Eleven-foot snake found in search of suspected cannabis farm

Four snakes including an 11ft boa constrictor found in search of suspected cannabis farm 🐍

1/19/2021 11:01:00 PM

Four snakes including an 11ft boa constrictor found in search of suspected cannabis farm 🐍

An 11-foot boa constrictor, three other snakes and two dogs were found at the Middlesbrough home.

Two neighbourhood officers were initially called to reports of a suspected cannabis farmFour snakes including an 11ft (3m) boa constrictor were found by police during a callout to a suspected cannabis farm.Two dogs were also discovered at the house in Doxford Walk, Hemlington, Middlesbrough.

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The boa constrictor was found under hoardings and rubbish inside a substandard vivarium, Cleveland Police said.The snakes, which were "stressed" because there was no electricity to keep them warm, were taken to safety.The dogs were also rescued.

image copyrightCleveland Policeimage captionThe snakes were said to be "stressed" because there was no electricity inside the property to keep them warmThe smaller snakes were put in bags and the boa constrictor was kept inside its vivarium inside the back of the police van, police said. headtopics.com

PCSO Mark Ballinger said: "It wasn't an easy task as handling snakes isn't something we're prepared for or used to."We got a shock when we saw the animals, but knew that we had to save them and take them to the vets." Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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That is a Royal Python, max 3 foot, and as docile as anything could possibly be. They would/could never hurt anyone. They curl up into a ball when frightened, hence their other name Ball Python. A whole new meaning to snakes in the grass well at least they found some actual wrongdoing, in spite of the stupid reason they called in the first place

Snake in the grass I really don't understand why, in 2021, we are still criminalising Cannabis. There are many problems in the country, however, an adult choosing to use this substance is way down the list. I just cannot understand why its use isn't legalised and taxed? No “grass”snakes. America we shall banned or disbarred every Republicans party that worked with Trump! They shall never work for government! They are to incompetent and delusional and lies! Lock them all up!

bret69 and four of his pals Were the snakes BBC reporter’s Four foot snakes. In other crime news, a drunk driver who crashed on the A5 last Saturday raises exotic chickens. MEANWHILE In less important news...... What about this? Obviously not as important... The snakes are high. Coke dealers get lions. Weed dealers get snakes

Smokey sneks Imagine trying to arrest them for dealing. They were obviously on their way to the house of commons and got lost.