Electric car for Belfast lord mayor for the first time

Electric car for Belfast lord mayor for the first time

10/27/2021 10:25:00 PM

Electric car for Belfast lord mayor for the first time

Councillors said a greener vehicle would show a commitment to tackling climate change.

Image caption,An Audi e-tron car was chosen as the Lord Mayor's electric car after being put to a vote by councillorsAn electric vehicle has become the official car of Belfast's lord mayor for the first time.City councillors voted in 2020 to move from a diesel car to an electric car to show the local authority's commitment to tackling climate change.

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Councillors were split over which model to choose, but ultimately opted for an Audi e-tron.Lord Mayor Kate Nicholl said the change sent an "important signal".In a document distributed to councillors last year, it was estimated the car would cost £53,150 to buy, or £7,920.60 a year to lease.

Ms Nicholl said: "As a council, we appreciate there is much to do to tackle climate change, and we recognise that that change must start with us, by showing civic leadership."One electric vehicle will not solve the climate crisis; but small changes lead to momentum which leads to action. headtopics.com

"As a council, we need to raise ambition and inspire others which in turn will act as a catalyst for action at a local level."'Seat at the table'The lord mayor will represent Belfast City Council at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow in November.

Ms Nicholl, an Alliance Party councillor, will travel to the event in the new electric vehicle, taking the ferry from Northern Ireland to Scotland. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Filthy rich representing filthy poor, drives a foreign car. Could always save a bundle of public money - and carbon footprint - by not having vanity positions such as Lord Mayor. How nice for her.....but i'd rather 80K was spent elsewhere.

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