Elizabethan manor that was carted to top of hill is for sale at £1,900,000

6/11/2020 10:00:00 PM

Just in case you have a spare £1.9mil going... 🏠

Just in case you have a spare £1.9mil going... 🏠

John and Angela Hodge famously moved the whole of Ballingdon Hall up a hill in the 1970s.

Daily Mail : ‘I have been so happy here and have always realised that we are just custodians of the houses we live in.Cinquefrondi, located in the southern region of Calabria, has seen a cut price sale on neglected buildings.10:28 NICOLE Scott was excited when she turned up for her first shift in Primark.: 11 Jun 2020, 16:50 CALLING all shopaholics, a company is looking to pay people £70 a day to shop online with a £1,500 budget - and you get to keep what you buy.

It’s time now to pass the house on.’ The couple, who acquired the home in 1959, decided to move their home due to an invasive modern housing estate on one side of their drive, while industrial warehouses were being developed on the other.Prospective owners can pay €1 (90p) for the property and then a further €250 (£224) insurance policy.The entire building was moved in 1972 (Picture: Getty) ‘It was my idea and everyone thought I had gone mad — even my husband,’ Mrs Hodge said.Entire Mumsnet threads are dedicated to it with one mum summing things up when she wrote: "Dear daughter has had a growth spurt and I want to let her run amok and buy lots of new things that won't cost me an arm and a leg.‘But I loved the house so much and was prepared to do anything to stay in it.Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19.’ Mrs Hodge told the paper she took inspiration from Abu Simbel – the ancient Egyptian site of two temples which for 3,000 years sat on the west bank of the River Nile.The role is five days a week for one month, with a minimum two-and-a-half hours work each day.

In the 1960s, an expert team managed to dismantle and reconstruct the ancient site further up hill to save them from erosion caused by the rising waters of the Aswan High Dam.It’s my 21st birthday on June 15th and I’m actually planning on spending the day in Primark cos it’s opening then.Mrs Hodge thought ‘if they can do that at Abu Simbel they can do it in Sudbury,’ but when the couple approached heritage bodies they said the building, built by Sir Thomas Eden in 1593, was too fragile and it could not be completely deconstructed and rebuilt.The only option was to move the entire building.The Hodges were originally told by engineers that the move would take about a week but it ended up taking closer to a year to complete.what the hell has my life come to 😫 — Tay (@taylorbradyxo) June 4, 2020 Others have joked what Primark's grand reopening might be like, teasing in a meme it could mimic a festival with bodies jostling everywhere.Beforehand, workers removed five chimneys, the inglenook fireplaces and several interior walls to make the timber-framed building lighter.

The property can now be yours for £1.9 million (Picture: Chris Rawlings) A trench had to be cut around the building to allow wooden beams to slide underneath the house, before picking up the 170 ton property using hydraulic lifts."Everyday there was manic.The workforce then shifted the home onto 26 metal wheels, while supported by two portable Bailey bridges, and two giant tractors started dragging the building up the hill on Leap Day February 1972.Mrs Hodge said huge crowds gathered to watch the extraordinary move and many started raising concerns that the building would slide down the hill.According to the Mail, around 500,000 people are thought to have shown up to watch the spectacle over the year, and Mrs Hodge started charging people six pence."People LOVED the £1 thong table.

Advertisement Advertisement She raised £3,000 which she donated to help with restoration work at her local All Saints Church.The building took almost a year to fully move and restore (Picture: Getty) One night, in a strange twist of fate, a strong storm caused a giant oak tree to come crashing down where the house used to be situated.‘If we had been there, the tree would have destroyed the house and killed us and our then two young children,’ she said."The woman was lovely.‘That told me it was meant to be.’ The home eventually made it up the hill and was lowered onto its foundations but it would take another five years to put the chimneys, bay windows and fireplaces back in their place.

Mrs Hodge’s son-in-law Nicolas Percival, who runs the Colchester estate agents with the same name, has now put Ballingdon Hall on the market for more than £1 million."So you would tidy a table but as soon as you turned around it was manic.Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at.

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