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Emmerdale spoilers: Victoria Sugden in turmoil as star drops hint about Luke's identity?

Victoria Sugden in turmoil as star drops hint about Luke's identity? #Emmerdale

9/22/2019 11:00:00 AM

Victoria Sugden in turmoil as star drops hint about Luke's identity? Emmerdale

EMMERDALE ’S Victoria Sugden is looking forward to a future with her unborn baby as she continues her recovery from being raped earlier in the year. However the ITV soap star has hinted there will be further setbacks.

“I feel like the rape was a few months ago but [recovery] has only just begun. “Recovery from something like that is a very long process so there’s a few more avenues they’re going to explore so that’s exciting.”In recent scenes, Luke and Victoria grew closer as he listened to the concerned mum-to-be air her 

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fears her baby will grow up to be like his father.Emmerdale spoilers:(Image: ITV)However Emmerdale fans hoping to see Victoria embark on a new romance will be disappointed. When asked if there’s romance in her character’s future, Isabel confessed: “I’m going to be in love with my baby. 

“But I think that love’s the most important love mother and child, romantically, I don’t know but I’m excited about having a baby on set.”Could Luke become a well needed friend for Victoria or is he out for revenge on behalf of Lee?Related articlesEmmerdale spoilers: Robert Sugden's fate sealed as Mandy fights back?

Meanwhile, soap star Isabel doesn’t think Victoria will get her happy ending any time soon.“I hope so,” she admitted. “But the happy ending will probably come when she’s 70. We can live in hope.” Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) has been a massive pillar support for Victoria but she will soon be saying goodbye to her brother.

The Dales resident will be heading to prison after pleading guilty to attacking Lee, who was in afor a short while as a result.  Read more: Daily Express »

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