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Energy bill price hike could cost all homeowners an extra £120 as firms go bust - warning

All homeowners to pay an extra £100 as energy firms go bust

9/25/2021 7:18:00 PM

All homeowners to pay an extra £100 as energy firms go bust

THE COST of energy bills will rise for most people as price caps increase in October. On top of these increases, homeowners could be set to pay £100 more on their bills due to the collapse of some energy companies.

More companies are also at risk of collapsing in the coming months.The cost of gas has rocketed by 250 percent since the beginning of the year.Some energy companies have not been able to keep up with the rises, forcing them to cease trading.READ MORE: 

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Energy bills: Gas prices are set to rise by hundreds of pounds(Image: GETTY)This has left more than one million customers in need of a new supplier.Sorting this is expected to cost the industry a staggering £1.5billion - a sum that could rise if more firms close.

The costs are expected to be covered by all bill payers, whether they were users of the collapsed firms or not.A deal with regulator Ofgem means there could be a levy rise of between £100 and £120 on customer bills. Read more: Daily Express »

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Every UK home faces £100 energy bill hike thanks to 'reckless' utility firmsEVERY home in Britain faces an extra energy bill hike of at least £100 thanks to the collapse of “reckless” utility firms. Industry experts warned it is not just customers of the failed companies w… Thatcher sold off the family silver to a bunch of spivs.😤 Electricity and gas imports, therefore, are increasing, mainly from France, the Netherlands or Ireland, and represent nearly 40% of the country's energy consumption. not finished increasing for the English citizens since it comes from Europe thank you bojo 😂 Reckless cowboy fly by night energy companies

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Collapsed Avro Energy paid directors £2.2m despite £28m loss❌ An energy supplier that collapsed this week leaving 580,000 customers in the lurch paid out £2.25m to a company run by its two directors in the same year that it made a £28m loss

Fatcat bosses at failed energy firms raked in £3.1m a year between themLatest accounts for Green Network Energy, which went under in January, show directors received almost £1.1million – though it is not known how many shared the cash

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