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Dailymail, News

Electric car owners look on smugly as petrol drivers battle for fuel

BBC send PHIL McCANN to cover the run on petrol

9/25/2021 2:55:00 PM

BBC send PHIL McCANN to cover the run on petrol

Electric car drivers have flooded social media with hilarious memes mocking petrol and diesel drivers stuck in long queues for fuel, including ironic gifs of petrolhead Jeremy Clarkson's 'smug face'.

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That's OK.... I'm sure if there are power cuts over the winter, petrol & diesel drivers will repay the courtesy...... every cloud 🤣 the media are the smug ones you at daily mail caused this crises Power cuts next, smug people !!!! Energy companies:“Hold my Beer 🍺 “

Jeremy Clarkson takes swipe at 'woodland weirdos' on Countryfile amid energy crisis rantJEREMY CLARKSON has taken a swipe at Countryfile stars as he shared his thoughts on the ongoing energy crisis today.

Jeremy Clarkson warned by girlfriend Lisa about ‘stupid choice’ of car for Cornwall tripJEREMY CLARKSON has revealed his girlfriend warned him about his flashy choice of sports car ahead of a lengthy trip down to Cornwall last week.

Lorry driver shortage: Government working on temporary visa schemeA shortage of drivers disrupts supply chains and fuel deliveries, as vehicles queue for petrol. What a glorious shit-show. Just use the army ... stop wasting time with pathetic ideas... Get this straight, the job is shitty and we sent away the people who filled the gap. Until our heads begto fall off our neck then someone will accept that brexit idea was a lie.

Selfish drivers load cars with jerry cans of petrol as stations ration fuelBoris Johnson's government has been forced into a U-turn to tackle the the lorry driver shortage. I don't even own a car, yet I have filled five jerry cans with petrol. Anything I can do to make things worse, I'll do. I'm only too happy to help. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Are they selfish though? If they HAVE to drive to work, & there's a risk they won't be able to get petrol, that's not going to help them.

Tesco SHUTS petrol station as lorry driver shortage hits fuel supplies in UKTESCO closed a petrol station last night as petrol deliveries across the UK continue to be hit by the HGV driver shortage. Not closed here and no clowns panicking either here.

Drivers pack their cars with jerry cans while panic-buyers queueMotorists ignored UK Government pleas for calm as they jammed roads and police had to be called in to marshal drivers amid fears that fuel shortages could bring the economy to its knees. Keep Calm And Carry On If u (media) never reported about we wouldn’t be in this position The selfish me me me society. Disgusting people. Hopefully karma will bite them yet!