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Emmerdale, Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans predict escape route for Andrea amid Meena danger

#Emmerdale fans predict escape route for Andrea amid Meena danger

10/21/2021 5:48:00 PM

Emmerdale fans predict escape route for Andrea amid Meena danger

Emmerdale fans are convinced Andrea Tate will play dead and escape Meena's clutches and her helmet will protect her

Fans watched in horror as the psychotic nurse chased Andrea through the maize maze during Wednesday night's nail-biting instalment after finding out she'd watched her try to murder Victoria Sugden.After a tense final altercation, Andrea screamed as Meena launched toward her with a "dead end" sign post and the credits rolled.

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But while it appeared Andrea's time on this earth was over, many savvy viewers picked up on the fact that her helmet may be able to protect her from Meena's swinging pole.Other eagle-eyed viewers were convinced that Andrea will play dead and wait for Meena to disappear before emerging from the ground again, while some fans pointed out that the character could simply run through the crops to escape.

Get exclusive celebrity stories and fabulous photoshoots straight to your inbox with OK!'s daily newsletter . You can sign up at the top of the pageDuring the terrifying scene, Andrea tried to reason with her attacker but it was little use."Meena what are you trying to do are you trying to scare me because..." she fumbled through the tears. headtopics.com

"I am. I know I am [scaring you]. That's the bit I like the best," the dangerous nurse replied with a twisted smile."And I haven't even got started yet," the brunette continued, before realising a sign saying "dead end" was in the ground right next to her.

"Oh, as if, I mean... surely that's a sign!" she exclaimed with a maniacal giggle, and Andrea warned her to get away."Don't worry, it'll be quick," Meena promised, raising the pole as though to beat Andrea with it and the episode ended with the character's blood-curdling scream.

"So Meena is Gonna hit Andrea over the head even tho she's wearing a helmet?" one puzzled fan asked.While another suggested the character's escape by writing: "Andrea will play dead (she's wearing a helmet) and then return to camp silently."

"Thankfully Andrea has her helmet on," a third wrote," followed by: "So what's the plan Meena? hit Andrea's helmet until she gets tired of screaming?"Others wondered if Meena would stab Andrea through the heart rather than aim for her head however, as one fan posted: "Unless she’s gonna spike her with that stick, I can’t see it doing anything she’s wearing a sodding helmet." headtopics.com

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"#emmerdale Andrea is wearing an helmet... Andrea will scream, close her eyes, open them and Meena will nowhere to be seen... Unless she goes full on Buffy mode and stake her through the heart," another added.Become an OK! VIP and see all our exclusives - for free! Become an OK! VIP and you will unlock access to all of our big exclusives...

Be the first to meet the latest showbiz babies, see the most sought after wedding pictures of the year, or take a guided tour around your favourite star's lavish multi-million pound home - all for free!Sign up hereMeanwhile, other fans were simply relieved that Meena's time is running out and her reign of terror through the Yorkshire Dales will soon be over.

"When Meena goes to drown Victoria, not only did Andrea see her but also the camera, that had come off of Ben's safety helmet, had captured it too.." one viewer offered. "Finally people will know about her. The Police will also find her box of murderous souvenirs at home too #Emmerdale."

Emmerdale continues weekdays at 7pm on ITV. Read more: OK! Magazine »

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