Energy bills: free and easy ways to cut your costs

Energy bills: free and easy ways to cut your costs

Energy Bills, Consumer Affairs

9/24/2021 11:18:00 PM

Energy bills: free and easy ways to cut your costs

From switching off lights to having a quicker shower, there are ways you can save

Photograph: monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images/iStockphotoGoing from a 40C wash to a 30C one can make a real difference to your washing machine’s energy use.Photograph: monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images/iStockphotoHilary OsborneFri 24 Sep 2021 18.00 BST

Every penny counts at the moment, so it is worth making adjustments to your energy use even if they will each only save you a few pounds a year. These are things that do not involve any investment.Switch things offThere are lots of appliances that draw power even when they are on standby. Figures published by British Gas earlier this year suggested that turning off your TV and set-top box would lead to savings of about £24 a year. Since then prices have gone up, so the potential savings are higher.

Do your laundry at30CGoing from a 40C wash to one 10 degrees cooler can make a big dent in your energy use.According to Which?, if you are running your machine four times a week you can shave £13 a year off your bills – that is about a third of the running cost at 40C. Turning the dial down even further and washing at 20C as standard will save you £24 annually, it says.

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Bleed your radiatorsAre you making enough adjustments around your home to save money?Photograph: Linda Nylind/The GuardianAfter the summer months when the heating has been off, it is worth getting rid of the air in your radiators so that the system is running as efficiently as possible. British Gas says this should reduce your energy use and bills. It has a

on its website.Switch off the lightsThe Energy Saving Trust says it takes more energy to leave a light on than it does to switch it back on, even if it is only off for a few seconds. Get in the habit of leaving rooms dark when you are not using them.Go easy on the tumble dr

yerenergy calculatorwhere you can check on the running cost of different appliances. It might put you off buying a tumble dryer or give you a good excuse not to do the ironing. According to the calculator, using a tumble dryer for 10 hours a month will cost about £43 over a year. If you can cut your use, the savings will quickly add up.

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Turn down the room thermostatYou can save money by degrees.

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Step 1: pay people higher wages

Millions of Brits face £400 energy bill hike as energy crisis deepensMILLIONS of Brits face a £400 hike in their gas and electricity bills this winter as the energy crisis deepens. Families whose supplier goes bust face being bumped up onto much higher tariffs when … BrexitReality

What happened to Scotland's state-run energy company?In 2017 the Scottish government pledged to set up a not-for-profit energy company by 2021, so what happened? Was it sold for smack?

Energy firms' collapse hits 1.5 million customersSeveral energy suppliers, such as Avro Energy and Green, have gone bust in recent weeks. Maybe if you go to shops that are open for business they will not be empty A BBC lesson in how to write a misleading headline! It's currently 850k!! Even the article says that!!

More than a million customers now affected by energy crisis as another two suppliers collapseAvro Energy and Green ceased trading amid a warning that more firms will go bust after a surge in wholesale gas and electricity prices that is convulsing the industry and sending shockwaves through other parts of the economy. It found £38bn for crappy test n trace so shouldn't be too difficult should it. Go to the same magic money tree. A half capable A Level economics student would tell you that Scully's argument is a load of bollocks. The £6bn would be spent not saved, finding it's way back to the treasury via increased economic activity. Stop giving money to other countries and sort your own out first. It's no hard.

What can I do if my energy supplier goes bust?Nearly 1.5 million customers have seen their energy firm collapse as a result of soaring gas prices. Dont pay them I believe f*ck all is the correct response. Then invest in thermals. The sun 🌞?

\nPolitics latest news: Business Secretary \u0027categorically\u0027 rules out grants or subsidies to larger energy firms🔴 NEW: Business Secretary 'categorically' rules out grants or subsidies to larger energy firms. Follow all the latest updates on our politics liveblog here👇