Emmerdale’s Charley Webb reveals she feels sorry for herself in health update

Charley Webb shares worrying health update: 'I feel sorry for myself'

Charley Webb

1/23/2022 2:50:00 AM

Charley Webb shares worrying health update: 'I feel sorry for myself'

Former Emmerdale star Charley Webb sparked a bit of concern on Saturday as she shared a health update

PHOTOS: 10 Emmerdale stars' gorgeous engagement rings: Danny Miller, Charley Webb, moreThe former Emmerdale star took to her Instagram Stories to share her update, and she used a filtered Story as she showed off the infection. Her small clip started with a full shot of her face, before she moved the camera to show off her cold sore more."Cold sore from hell," she explained."I've got in @missemmaatkins's bed so she can look after me whilst I feel sorry for myself. She's actually like my real mother."

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