Pop And Rock, Ian Brown

Pop And Rock, Ian Brown

Enemies of the sheeple: why do pop stars fall for conspiracy theories?

Enemies of the sheeple: why do pop stars fall for conspiracy theories?

11/30/2020 6:15:00 PM

Enemies of the sheeple: why do pop stars fall for conspiracy theories?

From Madonna to Ian Brown , musicians seem to be drawn to wild theories about JFK and 5G. There’s a reason for that …

, Bill Gates, the World Health Organization and microchips. Musicians who have shared them include Madonna, Ian Brown, MIA, Ice Cube, Wiz Khalifa, Right Said Fred, Jim Corr, the The’s Matt Johnson and Sugababe Mutya Buena. Robbie Williams, meanwhile, has expressed a belated interest in the 2016 Pizzagate theory. “

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Nothing has been debunked,” he said in June, as if white-supremacist allegations of a child sex ring in a Washington DC pizza restaurant required further investigation.It is hard to generalise about a trend that unites MIA and Right Said Fred but there are several reasons why pop stars might be drawn to magical thinking. Music attracts mavericks and outsiders. The typical psychological profile of a conspiracy theorist – arrogant, stubborn, proudly heterodox – also fits many performers. Some are autodidacts, attracted to the juicy secret knowledge that you won’t get from the mainstream media, while lacking the analytical tools necessary to sort the wheat from the chaff. And given that musicians who express an interest in politics are disproportionately leftwing, it’s inevitable that a minority will drift to its furthest fringes. When you’ve educated yourself about real conspiracies, such as those involving the FBI and CIA, it is tempting to migrate to ones that don’t exist. Prodigious weed-smoking may also play a part.

Once you have passed a certain point down the rabbit hole, all challenges are perceived as proof that the conspiracy exists. Often, there aren’t enough challenges anyway. In a more innocent era, when conspiracy theories were regarded as a harmless eccentricity that made for good copy, interviewers would wind up musicians and watch them go. Remember chemtrails? Simpler times. Bandmates and employees are prone to looking the other way. The greater someone’s fame and wealth, the less likely it is that someone close to them will say: “Hang on, that’s balls. Stop.” headtopics.com

The current paranoia boom is the predictable result of having a bunch of isolated people starved of their usual sources of income and attention. But are musicians that unusual? You can also find actors and TV stars plugging Covid conspiracy theories, not to mention academics, Uber drivers and plumbers. The difference is publicity: Madonna will get more coverage than your aunt on Facebook. Given all this, the surprising thing is not that there are so many conspiracy theorists in music but so few.

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I feel sorry for all the people who fall for the conspiracy theories peddled by the mainstream media everyday. Some of them just aren't that clever. It's not just conspiracy theories, it's the tendency to support all manner of dubious causes. Just look at how many musicians gleefully jumped on the Corbyn bandwagon without actually considering what they were enabling by doing so.

For starters, this bullet went through Kennedy and Connelly with 7 entry and exit wounds breaking bones in Connelly's rib and wrist and came out nearly pristine. There were more fragments found in Connelly than missing from the bullet. Seriously? 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 Here's a conspiracy song that I wrote in 2007 and was featured in an award winning film premiered at the Cannes film festival in 2016 (see YT info for more details) and is full of facts - 9/11 Building 7 -

1/2 Dorianlynskey is a lazy hack. A grifter. A collaborationist. Privileged and desperately clinging on to relevance. If you want popularity, Dorian, you lift UP pop stars who have done their homework & are speaking boldly about this onset of bio fascism that you can’t even escape Because most of them aren't very bright, and easily swayed?

Soon to be 25/8 if they get their way! Watch... When did the Guardian become a Tory Government propoganda outlet that ridicules the little guy? Fuck me! Is the Guardian written by 11 year old girls!? “Miss! He just did a conspiracy theory!”🤚😫😭 Drugs? Pretty sure John Lennon would be spouting this shite if he was alive. (Obviously, having faked his own death... etc)

'Why do champagne socialist newspapers assume they know best about everything?' - well if nobody buys the paper we need rich donors who pay the piper I am assuming the massive amounts of mind altering drugs they all took in the 90s?... Confused Cause they ain’t too bright Coz they're just folk. They're not necessarily particularly clever folk.

Maybe they don’t read the mainstream media propaganda. How many 'super spreader' events do we think have taken place this year that lacked the vital ingredient? We were warned about those, but haven't seen many reported. Perhaps they're a conspiracy theory. Brian Cox has aged terribly. Why is it a conspiracy theory to question the Covid response strategy, currently costing £400bn & rising, which is derived from PCR testing at over 90% false positives ? Reminder; 10 years of Tory austerity saved £30bn, but cost 120,000 preventable deaths.

This propaganda stinks and is so damn obvious. You need to understand that every conspiracy theory so far has come true, now they are talking about stamping our passports. WE WARNED YOU. Us 'conspiracy' theorists are looking less crazy by the day. euanmccolm Why do snarky, smart arse journalists call things 'conspiracy theories' to shut down discussion?

Same factors that make Pop Stars World Leaders Pretend. Lots of attention which doesn’t necessarily correlate with brains. You say in this article that 'many are attracted to the secret knowledge that you won't find in the media but they lack the tools to sort the wheat from the chaff' Which means (by def) that some of it's true

Newsflash: Rich Boomers Out of Touch with Reality Drugs, alcohol & boredom About 5g. In 2013 you shown the Snowden leaks. You was then threatened. In 2020 you are making out there's no conspiracy involving internet technology, knowing full well they are breaking the human rights articles 12 and 22 at the UN already. '5g don't fry, but it spies'.

