not like they are a surprise, pundits please remember it’s about football don’t need the rainbow issue front and centre at the start of every show and LGBT take note not the players fault

I hope they will at least do the hair cut thing! FIFA are now openly homophobic. Shameful. Does that mean they agree with Qatar and other nations in hating the gays? Purely an opinion, but I personally feel the minute Qatar were awarded the WC, FIFA nations should have made a stand then & said they wouldn't play there. Their human rites issues were condemned at the time & it was quite obvious that they would manipulate T&Cs to suit them.

What do people expect? Fifa rules on equipment, same rules we have in uk as well. But it fits in Qatar, and we can’t have captains booked, possible bans etc, and he would have been made to remove it., back to don’t go if you don’t like the country ffs England should withdraw immediately and come home.

Either play football and shut up or go home and signal ur virtue Good riddance,the world cup field is not a place for political messaging. Other cultures have different opinions and rules RESPECT THEM. PATHETIC!!!! Grow some balls!!!! The tournament should never have been given to Qatar. FIFA took the money. As always. The guilt sits in their deep pockets.

People are acting like it made a difference if they cared they would've turned down the money and not gone. To be there playing saying you don't want to be there is just pure hypocrisy Can we report on the actual football now? 🙄 Ok for Qataris captain to wear the Palestinian flag on his armband though?

Suspect this circus will always be seen as the World Cup that never was and whoever wins it is on a hiding to nothing. England should never have gone. Now they’ve gone they should all wear the bands get booked and leave the pitch and come home. That’s a better message. So Southgates little princes have bottled it

you thay were orderd not to, get it right sky news They should be ashamed of themselves. Take the yellow and leave the pitch as a whole team. Don't bend to that corrupt pigs at fifa. Cowards Cowards. All talk once again , money over morels they should all just pack up an come home an that includes all the media , shocking

Typical of us …Cowards Terrible shows that people havnt got the balls to stand for something that doesn’t affect them ! Sanatic people and thier sanatic 'one love'! The real competition at this tournament has nothing to do with football; instead, it's competitive virtue-signalling on steroids. I look forward to the penalty kneel-off between BLM and OneLove.

It’s day 2 and this WC is a shambles

Bookings wouldn't be given if it was in another country hosting the world cup, FIFA at its worst Softcocks! The whole world should walk out on this shitshow Shat it 😂😂😂 Good So culture historian and hobby moralist Infantino has won after all. A disgrace. A brave decision. If they’re buckling to Qatar prejudices already why are they playing?

It would be nice if Sky News actually reports on the football Principal over punishment the FA said prior to the World Cup 😂😂😂Shitouts! The lot of them (Other FAs to)

How is that a yellow car offence Weak. So much for principles. Ok to take a card for a professional foul or to dive for a penalty. If you say you are going to do something on principle you have got to stick to it.Three Lions on our chest,they look like pussycats now. A completely avoidable P.R. screw up.

Absolutely pathetic. Should never have even considered wearing it in the first place, ridiculous. Harry Kane should just raise money for the LGBTQ community and help them to find a cure. Already sick of hearing and reading about it all tbh. It’s been 12 years since it was announced the World Cup would be in Qatar. Plenty of time to talk about ethics and protest etc. There’s a tournament to be played. Let’s just enjoy it now 🙄

Spineless. Complicit. Those armbands will come in handy if anyone needs a strategic booking! as with the no beer issue, they are deliberately waiting to the last minute to change the rules, very badly handled Wankers. FIFA are bloody disgrace. No wonder it is a joke of an organisation,