Who's paying you? Because other than flash photography they stay inside like i do, they are artists, that's how artists actually live in general, there is exceptions of course but what people see isn't always what the reality is. Also, JFK was almost certainly murdered, look at the world. Why suppress someone’s opinion

Drugs...... Ego. 'With no shareholders or billionaire owner, our reporting is free from political or commercial influence.' & then 'Joe Biden has won' Guarniad is a fly ridden rag. The Guardian. Can you feel the utter smugness and desperation of these propagandists. They know they have the older generation fooled... This is a war for hard won rights and freedoms. We will not forget who sold us the lies.

Why does the guardian funded by Bill Gates troll the people who call out Bill Gates crimes against humanity? Mmmmm not a hard question but the schills writing the guardian will be stumped I guess. Don't worry though your all going on the list. What, in your opinion, constitutes a conspiracy theory? Anything that doesn't agree with the brainwash that you and all other mainstream media unleash on people on a daily basis?

who says they're conspiracy theories - apart from mariannaspring? A term weaponized by the CIA to discourage public scrutiny into the Warren Commission’s findings on the assassination of President J.F.K We all believe the CIA Look at the good job they did with General Flynn, Russia hoax ect.. Their honestly is the conspiracy theory.

The guardian consistantly pumps out lies and misinformation. Do any of its journalists know the first thing about the dangers of 5G and wi fi? ? DrugAddled? Inability to accept that real life is mostly mundane and not a technicolour spectacle that they crave 24/7 This is like asking why do people have opinions about things. Is it now a conspiracy theory to share a different view to others. Ian brown has never followed the pack, so why expect anything else.

Ian Brown is now at that age when men start to look like old aunties. Not a criticism, just an observation. What conspiracy theory? We already are ruled by a totalitarian state. 24/7 surveillance and government controlling who we can and cannot meet? Am I missing something? Because they have no education

People conspire, the issue is the lack of data presented. Many believed there was WMD in Iraq without evidence, those who conspired were not taken to task, it's fact! Many have hypothesis that other people conspire, in science it's often a hypothesis that follows a discovery! Cause they are stoned. Because most of them are idiots and believe their own publicity.

Who said pop stars are not ignorant and uneducated people? The ability to sing or play a guitar does not correlate with someone's critical thinking skills. Falling for conspiracy theory is easy to do when you have no real understanding of how the political system works. I don't believe in Santa or god's does that make me a conspiracy theorist!

Too many bad trips? Could be falling a star looking to inject some life into their careers, hoping for column inches. But like the rest of us, there will be easily impressionable amongst them. They're nothing special in that respect. Stupid question. Some do, some don’t; we only hear about them because (a) they’re famous (b) they’re being dim and (c) it gets readers. If ‘Pop Star’ was a race, you’d be guilty of racism.

Because fame, success, the continual praise and flattery in their professional life convinced them they were special. Believing in conspiracy theories give the same feeling to normal ppl so it feeds their addiction, especially the not so famous anymore... Because most of them lack formal education and have poorly developed critical thinking skills. Their role is to perform, not to analyse evidence and data.

Why does the Guardian think you should not be free to do so? Boredom. Wild theories about JFK? 😂 If you're telling us with a straight face Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, then I'm not falling for whatever else you've got to say. For anyone want's to see what actually happened... It would make more sense if it were Rock stars given that Pop takes its name from popular!

Boredom + too much money × lack of intelligence + fawning entourage × struggle for relevance = follow any ole belief that will get you in the papers like in your hay day then double down on it when called out so as not to look like a prick. Also know as the laurence fox equation What about the Guardian falling for bullshit theories like 'Tony Blair is actually a good guy and not a war criminal'?

Drugs Because generally they aren't very bright? Not a conspiracy but genuine question why does the Guardian take finance from an organisation with skin in the games? Conspiracy theory has lost its belittling ability it reveals more about those that use it Here we go... I vote for prodigious weed smoking F.E.A.R.

Probably because they're like the rest of the population, and thus, some people believe some things and some people don't. cause they were psychopaths even before the covid 19 pandemic restrictions In the large they probably don’t. Because they’re celebrities however, every single case is amplified massively across all forms of media, building a confirmation bias?

The most ridiculous conspiracy theory I've heard is that you can trust the ScumMedia 'Conspiracy Theorists' Stigmatized for being wildly wrong or unnervingly correct after undertaking independent thought to challenge a societal majority. Right or wrong, theorizing is never a redundant skill. Yes, they are fame whores

shit_rock It’s not though .. headline should read - everything he has been saying is happening ! Fixed it for you . Paper that helped spread baseless conspiracy theories about Russian subversion of Brexit and 2016 US election, ponders on why some people are attracted to conspiracy theories. Why indeed, Guardian.

Fame is not a good substitute for intelligence Ian Brown was always a bit of a twat though in all fairness. Because it’s true. It's not a conspiracy theory when the country is locked down into a spiral of suicide for a virus that kills 0.03% of those who get it. This is the biggest assault on our liberties and will conclude in mandatory vaccines and health passports.

Because creative people have imagination. But sometimes they have too much of it. Trying to appear cleverer than they actually are. The same reason anyone falls for this nonsense. because they are dumb Not Right Said Fred 😱 Mad fascist dictator Johnson now wants to force you to take an experimental vaccine with no long-term safety profile. All this for a virus with 0.3% IFR. Still think this is about a virus?